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Immigrants effect Sombo

Every year I organise the British Open Sombo Championships which is open to every country in the world and every year every Country that requires a visa is refused, this year I am also running a Multi Nation Judo tournament and so far the following countries have been refused visa’s Jordan, Pakistan and Nepal. When I run the Sombo events all the Eastern Block countries are blocked and this year it included Mongolia.
If genuine sportsman want to enter the UK it is nearly impossible yet at the Sombo events we often get entries from ex Soviet Union citizens who are in this country illegally. We have nearly Million illegal immigrants in this country but honest Sportsman can not compete, in 1992 I ran the World Sombo Championships in Herne Bay Kent and no problems with visa’s, I could never run a World Championships again in this Country because of the Visa situation and all because our government and the European Union have been lapse with illegal immigration.

Martin Clarke

Call this Judo

Watch the film below and I think you will agree that it is a disgraceful performance of Judo and before any Judo purist says well they are Eastern Block so they must be Sambo players well let me tell you now what they are doing is nothing like Sambo. So who is to blame? well I blame the referee and judges on many occasions they should have penalised them for passivity, for continually fighting of grips to me is passive 20 years they would have been ordered to take hold plus there were many incidents where they should have been penalised. The Rules have now been changed again when what should have the referees should have been told to apply the rules correctly

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CombatSombo What is it

A Reminder of what CombatSombo is?

Every few years I have to remind people what is CombatSombo and the fact I developed the system. Yes the fact that I say I am the inventor of the system seems to upset some so called experts, who continue to maintain that CombatSombo is a Russian style of Martial Art. So let me correct some of the misunderstanding yes I have used the Sombo as part of my name solely because I use much of the grappling techniques of Sombo and Judo in my style and putting the word Combat in front of name is not unusual I believed I was the first to do this in 1983 but I was corrected as someone from the USA back in the 1950’s used Combat Judo. Sambo is a Russian Self defence Sport and was started in the early 1900’s and I am very active with International Sambo and FIAS being placed in the Top 10 of the most influential people in the World for Sambo. Pre the break-up of the USSR the word Sambo meant all concepts Sport and Military self-defence, with the collapse of Communism many ex soviets wanted to make money from their expertise. The first time the Self Defence of Sombo was seen was in the USA and was called Military Sambo several magazine carried articles eventually they realised my name was more suitable I refused them permission to use the word CombatSombo because I wanted to keep control, they eventually used the word Combat Sambo. Now when I registered the name in 1988 with the British Trade Marks Registry I stupidly only registered it the UK not World Wide but I can stop people in the UK using the word CombatSombo or wording similar i.e. CombatSambo, Combat Sombo. Combat Sambo something I have done on a few occasions and something I will continue to do.
So why am I so paranoid about the name CombatSombo well quite simply it is my Philosophical approach to it (please read below) this make it entirely different from the Russian Combat Sambo who system is extremely more violent and more suited to the Military a very effective system if you are a Soldier but I want to teach CombatSombo as an educational system to make better human beings so the two styles are not compatible. Some people use the word Sambo Combat which I think distinguishes the difference a lot better. Finally CombatSombo was accepted by the World Governing Body FIAS in 1988, the first FIAS Combat Sambo Commission was started in 1992, something I was invited to serve on but I declined, The Soviet Union Collapsed in 1985 I started CombatSombo in the 1983.
So is CombatSombo big in the UK No it is very small and that is intentionally I have only trusted a few people to carry on my work here but over the last 8 years I have suffered with bad knee and hip and have been restricted to walking with a stick. The good news in February 2009 I had a new knee and March 2010 I had a new hip and now I am in fine fettle, I am back teaching Sport CombatSombo, Sombo Wrestling and in September will be starting CombatSombo classes, plus I will be teaching at the annual Summer camp and hope to run CombatSombo Instructors course in December.

