Monday, April 30, 2012

British Team For Europeans


British Team
European Championships
Moscow May 18/19/20

Men’s Sombo
U62 Bradley Belsey Kent
U68 Casey Belsey Kent
U82 Tom Richardson Hampshire

Ladies Sombo
U66 Julie Halstead Bedford

Men’s Combat Sambo
U82 Tom Richardson Hampshire
U100 Barry Gibson Sunderland
O100 Ben Whitehead Lancashire

Sombo Coach
John Clarke

Combat Sambo Coach
Robin Hyslop Chairman BSF

Martin Clarke BSF President
John Sharpe BSF Treasure
Colin Carrott ESF Chairman
Peter Wise BCSA Chairman

David Wellsman

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Sombo News

Russell Dodds senior Coach at the Bedford Academy is certainly doing a good job of promoting Sombo and the British Sombo Federation. He has already organised a Sombo Competition early this year and has another planned for July. This course was attended by 25 of his students, a lot of them were juniors. British National Coach John Clarke and English National Coach Colin Carrott both gave the instruction. Well done Russell keep up the good work

You cannot keep a good man down and that is certainly the case with 60-year-old British national Full Contact Sombo Coach Allen Clarkin. He has run one very successful Level 1 Full Contact Sombo Course and now has another planned for Sunday July 8th. Allen has been involved with Martial Arts for over 40 years and has a lot of contacts which hopes to bring into CombatSombo, he tells me he has several clubs in Wales which want to get involved. Plus he wants run a Championship Belt Competition for Full Contact Sombo Now that would be something.

Robin tells me the entries are better then expected for the British on May 5th we were expecting an extremely low turn out of about 25 because of the cost of travelling and accommodation but the numbers have already reached 60 and closing date is not till May 3rd so things are looking up , Robin also tells me that CLOSING Date means closing date none of this “I am a top class Judo player and do not need to book on time”

Commonwealth Sombo/Full Contact Sombo is on May 175h at Dumfries this will be a good competition. It will be open to all affiliated Countries with regard to UK if you belong to a BSF recognised Sombo Association you can compete for Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, Channel Islands so starting booking your accommodation now

The proposed Commonwealth Sambo Association led by a Russian Judo player (What’s Russia got to do with the Commonwealth) has caused a lot of controversy on the International Scene as this new group sort to usurp the power of FIAS Commonwealth Counties by placing Judo men in charge of Commonwealth Sombo. Within GB the BSF is recognised by all 5 sports Council and is run by Sombo people for Sombo people, most importantly it is not run for profit. Yet out of something that had a dubious beginning some good has come The formation of the Commonwealth Sombo Championships this will decide whether there is a demand for Commonwealth Sombo, it is a shame the BSF have to fund it rather then the Russian who wanted it also Northern Ireland Sombo federation Chairman Chris St john has made contact with Terry Watt and extremely good Judo man and some one who is genuinely interested in Sombo

More and More people are approaching the BSF for courses and competitions, this years British will see a good contingent of Sombo Players from the Liverpool area , Sue King from Mushin Academy has been pushing Sombo in the area and her members have joined a BSF Association well done Sue

Look out for our advert in Combat and some of our features

Marin Clarke
BSF President

Sunday, April 22, 2012

School Fete Lazy Youngsters

Something’s never change I have been involved with Judo, Sombo, Jiu Jitsu etc. for 57 years as a top competitor, Top Coach and top Sombo administrator yet with all that gloss you seem to return to the very start time and time again.  I refer to the English Fete demonstration. On Saturday we the Young Judo Club were asked to put a demo on at the Newington Primary School fete, this quintessential English tradition continues to serve the community. The fete had a mass of local stall holders plus a glorious array of entertainment Singers, dancers, musicians, tug of war and of course Judo all this for just 50p what a bargain. I hope the school made loads of money they deserve it for it was an excellent day out.

