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Old Sambo Film

Here is a very interesting Old Film Not on Youtube

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Was 63,  9 days ago. Can not say much about getting old but still have my memories

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David Rudman replies to Andrew Moshanov

The recent letter which was circulated by The Trinidad and Tobago Sambo President has caused some controversy below is a letter circulated by David Rudman. Those of you who know anything about Sambo will have heard of David and his exploits. I have known him for many years and always found him a very honourable man thats why I question the accusations made against him. Hopefully Andrew Moshanov will put his case forward and maybe what his job description is and who actually employs him this I am sure will clear up any misunderstanding

 Caution – Moshanov!

The first time I discovered this name was from a letter sent to me by Martin Clarke-President of British Sambo Federation. I have known him for more than 40 years. Mr. Clarke wrote that someone by the name of Moshanov had “organized” the Commonwealth Sambo Association for English-speaking countries, even without first consulting with the Presidents of Sambo Federations in these countries. In that, it was all-unclear what led Lord Reading to promise to find 1.2 million USD, while seeking $50,000 USD (fifty thousand) to organize this process!

The second time I heard the name of Mr. Moshanov was from a letter sent by President of Canadian Sambo Federation, Viktor Sokolovsky, whom I've known for years and who every year brings his students to our competitions on his own beautiful bus.

His letter states clearly that Mr Moshanov came to visit his Club, praised his work, at the same time had a diner in the restaurant at his expense and hugged goodbye, went away and then turned around to organize, in November of last year, a new Canadian Sambo Federation. Mr. Moshanov committed this action in direct conflict with the FIAS Statute.

The third time this name mentioned was in a letter of the President of Venezuelan Sambo Federation, Victor Pirela, whom I also know for many - many years as I have been in competitions organized by V. Pirela and personally respect him for dedication to SAMBO and his hard work.

Mr. Moshanov, behind V. Pirela’s back has executed a destructive policy directed to undermining the foundations of the Venezuelan Sambo Federation.

Clumsy letter from the President of FIAS, trying to justify actions of Dr. Andrew Moshanov contradicts itself, where in the first paragraph it says that the Mr. Moshanov is an official of FIAS and in the second paragraph it states that private individuals were allowed to travel to another country.

And finally, two days ago I received the letters from two Presidents of national Sambo federations who received a letter from the President of Trinidad and Tobago Sambo Federation, by the way not yet a member of FIAS. I have not received this letter and it turns out the author of the letter sent out to everyone conveniently forgetting to send it to the address of the person whom he accuses of something.

At my request, a letter was forwarded to me, and again I saw the familiar underscore of Mr. Andrew Moshanov, trying to create intrigue at the Pan-American continent.

I don't blame the President of the new Trinidad and Tobago Federation, who just six months ago found out that there is such a word-SAMBO and when prompted by the head of Department of FIAS DEVELOPMENT writes such letters.

For 54 years I have been engaged in SAMBO – and this is 108 times longer than the author of the letter and I have never threatened anybody. I do not remember that anyone ever wrote me such a letter.
But the proposal to create another Federation in Trinidad and Tobago, I liked it, it sounds very topically, it is necessary to think about.

David Rudman:
9 - Times champion of the USSR in Sambo,
2 - Times champion of Europe in Judo,
Sambo World Champion,
Honorary President of FIAS,
FIAS first Vice President
(This is for the newly arrived, real Sambists know me well and all my titles)

P.S. Maybe it is not even problem with Moshanov?  Someone took up the leadership of FIAS and inspires Andrew Moshanov to make a "FEAT", but more about it in the next letter.