CombatSombo Philosophy

As you can see by my cv which is enclosed I have been involved in the Martial Arts/Combat Disciplines since the age of 5 (1955) I was born in 1950. I have always enjoyed the competitive side of Combat and I have won medals at international and national level at Judo, Sombo, Jiu Jitsu and Free Style Wrestling. I have also been a keen advocate of the Founder of Judo Jigaro Kano, in one of books he made the following statement “Judo is more than just a sport or Martial Art, it is a means of Physical and Cultural Attainment” in other words “it is a way of producing better human beings” I apply this philosophy to all my Martial Arts and Combat Disciplines. Grappling sports I feel help you achieve this by teaching us such simple things as:

Respect (all grapplers have respect for there opponent, note I use the word opponent not enemy, they may not always realise it)
Duty of care (this is a must as if some of the techniques are very dangerous that we could damage our opponent. This is not we trying to do we are trying to win but not at the expense of an injury).
To abide by the rules (competitions have rules not only to keep the activity as safe as possible but to make contest equal)

In my CombatSombo system I try and introduce people to a Self Defence system that has a set of morals. Unlike other systems I advocate control and restraint. My aim is not to turn people into Barbaric Animals with no consideration for others. After saying all this I am a practical man, I realise that self-defence has different degrees. Dealing with a drunk is different to dealing with several assailants with weapons. Although my system teaches techniques that can maim, they are only to be used in extreme cases. Remember no one has the right to cause life long disablement to another human being.

To do CombatSombo you need to be healthy and fit, we encourage our members to take regular excise and grapple on a regular basis. To understand any self-defence you need to practise in as near real situation as you get. To advise any one to get involved in a Pub fight to test their techniques would be immoral and irresponsible, so the nearest I can offer is some sort of controlled fighting, i.e. CombatSombo Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing. Remember there is no easy route to becoming a proficient CombatSombo Practitioner.

CombatSombo is a Self Defence system with a HEART

Welcome Justin to CombatSombo USA

Justin Polette
3rd degree Jujutsu
2nd degree Judo
1st degree CombatSombo
MMA and BJJ Coach

Justin "The Anaconda" Polette
 Age- 33
 Height- 6'3"
 Fighting Weight- 185- 205 lbs
Martial Arts Record
St. Louis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open- Bronze Medal - 190lb. division
National Isshinryu Hall of Fame Tournament- 1st Kata
National Isshinryu Hall of Fame Tournament- 2nd Kumite

Cage of Fury - The Battle for Independance
 1st Round - 35 Sec. (guillotine choke)
Cage of Fury - Annhilation
 1st Round - 1 min 13 Sec. (arm triangle)
Cage of Fury - Adrenaline Rush
 1st Round - 42 sec. (anaconda choke)

Influences in the martial arts- Bruce Lee, Royce Gracie, Bas Rutten, Randy Couture, Sensei Little, Coach Henry, and my Dad

"If we fight for money, I'll stop when you ask me to. If we fight for honor, I'll stop when I want to" - Rickson Gracie

I have trained in traditional Japanese Jujutsu, Judo, Sambo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and American Catch Wrestling. I have trained with a former pro boxer and collegiate wrestler who is now my MMA coach for the past few years. He is an expert in BJJ and Sambo. I have a 3-1 record in the Cage of Fury organization, all 3 wins via first round submission, and I am the owner of Anaconda MMA in St. Peters. I train submission grappling (BJJ, Judo, Sambo, CACC Wrestling, Budo Taijutsu) for several hours a day.


Justin Polette
Anaconda MMA

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British Sombo Federation

Mark Twain said "The report of my death is an exaggeration" when he was reported to have died.