After finishing there we tried another typical English past time visiting a Village Tea shop this time it the Bredgar Village Café right next to the Duck Pond. Sue and her family are making a real go out of this Village Shop, Café, Garden Centre and hairdressers helping keep the village alive. Yet after speaking to Sue she tells me that she needs some part time staff has advertised and only had one reply, she went on to tell me she may have to advertise for a Polish worker. Now I found this unbelievable in this day and age of massive unemployment, so I put a piece on Facebook, as I was sure that there would be a response. The rate was £6.50p per hour Wednesday and Sunday 9am till 4pm and one Saturday a Month, that is on a normal week £91 and on one week a month £136.50p Sue can be contacted on 01622 884423.

The response on Facebook and my blog was, I live in Milton Bredgar to far to walk (thought of getting a push bike?) Where is Bredgar?  Bredgar that’s up Borden Lane somewhere is it not? I am not working on a Sunday, Will do if they pick me up from Sittingbourne, what work for £91 better of on the dole, is there a Bus service? (Why not try asking some one for a lift) 9 am that’s a bit early.
Now I understand why small businesses employ Poles and as someone who has continually campaigned say the English are not lazy I was shocked by the response admittedly the age range was 17 to 20 year old

Totally agree with the London Taxi Owner who says cyclists should pay Road Tax and have insurance 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Steven Crutchley

In a recent article concerning invention of the Commonwealth Sambo Association I list Steven Crutchley as some one who had not done Sombo/Sambo. As I had never met him before and never seen him compete I presumed I was right in my assumption. Yet he hard competed with Matthew Clempner's FORMA when it was not part of the Governing Body, my apologies to Steven

Martin Clarke

BSF President

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

British CombatSombo Association Wales

The BCSA is looking for people to run BCSA Clubs in Wales. BCSA is recognised by the UKSport Governing body for Sport the British Sombo Federation also Sport Wales recognises the BSF as the governing body for Wales. So joining the BCSA yo can participate in all Official Sombo Events and represent GB and Wales check out

Friday, April 13, 2012

Swale Martial Arts Club April Newsletter

Swale Martial Arts Club
(Young Judo Club- Warriors Grappling Academy-Kokusai Karate Club)

Dear Members/Parents
Your Club membership, which includes membership to the International Budo Federation, is due March 28th 2012. This membership includes insurance cover.
There will be no increase in Junior Fees, which will remain the same £17.50p pcm paid by standing order or £22.50p pcm Cash or Cheque.
Seniors fees will be £7 per session or £20 pcm Standing Order for one lesson per week Monthly Cash or Cheque £25 pcm as many lessons as you like £30 pcm Standing Order, Monthly Cash or Cheque £35

I believe the Clubs offer exceptional value not just in coaching but in facilities no other club in Kent has an authentic style Dojo like ours and we hope to improve by building in a second floor to house changing rooms and toilets, this will allow us more room downstairs for spectators. The cost of travelling is becoming very expensive and a lot of children and adults are put of by cost, the club does have funding raising events and Keith Costa collects waste paper, cans and old clothes to help support our competitors.’

The Instructors at the Club all have PI Insurance and all coach on a voluntary basis in fact all them contribute by joining the Club on an Annual basis this shows their loyalty and sacrifice to the club I think we owe them a big thank you

To increase our membership and we desperately need extra members we need your help in promoting the club why not tell your friends and maybe let the school know where they can Sports such as Judo

Starting Thursday April 19th for just 4 weeks Martin Clarke will be teaching Sombo Wrestling for Youngsters and Adults 7.30 pm till 8.30 pm Adult continue till 9.30 pm NO CHARGE for members. Kids if you want come make sure you bring a partner your size. Keith has taken over the Coaching of the Thursday Judo Class at 7.15 pm and he also runs a Parent and Child Class 7.30 pm on a Friday.
John although recovering from a knee operation is still coaching his senior Judo and Sombo Wrestling class on Tuesday. The Belsey brothers have been selected to represent GB at the European Sambo Championships in Moscow beginning of May. John's MMA class on a Wednesday has a fluctuating participation but is hard class if you can stick it. Also on a Wednesday Mik Hutchinson is running a Combat Wrestling Club this is wrestling with strikes and throws. Mik is a Sombo Instructor and he has just returned from Burnley where he qualified as a Full Contact Sombo Instructor, Mik is going to start Full Contact Sombo Class on a Monday night. Read about the course at

Martin Clarke, Alan Kontozi, Mik Hutchinson and Colin Carrott have been making short Instructional Films in CombatSombo these can be seen

We are always on the look out for people to become Instructors especially for the kids Judo, we especially like young people to learn how to teach.