IBF Multi Nation Judo Championships 2013

Open IBF Multination Judo Championship
Euro-Budo Judo Belgium
Open IBF Multination Judo Championship 2013
Sunday 21 april 2013
Euro-Budo Judo, member of the Belgium “Euro-Budo vzw” federation, member and acknowledged by the “Vlaamse Vechtsport Associatie vzw” (VVA), in cooperation with IBF,
Invites you for the “Open IBF Multination Judo Championship 2013” !
Sportcampus :
“De Lange Munte”, Bad Godesborglaan 22, 8500 Kortrijk, BelgiĆ«.
You can register with the registration form (see attachment) before the 1th April 2013 This can be send to:
or by mail to Lieve Demeer, Tieltseweg 249, 3202 Rillaar (Belgium).
A payment of € 15,00 per participant must be fulfilled before the 7th April 2013 on the account IBAN BE12 9730 8229 0992, BIC ARSPBE22
on the name Euro-Budo Judo – Tieltseweg 249 3202 Rillaar (Belgium).
Dates and daily schedule :
- 1st Arpil 2013 : Deadline for registration judokas
- 7th April 2013 : Deadline payment
- 8th April 2013 : Deadline registration officials
- 8th April 2013 : Information about weighting times and classification will be delivered to the clubs
- 15th April 2013 : Deadline for changes to weight/gradation
- 21st April 2013 : Changing category on the day of championship costs € 5,00 per person and change
- Timetable 21st April 2013
•Weighting starts at 8:30 •Briefing official at 9:00 •Opening at 9:15
•Matches at 9:30
More information in providede in next chapter : Champion Rules
Open IBF Multination Judo Championship 2013 1/4
Open IBF Multination Judo Championship
Euro-Budo Judo Belgium
Open IBF Multination Judo Championship 2013 1. General
- The “Open IBF Multination judo Championship 2013” will be organized in line with the International Judo Federation (IJF) refereeing rules and the International Budo Federation (IBF) Championship rules.
- The target is organizing a qualitative judo championship and strengthening the international sport-relations.
- The “Open IBF Multination Judo Championship 2013” will be organized by Euro-Budo Judo, member of the Belgium “Euro-Budo vzw” federation, member and acknowledged by the “Vlaamse Vechtsport Associatie vzw” (VVA), in cooperation with IBF.
2. Locationanddate
- Location: Sportcampus “De Lange Munte”, Bad Godesborglaan 22, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium.
- Date: Sunday 21 april 2013.
3. Participation
- All invited athletes. As proof a federation passport or membership card has to be able to be shown at the weighing.
- To be able to compete, all athletes are obliged to be in possession of an insurance for sports.
- The own club responsible is responsible for the entrees, de insurance, membership and the skills of the registrated judokas. This championship aim for an high quality and needs the appropriate knowledge of judo.
- The own federation/club is responsible for the registrated judokas and are responsible for any accident and illness insurance expenses. The organization cannot be held liable, neither for any claim or refund of injury, illness or death arising from participation and travel to/from this championship.
4. Registrationforparticipationjudokas
- Deadline for registration is April 1st 2013, afterwards registration is not possible anymore. We advise you to register as soon as possible. There will be made no exceptions.
- You can register with the registration form (see attachment). This can be send to: or by mail to Lieve Demeer, Tieltseweg 249, 3202 Rillaar (Belgium).
Open IBF Multination Judo Championship 2013 2/4
Open IBF Multination Judo Championship
Euro-Budo Judo Belgium
5. Registrationforparticipationofficials
- Registration is necessary, the deadline for registration for officials is April 8th 2013, register on time please. Official will not be compensated, but there will be a meal and drinks provided.
