Monday, January 28, 2008

Nuala has her say on Mixed Sex Judo

As I have said I will always welcome comments from readers so long as they are constructive and they following is from Fionnula Brenchley-Sayer 1st Dan

Hi Martin I know I am out of touch but I assume that junior coaching is stillmixed? If as Richard says there could be a liability issue over this, why would it be different for training. Personally I don't think it would be a good idea to mix the sexes for competition But I assume this is down to lack of numbers and stopping the joke of getting a medal without a fight.
I fail to see how this could be achieved in training. Most clubs would struggleto separate the sexes. But there is more contact in training, lesssupervision (look at how many people are looking as 2 players in competition) and surely more likelihood of injury. Hope this is not the thin end of the wedge as far as juniors are concerned. I believe that as the female players get older they benefit from being coached as women. I tried to fight like the men in competition and train like you all, it doesn't work. Some people do not like it but there are physiological and physiological differences between the sexes andcoaching should (in my opinion) reflect this. I have watched many girls/youngwomen in competition trying to use upper body strength like the men andfailing. Like in schooling I believe girls/women would benefit, if not flourish,from tailored coaching possible even separating them. Unfortunatelythere are not enough women in judo to do this. But maybe this is the cause? Women and young women may not feel confident or comfortable fighting with men. I think this may discourage them. Just a thought, hope you don't mind an "outsider" commenting.

Friday, January 18, 2008


As I mentioned in a previous Blog I was unhappy about mixed sex Judo tournaments, since then I have contacted Prof Richard Bailey one of the countries leading experts in children and sport and has sent me a reply which is can be seen below, also I contacted the British judo Association which is the governing body for the sport and they do not condone mixed sex competitions, because of this the IBF insurers will not insure any mixed sex event.

Dear MartinI would be very cautious about organising mixed competitive sport with any children older than 8 years old of age.The key biological event in human growth is puberty, and this results in what is known as a growth spurt which means a rapid and often unpredictable increase in physical growth. At the same time, there are the well-known psychological issues associated with unexpected growth, and these can be made more severe when boys and girls are close together.Before puberty there is very little physical difference between boys and girls. If anything, girls have a slight advantage. However puberty changes everything. Girls enter puberty between 9-13 years of age, boys a little later. Although in the real world there probably will not be serious health risk of putting together boys and girls, some of whom are experiencing rapid growth, there is always the chance. I suspect a sports organisation would be very vulnerable if an accident occurred, and it was suggested that one of the players was biologically a child, and the other was on the way to adulthood.Personally, I can see nothing wrong with mixed sports before puberty, and this would mean 8 and under. After that time, it becomes unwise to assume that a 9 or 10 year old is not experiencing a growth spurt and therefore is not significantly bigger and stronger than his or her peers.I hope this helps.Best Wishes,Richard BaileyDirectorRoehampton University Child Wellbeing Institute (CWI)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Academy of Coaching

It seems the Academy of Coaching has been mentioned on some Forum of other and I have several email asking for details so I have put a piece on the IBF web site for those who are interested. For those interested in contributing to this Blog you can contact me on, this is to prevent libelous and inaccurate information appearing as has happened in the past

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Radburn was visibly scared by CK

I received an email of an article that appeared on Judo Forum, It seems CK is besotted by me as he has posted yet another article on me and how wicked I am, as I have said before I know longer subscribe to this Forum as it allows anonymous people to write anything with out allowing us to quantify who they are and what they have done. Once again a true Budoka would not hide behind an alias, on the whole I receive little comments but just recently a couple have appeared with out Names, Grades etc, if you want to make a comment join my Blog but you have to give your full name etc.

There was one piece in CK’s diatribe that I have copied below please read and I quote from his article

“In the Blog, further tendentious information is claimed to attract support. For example, it is said that I ridiculed Paul Radburn. I originally wrote specifically about a fight and used the terms that he would have received "free flying lessons" or something similar. The terminology was used to express the huge difference in control over a fight and the fact that in this case, Radburn hardly was a moment on his feet. If what i wrote was untrue, one could accuse me of maliciousness, but it wasn't. I will provide the specific details, so that those who were present can verify it for themselves. It happened on the European Championships in the -95 kg in his bout against Vande Walle. Vande Walle played with him, and I still have various pictures from that bout which would underpin my my report. In fact, Radburn was visibly scared during that fight, and for good reason. I cannot imagine that Radburn himself would deny that he flew more through the air than that he was on his feets. The fact that you once lose a fight and lose it big time, is no rejection of a person's career or skills. We all have had opponents where we had a hard time establishing control against. Moreover, losing from Van de Walle is not a dishonour, I would think. At the end of the day, what I wrote, was nothing but the truth, and I wrote in response to nothing else than what the person falsely claimed himself, and I only referred to information available in the public domain, with the exception of my own first-hand experiences, which did not further reveal any private details about the person.”

Now I know both players mentioned and have trained with both and will now say at the time they were two of the best in the World, with regard to the fight mentioned I was not present but any body who has met PAUL RADBURN will know he is not scared of anything and one thing he would not do would be show his fear, so why did CK even mention this if were not to discredit Radburn. If he were so frightened why did he beat him in other tournaments. I have lost contact with Paul if anyone knows where he is send him this article