I have had some interest about restarting a club at Milton anyone interested in helping out?
The Warriors Grappling Academy is going through the process of getting a Club Mark this is a Kite Mark for sport. The bureaucracy is unbelievable we are expecting just more visit and waiting for Sharne Costa to finish her Volunteers exam (yes an exam to become a volunteer) and then we will be finished after 2 years. One of the conditions of the Club Mark is that you all read the details this can be found on  for those who do not have access to the internet everything will be posted on the Notice Board as you come up the stairs, even the Martial Arts can not escape the PC Brigade, hopefully the Club Mark will be beneficial to the club

Some events you may be interested in at SMAC

Junior Judo grading 12th May 2012 start time 1.30pm cost £5

Sombo Instructors Course 29th April 2012

Goshin Jitsu and Ne Waza Kata course. July 1st 2012

Wednesday August 22nd tll Friday August 24th  2012


For those who want to travel:

British Open Sombo/SportCombatSombo Championships
Dumfries Scotland May 5th 2012

2 pairs demo-4 pairs demo-Junior pin to win
Kumite-safesword combat
CombatSombo Wrestling No Jackets
CombatSombo Wrestling with Jackets

Saturday July 28th 

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

1st Full Contact Sombo Course

Full Contact Sombo and Sport CombatSombo
Level 1 Instructor Course
Organised by the BCSA
1st April 2012,
Venue, Black Knights Gym Burnley
Coach/Tutor Allan Clarkin

The first of many.
Nine Sombo players attended the course, this includes two females.

Females are not permitted to compete in these events but there is no rule to say they can not become instructors.
The course started with a welcome and photo, which took some time as the camera decided to have a little fun on the day, this broke the ice.
Course content was started with a warm up, warm ups can save time on foot work and movement, so basic foot work and movement was shown and then used as a warm up with light hand techniques.
It was explained the importance of correct foot work and distancing, so we can execute strikes and the ability to close the distance for grips moving into throws.
Students then paired up and put their new skills to the test, with NONE Contact sparring, this is to train the brain, so it will develop the skill to read the correct distance for what strike to use.
We then progressed to pad drills for basic techniques, hand strikes, kicks and knees.
Explanation was given how to hold the focus mitts, kick shields and Thai pads.
The basic strikes were all from the first three grades of the Full Contact syllabus.
Students after some time on these new skills went on to combinations, once again all from the syllabus.
Consent feed back was given the students as regards positioning of the feet, correcting posture and also showing blocking skills against strikes.
Advice was given on the type of gloves for early days in sparring moving to the type of gloves for competition, the same applied to head guards.
Now moving onto body conditioning and improving fitness levels, circuit training, bag work, medicine balls, grappling dummies and how to use body shields with focus mitts to pre-pair the body.
Throughout the course advice was being given with questions being asked.
After 4 1/2 hours of taking information in, it was time for the students to become Instructors. They paired up and each had to instructor in all aspects covered on the day for 20 minutes, all this time they were being marked and advice given, how to improve their coaching skills. Students then reversed roles.
Was it over no, to make sure students had taken info on board a questionnaire had to be completed.
Finally instructing a group of students and warm down a good six hours of hard work by all.
I would like to compliment all nine Sombo students for their attitude all day, with nine good passes.
I hope in the future some will attempt Level 2 and more will attend the next Level 1.
The sport is not be be feared but understood and developed.
Thanks to the BSCA and BSF for allowing me to put these course on.
Good luck to all NEW INSTRUCTORS
Allan Clarkin

Summer Camp


Thursday  August 23rd till Saturday August 25th  2012

GRADINGS in all subjects


All Ages 10 years and above

This is the 45th year this Camp has been in operation and in the past few years it has been held at the ACF Camp Dibgate Folkestone because of the Olympic Games Kent ACF have had to use the facility this year and they get preference. So we have decide to run a 3 day course at SMAC it is not a residential Course but those that want to sleep in the Dojo may so. Those who prefer more comfortable surrounding there is a Travel Lodge on the out skirts of Town next to the Bobbing Apple Pub/Restaurant