- You can register with the registration form (see attachment). This can be send to: or by mail to Lieve Demeer, Tieltseweg 249, 3202 Rillaar (Belgium).
6. Technicalterms
- The “Open IBF Multination Judo Championship 2013” will be organized in accordance with the following rules: Judo IJF rules.
- Age and weight categories:
Each category will be exclusively determined by the year of birth. The actual age of the participant on the day of the championship is not relevant.
‘06/‘05/’04 ‘03/’02/’01
’00/’99 ‘98/’97/’96 ‘95/’94/’93 ’92 and older
Boys -19, -21, -23, -25, -27, -30, -33, -36, -40, -45, +45 kg Girls -19, -21, -23, -25, -27, -30, -33, -36, -40, -45, +45 kg
Boys -19, -21, -23, -25, -27, -30, -33, -36, -40, -45, +45 kg Girls -19, -21, -23, -25, -27, -30, -33, -36, -40, -45, +45 kg
Boys -34, -38, -42, -46, -50, -55, -60, -66, -73, +73 kg Girls -32, -36, -40, -44, -48, -52, -57, -63, +63 kg
Men -46, -50, -55, -60, -66, -73, -81, -90, +90 kg Women -40, -44, -48, -52, -57, -63, -70, +70 kg
Men -60, -66, -73, -81, -90, +90 kg Women -48, -52, -57, -63, -70, -78, +78 kg
Men -60, -66, -73, -81, -90, +90 kg Women -48, -52, -57, -63, -70, -78, +78 kg
- If one of the categories has insufficient participants, the organization is allowed to put categories together subject to mutual consultations.
- Make sure that the correct weight is on the registration form.
- The participant may participate in only in 1 category.
- The judogi needs to be conform with the officials rules. The judogi will be controlled at the
weighting. The number on the back will not be required.
- The organization guarantees First Aid provision for all participants.
- Individual contest will be held according to following competition systems: poules or elimination
(depending on the number of participants in the category).
- The first 3 podium places, for which a judoka has fought, will be awarded.
- All participants will receive a diploma of participation.
Open IBF Multination Judo Championship 2013 3/4
Open IBF Multination Judo Championship
Euro-Budo Judo Belgium
7. Financialsituation
- The head of the sport delegation has to fulfill all financial obligations to Euro-Budo Judo.
- A payment of € 15,00 per participant must be fulfilled before the 7th April 2013 on the account IBAN BE12 9730 8229 0992, BIC ARSPBE22 on the name Euro-Budo Judo – Tieltseweg 249
3202 Rillaar (Belgium).
- On the day of the arrival when it is approved by the board of Euro-Budo Judo.
- The entrance fee for the spectators will be € 5,00 per person that is older than 7 years, this fee
will be paid at the entrance.
8. Dateandtimetable
- 1st Arpil 2013 : Deadline for registration judokas
- 7th April 2013 : Deadline payment
- 8th April 2013 : Deadline registration officials
- 8th April 2013 : Information about weighting times and classification will be delivered to the clubs
- 15th April 2013 : Deadline for changes to weight/gradation
- 21st April 2013 : Changing category on the day of championship costs € 5,00 per person and change
- Timetable 21st April 2013
•Weighing starts at 8:30
•Briefing official at 9:00 •Opening at 9:15
•Matches at 9:30
9. Accommodationandcatering
- Everybody has organize their own transport to and from the gymnasium.
- All delegations are able to book their accommodation if preferred.
- For addresses of hotels and B&B’s see
10. Register (Arrival)
Registration of all sport delegation responsible takes place at the Gymnasium “de Lange Munte”, Bad Godesborglaan 22, 8500 Kortijk (Belgium) on the day of the championship before the first weighting.
11. The Championship organizing committee contact
Lieve Demeer
Tieltseweg 249
3202 Rillaar - Belgium
Email: Website:
Open IBF Multination Judo Championship 2013 4/4