Well the same can be said of SomboUK I had reported that it was defunct as the Chairman had resigned over a year ago but now seems it was just in hibernation and is now beeing run by Paul Sawyer. With the British Sombo Federation constitution being altered to have the National Governing Bodies being the only affiliates i.e. Scottish Sombo Federation, N Ireland Sombo Federation and the English Sombo Federation as of yet we have no representaion in Wales it is now down to the Country Federations to organise their membership criterea, in the case of England the ESF will accept Clubs and Association not individuals so there is a need for at least two recognised ESF associations which at present British CombatSombo Association (England) and SomboUK (England) all details can be found at

The BCSA will be organising quite a few events for their members before the end of the year July 4th Sport CombatSombo and Semi Contact Pankration Tournament, July 11th Junior Sombo and Pankration Wrestling Competition, August 23rd Annual Summer Camp, October All Style Sombo Wrestling with Jackets and without Jackets, December CombatSombo Teachers Course. For more information for events and membership

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Mobile phones a pain

Mobile Phones a pain in the posterior
For some time now I had complaints from various people through out the country about mobile telephones being used during lesson times, this modern invention may be a life saver to some but to others it is a nuisance. Nobody ever talks quietly on a mobile they all shout and 99% of the time the call is completely frivolous up until now it has just been an annoyance but now insurance companies are beginning to worry. Some accidents, so I am told, have occurred when mobiles have been used they have distracted students and they have been injured. I have also been told that Instructors sometimes leave the Mat to answer mobiles leaving the class unsupervised. The Health and safety issues are explosive how long before someone makes a claim against a Coach for negligence. So before the Insurance companies impose a mobile ban, all members, member clubs and coaches of my organisations will abide by the following rules.
1) All mobile phones must be turned off or switched to silent when entering the Dojo
2) If on silent and call comes through on vibrate the recipient must leave the Dojo and go to place where they can not be heard by the class before they answer
3) No Coach is to answer a mobile while they taking a class. If they need their phone switched on silent because they have a sick relative on something similar, they will leave their phone with someone else who will answer in the manner above, if it is emergency the coach may leave the Mat and dojo to deal with the call.
4) If the Coach leaves the mat the lesson must not continue even if there is an assistant
5) Mobile Phones should only be used in a DOJO in case of emergency
The points listed seem obvious to me but maybe not to others a copy of this letter has been sent to our insurers. The Health and Safety of our students is paramount, there is a time and place for everything and a MOBILE in the DOJO is not one of them

Martin Clarke 8th Dan

CRB Checks

If your members of the IBF, Pankration UK, GrapplingUK, BCSA you can get CRB checks from our Jiu Jitsu Rep Tom Starling 7th Dan

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MMA definition

After reading the Wikipedia definition of MMA I can understand why insurance companies are not interested and to be frank neither am I

Mixed martial arts
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For the fighting styles that combine different arts, see hybrid martial arts.
Mixed martial arts
Ground fighting during competition. The top fighter, Mac Danzig, maintains knee-on-stomach, over Takumi Nakayama, while delivering strikes.
Also known as Shooto, Freestyle Fighting, Vale Tudo, No Holds Barred (NHB), Cage Fighting, Ultimate Fighting
Focus Various
Hardness Full contact
Olympic sport No
Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport that allows a wide variety of fighting techniques and skills, from a mixture of martial arts traditions and non-traditions, to be used in competitions. The rules allow the use of striking and grappling techniques, both while standing and on the ground. Such competitions allow martial artists of different backgrounds to compete.

The roots of mixed martial arts can be traced back to various mixed style contests that took place throughout Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim during the early 1900s. Modern MMA competition emerged in 1993 with the founding of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, although professional MMA events had been held in Japan by Shooto starting back in 1989. Originally organized with the intention of finding the most effective martial arts for real unarmed combat situations, competitors were pitted against one another with minimal rules for safety.[1] Later promoters adopted many additional rules aimed at increasing safety for competitors and to promote mainstream acceptance of the sport.[2]

The name mixed martial arts was coined by Rick Blume, president and CEO of Battlecade, in 1995.[3] Following these changes, the sport has seen increased popularity with pay per view reach rivaling boxing and WWE.[4]

Krav Maga

Carl Cooper an Independent Krav Maga Instructor recently rejoined the IBF/BCSA qualifying as a Sombo Wrestling Instructor and Pankration Instructor. The problem was that we did not have Krav Maga as one of our listed Martial Arts, well I am pleased to say our insurance company has accepted Krav Maga so the Art is one of our insured Martial Arts.