The Course is £100 for the 3 days or £40 a Day. All participants must hold one of the following memberships, International Budo Federation, British Combatsombo Association, GrapplingUK, British Grappling Association, ReStar Sambo. Minimum age is 12

10am – Sombo 11.30am – 1pm SportCombatSombo
2pm – 3.15pm MMA 3.30pm – 5pm 7pm – 9pm Annual Bash all styles of jacket wrestling Judo Sombo Kurash
10 – 11.15am Competitive Throwing Techniques
11.30am – 1pm Technical application to throws
2pm – 3.15pm Ground fighting holds and pins
3.30pm – 5pm Submissions and painful holds

10am till 3pm preparing for grading and Nage No Kata

Gradings for all disciplines 4pm cost is relavant to students level but all gradings must be booked in advance .

We do have acces to another Dojo if advanced Kata needs to be taught

To Book your place

Name Address D.O.B. Email Mob Tel No with Cheque payable IBF Closing date July 30th 2012

Send to IBF VALMAR House 118 East Street Sittingbourne kent ME10 4RX

Full Contact Sombo

Allan Clarkin with Warriors Coach Michael Hutchinson

1st Full Contact Sombo (Combat Sambo)
Instructors Awards Course

BSF National Coach Allan Clarkin organised the first ever course like this in his Gym in Burnley and it was undoubtable success. He covered all aspects of Comabt Sambo and SportCombatSombo. This Award goes along side our current Sombo Instructors Award which has been a great success. Allan plans more of these in the future

Qualified Full Contact Sombo Level 1 Instructors

Daniel Clarkin
Ben Whitehead
Ryan Taylor
Michael Hutchinson
Joshua Dand
Andrew Ashworth
Emma Reid
Diane Hawkins
Gintaras Jonuskis

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Young Judo Club Big Bang weekend



Saturday and Sunday March 31st Sunday April 1st was a tremendous weekend for the Young Judo Club based at Swale Martial Arts Club. The club, which was started in 1957 by Margret and Knobby Clarke, have been a bit in the doldrums lately with our players not wanted to enter competitions but this weekend all that changed.
On the Saturday our junior section were at Capel Le Ferne participating in the Spitfire Open Judo Championships, most of the YJC players were new to competition. Best player of the day in the whole competition was 12-year-old Lewis Clarke it had an array of techniques and was trying all of them to very good effect but still only managed Silver. In his final fight he was beating his opponent hands down he had a Waza-ari score 7pt and several Yuko’s 5pt scores but like his father Coach John likes the glory of a big throw. Instead of being tactical and holding on to a points score he tried a big throw made a mistake and got held down Lesson learnt better now at 12 then when he is an International Senior (hopefully)
 On the Sunday we sent just 3 players to the BJA Kent Championships at Dartford and all three cam back with a Gold a 100% record
Liam Jordan regular Judo, Sombo and Kurash Competitor took Gold in his age and weight category in style his final two fights he scored Ippon (Knockout Throw) with atwo tremendous Hips throws
Ashley Costa our most experience Judoka also a British standard Sambo and Kurash player was in great form winning Gold with relative ease.
Andy Smith was in devasting form winning all his matches with foot throws. Andy is not far away from his Black Belt if he keeps this up it will be sooner then later

Morgan laws (first ever gold medal)
Marissa laws
William Bryce (yjc competitor of the day)
Harry (Nobby) Clarke
Lewis Clarke
Kieran Webb
Corbin Lucas
Xavier Holland

Kent closed

Ashley costa
Andy smith
Liam Jordan
 Keith Costa 3rd Dan is the YJC Coach in charge of Juniors and Teachers on a Tuesday, with Paul Soulsby finishing as a Judo Coach Keith will take over his Thursday Class, This class will be quite unusual as it will feature Judo, Sombo and Kurash. Lets not forget his Friday Parent and Child class where parents train in Judo with their children. YJC has kept its prices the same for 5 years No that is not true we dropped them this year for £17.50p per month they can train 3 times a week that just £1.34p per lesson
 Anyone interested in Judo should go to www.youngjudo