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Jason from Trinidad accuses Martin Clarke

I just received a letter from Trinidad and Tobago from a Jason Frazier his first involvement was in May last year where he was introduced to the sport by Andrew Moshanov who has been involved with FIAS since November 2011 I met Andrew for the first time at the World Championship in Lithuania November 2011 surprised we have not met before as he only live 20 miles from. Since his introduction Jason has formed 21 Sambo Clubs well done quite an achievement?

His first introduction to World Class Sambo was at the World Championships in November 2012 and it seems he was not happy with what he saw and has made several accusations one was against myself so I thought I should circulate my reply

Dear Jason

I have just had forwarded to me an email which my name was mentioned, one would have expected you to give me the courtesy of contacting me direct when making comments about me. I can not comment about your allegations about David Rudman and Jack Kogan as I was not privy to the conversation but find it hard to believe that they threatened you. With regards to your comments about me, my recollection was that I spoke to you once at length at the Breakfast Table and you asked me questions about FIAS and its structure which I explained to you. I emphasised that like all International Organisations there was occasionally some political strife, I also said for the first time this year the British Team were given Free accommodation at the Worlds which  I believe was at the direction of the FIAS President. You also asked about the Commonwealth Sambo Association and Mr Moshanov I informed you that I was not happy about Mr Moshanov and Lord Readings approach to the formation of this proposed organisation and that we tried to organise a Commonwealth Championships which was a complete flop and cancelled, my objections are quite well known and have appeared on the internet and in various magazines so their is no secret to my objections. With regard to me coercing you on to my side this is a ridiculous I am only on the side of a better FIAS, I hold no position on any FIAS Council or Committee and have no aspiration to hold any position My interest is to continue being President of Great Britain I started the British Sombo Federation in 1986  and have the privilege of being one of FIAS longest serving members please look up my CV
What I can remember of you and your team was that you were jovial group of guys who had good fighters and enjoyed a good time plus you could speak english
With regard to your association becoming member of FIAS if you have a proper constitution and have reasonable amount of members and run National and regional competitions I can see no reason why you can not eventually become members of FIAS. I have complained to FIAS that some countries are just a One man band and that these countries should not be accepted into FIAS
Hopefully we will meet again I hope to have a holiday in your part of the World maybe you can recommend somewhere


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Poiltics and Sport

I have often been accused of mixing National Politics with my Sports and Martial Arts and have been advised that I should not mention Politics in any of My Martial Arts Blogs and Web Sites which I have heeded that advice and have produced my own Blog

Yet Sportsman and Martial Arts people are extremely naive if they think that what they do is not effected by Politics. Lets take a couple of examples:

1)   Most of you have heard of Club Mark this is like a Kite Mark for Sports Club and reality it is bureaucratic nightmare authorized by a Government department. The idea is to homogenise the way we run Sports Clubs in GB. At present this award is voluntary, yet with further integration into the EU, this could become a compulsory before you can open a club
2)   CRB checks are a good idea to protect children and vulnerable adults but they are one of the few things in this country that make you prove your innocence (guilty till proven otherwise) and is useless when it comes to Foreign nationals. If you hire a hall you will have to supply one especially council run properties which is run by elected councillors.
3)   The cost of hiring local authority Venue and the cost of Business rates is decided by the local council which is run by councillors who you elect
4)   Rumours have been spreading that the EU may consider banning Cage Fighting and Boxing plus a small minority believe it is wrong for children to have any physical contact with each other. So out go Judo, Sombo and Wrestling. Ridiculous I hear you say yet under previous governments Competitive Sport in School was practically abolished and to think a small minority can influence a situation just look at Gay Rights. Gay/Lesbians are just 1.5% of the population but they have an inordinate amount power and influence in the political world
5) The standard of equipment we use in legislated on by European Commissioners who are non elected officials of the EU an organisation supported by our elected government

I could go on but won’t it is just a warning to all of us that what ever we do is affected by that horrible word POLITICS. So beware and be prepared. When Politicians offer you something remember:
"Do not trust the horse, Trojans. Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks even when they bring gifts." Virgil 19 BC:

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Beginning of Judo

About 25 years ago I wrote an article about how Judo was started I have been asked to reproduce the article sorry to say I have lost the original so I will start again.

My main concern was the age of  Jigaro Kano started this new concept of Judo. According to Kano never started any form of Martial Art till he was 18 years of age at the age of 22 years he started his new School and style called Judo. Now this where I have a problem I have taught young people for over 40 years some of them extremely intelligent but for them to come up with a completely unique idea take some believing. So am I calling the follows of Kano Judo liars NO I just question was it a completely new concept.

Once again the above web site above states that at the age of 14 years he started to pursue Western Studies Geoff Gleeson in his pamphlet “The Life, Times & Ideology of Jigaro Kano, Founder of Judo 1860-1938” quoted  “What is a code of behaviour? Kano , in his capacity as a professional educationalist was much involved with these questions. He invented Judo in an attempt to answer them.

During the Meiji period which Kano was born into, the whole structure of Government and civil society was around Western ideals and philosophy and according to Gleeson, Kano would have very influenced by English Philosophers like John Stuart Mill and Samuel Smiles.
Could a young Kano who was into Morality and codes of behaviour not try to develop a practical system of instilling this into the Japanese people or maybe it was a university project, which directed him this way? Once again by going back to the web site you will how Kano benefited by studying Martial Arts and other sports also his full time job was in physical education. So he already  knew the benefits of sport and as Gleeson suggested he invented Judo because of this

Up until now I do not have a problem with history or rather the legend of Jigaro Kano what I do question how he supposedly invented Judo? The established belief is that he studied Jiu Jitsu and took all the really dangerous techniques out of the art to invent his Judo. This I cannot accept for we already have seen he was into the philosophy of English philosophers, which were diametrically opposed to that of the more traditional Japanese Martial Arts like Jiu Jitsu which was seen more as a self defence or attacking war like system.

I would suggest he wanted to develop a new moral and ethical system on the lines of the philosophers and western ideas he studied, he must have realised that to get this to be accepted by the Japanese people he had to produce a system which the Japanese could understand hence a Combat Form. As opposed to a Western form like Baseball, Football, Rugby etc.which are accepted in modern Japan I have doubts whether that type of sport would be accepted by a still feudal Japanese population plus did they understand the English idea of “Playing the Game” or “Taking Part being important” I doubt it.

This where I suggest that the basic idea of Judo could have come from CORNISH WRESTLING. It is mentioned earlier Japan was in a state of flux at this period when Kano was born the influence of the Europeans was predominant and the there was massive trade with the European Countries. So could a young Jigaro Kano not been watching the foreign ships come into port, could he not have seen a British Ship coming in from Plymouth and then watched the sailors fighting on the beach? Fighting yet not fighting? Maybe he was watching 2 Cornish Sailors having a bout of Cornish Wrestling, two men with cloth jackets grappling with each trying to defeat the other, yet when the fight finished they shook hand maybe put their arms around each other and laughed. Two combatants who were not injured and remained friends. Maybe he thought this is something I can work on for my new concepts I want to put to the Japanese people.

So what of Cornish Wrestling it is claimed they have evidence that it was played in the 4th Century what is certain that Cornish Wrestlers were depicted on banners at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 AD. Go to this will give you some idea what Cornish Wrestling is, some say it is the oldest form of Wrestling in the World

This type of Wrestling is not unusual through out the World there are many countries who have similar styles for example in Mongolia Bokh, Georgian Chidoba, Uzbekistani Kurash, Celtic Wrestling, Canaries Lucha plus many others. Nearly all only allow holding above the waste and no ground work when competing, notice the use of the word competing.

When Judo first started ground fighting was not used and legend has it that Kano took his Judo Players to Jiu Jitsu School and they were all beaten by ground fighting he then decided to include groundwork  (Ne Waza) in his Judo a nice story. Yet it was more probable that it was a natural progression of the way Judo developed, Kano obviously an intelligent man could see that on many occasions when doing a throw they would fall to the floor so why stop the match. Plus remember he still had to convince people that this was a fighting art.

I really love Sambo a Russian Jacket Sport very similar to Judo in fact it founder Oshchepkov studied Judo under Kano, the reason I love competition Sambo is that it allows many more techniques then Judo Competition in fact I would suggest it is more to what Kano expected of his Judo

Yet Judo is more superior to all the other Grappling, Martial Arts in that it has Kata. This is a predetermined set of movements which is performed by two people with ultimate goal of gaining perfection, harmony of working with another person and respecting another person with the ultimate aim of becoming a form of moving meditation. Some will argue that it has no relationship to competitive Judo that may be true but does that matter?  That what makes Judo so different it is not just a Jacket Grappling Sport it is the SUPPLE WAY developed by a great thinker Jigaro Kano

It is reported that Kano quoted the following “Judo in reality is not a mere sport or game. I regard it as a principle of life, art, and science. In fact, it is a means for personal cultural attainment”
 Not a bad way to live your life

Martin Clarke 8th Dan Judo 6th Dan Jiu Jitsu FIAS Sambo Grand Master

IBF Judo Coaches meeting

IBF Annual Judo Coaches Meeting
Academy Sport @ Movement Milton Regis

Minutes of the Annual IBF Coaches Meeting
Sunday 13th January 2013 at 11am
Martin Clarke IBF UK President (Chairman)
Casey Belsey, Bradley Belsey,  Rob Belsey, George Loscombe, Michael Hutchinson, John Clarke, Vicky Franks, Keith Costa, Keith Brown, Jamie Marzetti
Colin Carrott, Danny Carrott, Kerry Penfold
Miles Brown, Trevor Davies, George Holbrook, Sue Tanner, Lee Reeves
Russell Dodds, Ian Parker, Steve Jacob
Mick Davies, Wesley Cousins
Oleg Siblov
Apologies were received from our London, Scottish, N Ireland, Bexley, East Anglia and Nottingham Clubs
MC opened the meeting with a welcome and particular welcome to Mick Davies and Oleg
1-Post Olympic Impact
The impact on membership was discussed with most feeling that the events of the summer having minimal impact, although Faversham have seen a couple of new female members as a result.
2-UK Competitions
There was a resounding yes to the question do we need to continue running competitions? The cost implications of running events were discussed alongside issues around numbers of officials, how medals are awarded (if only 3 in a group then only 2 gold and silver awarded) and new rule changes. A decrease in match duration was agreed-with over 8’s set at 2 minutes and Kyu grades as 3 minutes. The use of corner judges will be dependent on the number of officials available. It was also agreed that referees decision would come into play after a golden score time of the original match period.
Upcoming competitions were discussed with Sittingbourne running a larger competition in March and a ground work event yet to be arranged.
Faversham will postpone their planned Feb comp to April/early May.
Folkestone will run their outdoor comp/fun day the last Saturday in July.
Bedford will be running British Open Sombo the 2nd weekend in June and possibly another event in October.
MC also mentioned events possible in Scotland.
3-Club Mark
MC gave an overview of the club’s experiences of the Club mark process. He asked whether coaches would prefer it if we introduced our own system of specifications, that although wouldn’t be formally recognised, would give clubs something to work towards.

It was discussed whether there was still a place for the formal teaching of Kata and to have it as part of our grading syllabus. It was felt that there were suitably qualified coaches at every club that would allow individual clubs to run their own Kata courses rather than have them run centrally. MD suggested that this could contribute to an erosion of the Kata and that there is still a need for all the Kata coaches to get together to ensure consistency is maintained. LR offered that this is also the case for coaches within clubs as well, where we risk newly qualified coaches becoming replicas of other coaches in the club. This could be avoided by coaches ensuring they gain experiences and ideas from regular contact with other clubs.
5-IBF Instructors
MC gave an overview of the current coaching process. JC talked about how he had recently assessed several coaches over a longer period of time. MC informed everyone of an upcoming free style wrestling course being run by Alan Jones (National wrestling coach for Wales)
6-Dutch Open
This event is running 14th-16th March for Judo and Sombo. RD intends attending with a team.
7- European Competitions
This years IBF multi nations comp is in Belgium in April. MC to double check the date, ?21st April. The UK has been approached to run the 2014 event. It was felt that Bedford would be an appropriate venue as there is an appropriate facility; it is central for UK competitors and its close proximity to Luton airport for European competitors. RD agreed to look at setting a date in April 2014 and requested support from other clubs in running this event.
8-Grading Structure
Mc gave overview of the current structure and asked for coach’s opinions on the current junior and Kyu grade syllabus. All clubs are using it currently and felt it was useful.
9-Referee Courses
MC asked if there was a demand for courses for referees.  It was felt a formal course was needed rather than a self teaching method to avoid mixed interpretation of the rules. TD suggested this should include all coaches as they should also have an understanding of the rules. After discussion it was agreed that MD would approach a Referee for the BJA to arrange possibility of him running a course for us. There was a positive response from the coach’s present stating interest in external trainers running the course. LR suggested involving juniors at an early stage to get them involved in refereeing. It was agreed that it would become part of the grading syllabus for green and blue junior belts.
10-Summer Camp
MC explained that he was unable to secure booking of the ACF camp at Dibgate again this year. After discussion it was decided to run a weekend camp at Sittingbourne with a Dan grading on the Sunday. JC added that after discussion with GH it was decided to run “Fight night” six times a year, 3 at Sittingbourne on a Tuesday and 3 at Faversham on a Thursday with an expectation that anyone doing a Dan grade exam attends at least 2
11-Membership & Insurance
MC gave a run down on some adjustments to member ship costs and insurance issues.
CC brought up the issue of providing refreshments for table officials at competitions. KC to arrange for the Swallows competition.
Meeting was closed at 12.30pm

Thursday, January 10, 2013

British Sombo Federation 2012 Annual Report

British Sombo Federation Annual Report for 2012

BSF President’s Report 2012

The year end with sad death of Lyn Costa wife of Secretary Keith Costa, Lyn was often seen in her electric buggy and before her MS got really bad she would be one of our table officials our thoughts go out to Keith and the rest of the family.
The year started with an invite to a formation of a Commonwealth Sambo Association this was the concept of a Lord Reading and Andrew Moshanov. The idea in principle was a good one but its formation was totally wrong, I have reported on this on several occasions but just to say at the meeting not one representative from the Commonwealth was an official member of FIAS 90% were Judoka, Andrew Moshanov is a Russian living in England and Lord Reading has never been seen at a Sombo event. So a very strange meeting especially as they formulated a committee etc. on contacting FIAS they had no knowledge of this organisation or Andrew Moshanov. It seems Andrew I believe is an employee of the FIAS President and very experienced Judo Coach who used to worked for the BJA. As this organisation was formed the BSF decide to organise a Commonwealth Sombo Championships to be held in September in Scotland this was a complete failure so much so we cancelled the event as the only entries we had were from the UK so it does put in doubt the viability of a Commonwealth Sombo organisation with out funding from FIAS or Lord Reading. Couple of good things came out of this meeting was that I met with Alan Jones the Welsh National Wrestling Coach and 7th Dan Judo who will be joining his Welsh Wrestling Association in 2013 and to meet up again with Terry Watt from Ulster he made CSA Secretary but has since resigned. The CSA has had no meetings, competitions etc. since to my knowledge and we have not been approached to affiliate. I hope some sort of Commonwealth body is formed but it must be done under the auspices of FIAS

I attended three major Internationals the European Championships held in Moscow a marvellous tournament, the World Masters in Casablanca well organised but dominated by the Eastern European Block we had just two fighters and finally in November the Worlds held in Minsk again a marvellous event with some excellent matches. My only complaints was the organisation of the registration, these are always pandemonium I have written to FIAS and made some suggestions and the events used to have a degree of socialising but this seems to be neglected. FIAS and ESF, for the first time, paid for our accommodation this was much appreciated and allowed us to bring two good teams to the event. The highlight of the these events was Matthew Clempner Junior winning a World Bronze in the O100k class, the first World Championship medal since 1990 a great finish to the year. Reports on all these can be seen on a web site and have been published in various Martial Arts Magazine and Web sites.

The BSF have been successful in running courses and competitions throughout the year but we had a couple of disappointments the Commonwealth competition had to be cancelled this date was taken over by Red Star Sambo even this only attracted 30 people and a tournament organised Bedford Grappling Academy was cancel due to lack of entries it seems the recession is taking its toll especially with the cost of fuel. The last two British Opens were held in Scotland but it was felt that it was time to move back to England but not too Sittingbourne where it had been for over a decade as this was to far for people to travel so next years British Open will be in Bedford 2nd Sunday in June an easier venue for people including flights into Luton.

BSF HQ will no longer be supplying Sombo equipment this has been handed out to Russell Dodds who has made major in roads in getting different supplies from around the World. I think one of the best things the BSF has done in recent years is to insist on correct kit at our events. The BSF looks forward to 2013 but we can not exist without the support of our members so we do need the various association affiliated to push for participation

Martin Clarke
BSF President
FIAS GrandMaster

The British Sombo Federation
Chairman’s Report 2012
Another full year for the British Sombo Federation, excellent turn out for both the British and Scottish Sombo Championships and this year stepping up the mark with a few good Combat Sombo players coming through to gain places in the World Championships in Minsk, Belarus in November and earlier on in the year for the European Sombo Championships in Moscow. Sombo/Sambo is on the up in the UK, in the last year there have been many seminars and coaching courses which are bringing much needed new blood into the sport and these are working, a good idea to keep at this. The only problems encountered have been the visa process for travelling also the way in which team selections were made this year for the trips abroad which has been a misunderstanding by a few people, this will have to be made crystal clear to anyone wanting to compete abroad in 2013, from the onset they must be aware that the British Sombo Federation is self funded as many of us also put a fair bit of time, effort and money into the sport that we love then others must do the same!
Olympic recognition is on the horizon but I feel that it is a long way off, FIAS part funded the trip to Belarus for the Worlds this year and we took a strong team to this major event in the Sombo calendar and for the first time in 25 years we came  away with a Bronze medal in the over 100 kilos section with big Matt Clempner on the podium. I feel that the British Sombo Federation should award Matt with the Master of Sombo award for his efforts, possibly at this year’s British Championships. Let’s look forward to 2013 and keep pushing the competitions, courses and seminars and remember that something that had very few players and members from the 1980’s onwards has now became somewhat of a success story.
I will be looking forward to seeing everyone at this year’s British and Scottish Championships.

Robin Hyslop
Chairman, British Sombo Federation  

Combat Sambo National Coach Report

Combat Sambo 2012
2012 so the introduction of a full format for Combat Sambo, from a Instructor award system to a full syllabus from White belt to 3 Degree Black.
Courses for Instructors for Level 1 and 2 were held in Burnley, Birmingham and West Yorkshire.
Qualifying 22 Combat Sambo and SportCombatSombo Instructors.
2012 also so a new club set up for Combat Sambo the Yorkshire Rose, Birmingham will be following in 2013.
Combat Sambo 1st Degree Black Belts were awarded to the Instructors at Yorkshire Rose after a 6-hour grading.
The Sport Combat Committee (SCC) was put in place for BSF, members could have a say in the way things are run and for Combat Sambo to be overseen and run correctly with all safety aspects in place.
2013 will see expansion in all areas within the Sport Combat field.

Allan Clarkin
National Sport Combat Coach

BSF National Sombo Coach Report

2012 was a very good year for Sombo with the British Sombo Federation taking a small team to the European in Russia in may and a full team to the worlds in Belarus in November as well as a team to the world master in morocco in October. The high light had to be seeing big Mat getting a bronze in the heavy weights and the first to do so for a very long time well done Mat. As the British coach I have to say I have been really impressed with the standard of the team player that have competed but if we are ever to get any real chance of competing with the eastern blocks we need funding and lots more squad training session where the team can all train together.
On another note we have had lots of coaching courses and promoted lots of new Sombo coaches so that we can get more people involved in Sombo.
Next year keep an eye out for dates of coach’s courses and dates for all comps.

All the best
John Clarke
National Coach
Master of Sombo

 B.S.F. Referees Report 2012
In terms of numbers, 2012 proved to be one of the most successful years in recent times, for The British Sombo Federation’s referees. We had six officials actively taking control in the middle, two from Scotland and four from England. We also had new mat side and table officials from the two countries. The first target for 2013, will be to increase these numbers and to get even more people involved and qualified. With the addition into the Federation, of the new Sombo clubs from Bedford and Burnley, this should easily be attainable.
Our second target will be to see a consistency in the application of rules in all tournaments. To this end, I would recommend a meeting of all officials before every competition starts. Particular emphasis should be on passivity, as shown in both the recent World and European Championships. This will encourage more throws and less defensive movement, as in fleeing the mat.
One major difference that we need to adopt is that the mat judge should score and evaluate every action independently, not just if he or she disagrees with the referee. In the event of two different scores from these two officials, the mat chairman’s decision should be final.
Ending on a positive note, the Federation obtained full referees uniforms this year. Undoubtedly, this, along with competitors wearing the correct kit, has added a professional image to our Federation.

Colin Carrott BSF Head of Referees Master of Sombo