MMA still is not insured purely because no one can come up with a safe set of rules and training syllabus, the Insurance company asked me to devise a set but even I do not know what MMA is if any one out there can send me a detailed summary of MMA I would be grateful

Did you Film the Vets

The British Sombo Championships turned out to be a good event I managed to Film most of it but my Battery went dead just as the Vets started did any of you film the Vets? If you did can I have a copy or a link if you intend putting it on YouTube

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British Sombo Championship 2010

Click on the name above will take you British Somb champs 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

West African Lutte

British Sombo 2010

If you go to I have put some film on about the British Sombo 2010 More to follow plus reprt and photographs

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Sambo Worlds 1998

If you are interested in Sambo go to i just uploaded several films of the World Sambo Championships 1998

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Steve Nelson

A lot of you have shown an interest in Steve Nelson here is his email address so you can contact him direct

A Great Performance of Juno No Kata

My Mother Margret Clarke performed this Kata in 1964 in the Albert Hall when the entire top Japanese Masters came over, She was known as one of the foremost exponents of this Kata. She was one of the first to introduce Music to Kata and Judo, I expect she is looking down from the great Dojo in the sky and is weeping with joy. Well done girls well done IBF Judo Coach Steve Jacob 4th Dan
Final point the Bedford HellCats are very fine fighters proving that you can compete and practice Kata, Unlike other Jacket Wrestlig sports which I do and adore I also realise that Judo is more then just an Olympic Sport maybe the IJF ought to realise that as well
Martin Clarke 8th Dan

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More from the past

If you go to you will find some past Sambo Competitions

If you were a member of the Young Judo Club in the 1980's you want to look at

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Steve Nelson the Man

Some of you have asked who Steve Nelson was well he was World Shoot Wrestling Champion, World Sombo Medalist and I also believe a top quality Free style wrestler, his father appart from being a well Known Pro Wrestler represent Canada in the 1952 1956 Olympic Games. Some heritage there so if you want to make a bid on Steves fathers equipment to help him in old age please do so or if you know any pro wrestling fans let them know my email is

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Junior Sombo and Pankration

British Junior Sombo Championship

Swale Martial Arts Club


July 11th 2010

Boys and Girls

Age 8 years to 11 years - 12, 13, 15 years

Competitors will be matched

Competitors can correct Sombo Kit (we have a limited amount for sale) or they can wear Judo Jacket with Black shorts Baseball boots or Wrestling boots are allowed

First Junior British Pankration Grappling Tournament

Venue and Date as above Categories as above

Pankration is an ancient Sport from the Ancient Olympics in Greece, they have 4 types of Combat Full contact Striking and Grappling-Semi contact Striking and Grappling- Grappling only- Demonstration.

Pankration involves throwing your and obtaining a submission for Children under 16 submission are barred so for children it is throwing only.

How do I score for a high throw 3 pts a low throw or take down 1 pt

You fight for 3 minutes and then your points are added up

Referees do not give score Judges count points

There is a special uniform for Pankartion but at present we do not have aces to them so will allow you to wear Judogi

This event is for members of the following organisations:

International Budo Federation-GrapplingUK-British CombatSombo Association-PankrationUK

Your entry with money £7.50p (this is for both events) must arrive by July 3rd no late entries will be accepted

send money to IBF 118 East Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4RX

entries will be accepted by paypal (Clarkees, or by Internet Banking international Budo Federation NatWest sort Code 60-19-25 Acc No 30883814

send entries via email to

Semi Contact Pankration Plus Sport CombatSombo

1st British Semi Contact PANKRATION & Sport CombatSombo Championship

Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne

Sunday July 4th 10.00am

Men over 16 years


Entry fee £10 for both events

Rules can be found on the rules section

This event is for members of the following organisations:

International Budo Federation-GrapplingUK-British CombatSombo Association-PankrationUK

Your entry with money (this is for both events) must arrive by June 27th no late entries will be accepted

send money to IBF 118 East Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4RX

entries will be accepted by paypal (Clarkees, or by Internet Banking international Budo Federation NatWest sort Code 60-19-25 Acc No 30883814

send entries via email to

US CombatSombo

US CombatSombo has another Black Belt our CombatSombo section in the USA goes from strength to strenght under the watchful eye of Frank Fuller

Welcome Malik Bebee

Blast from the Past

I had an email from the guy below have a read

I also was a sombo wrestler.
My father was The Outlaw in England. I know he was famous back in those days. Would his old boots and wrestling gear etc.. be worth anything to anyone in England as souveniers?
I put in a couple documents of my dad. He is 80 now and I am trying to help he make some money.
Please let me know what you think. Thank you, Steve Nelson

Plus he sent some Sambo Pictures The 1991 World Championships was run by me at Herne bay The winner of the 68k was a man they called Mr Sambo because of his Technical ability he is now President of the Belarus Sambo Federation and he also owns a Football Team, when I last spoke to hime he wanted to buy an English Team. His correct name is

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Trials for World Championships

Sambo Combat Trials for World Championships Uzbekistan 2010
British Sombo Federation Executive Committee has come under criticism for not holding trials for the World Sambo Combat Championships. This is to be rectified immediately by organising trials for the Worlds and International matches. Sambo Combat rules are not allowed with in the BSF because they allow kicks to the groin and striking to the head while on the ground so they will be using Sport CombatSombo rules which are allowed and have insurance cover. Those who are selected will have to get special insurance cover to compete abroad the BSF will arrange this.
Because the sport has very few followers we will circulate to see who is interested and select a suitable venue Colin Carrott has offered Capel Le Ferne and Robin Hyslop has offered Dumfries Scotland. There will be an age restriction of 21 years of age and above and because of the potential danger competitors will have to be in excellent fitness and will need to present Doctors Certificates and Insurance.
If anyone is interested in representing GB in Sambo Combat they should contact HQ. All competitors must be members of a BSF affiliated Body

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Sambo brotherhood

Roman Ship
"What is a matter
with the people of GB.....?" hahaha
maybe cos British SOmbo Federation Wankers!!! last sunday i be in BJJ british open... over 600 competitors and 1,000 spectators over the weekend., with entries from around UK, Europe and even Brazil!

I recently sent out a letter to people to get them motivated on participating in the British Sombo Championships. the above letter appeared on Darren Richardson Face Book Sambo Brotherhood

This gentleman is not known to the BSF, he is not a member of any BSF affiliated organisation and to our knowledge has never participated in a BSF event

So why does he use such crude lanquage and what is his problem?

Yet he has the cheek to book in as a non member for the British Sombo Open it will come as no big surprise that his entry has been refused by the BSF EC and his cheques returned. The BSF doesnot need people like that. There was another insulting article which I may publish later but I have given the youngster chance to put his complaint in more coherent way with some facts to back up his argument

On a good note my letter seems to have worked and we filled all weights from 68k upwards the Junior event has been moved to another date. So come along and enjoy a day of Sombo Wrestling

New Pankration Instructors

Carl Cooper

Colin Carrott

2 New Pankration Instructors

Pankration UK is newly formed organisation affiliated to the IBF UK recently we had the European Pankration President here in the UK at Sittingbourne to conduct a seminar which was very well received. Two on the course qualified as Pankration Instructors they were Colin Carrot Folkestone and Carl Cooper Taunton both will running sessions at their clubs. First Semi contact Pankration Tournament followed by a Sport CombatSombo will be held in Sittingbourne on July 4th 2010
Junior Sombo wrestling championships followed by a Junior Pankration Wrestling Championships will be held on Sunday June 27th at Sittingbourne.
Both events are for members of the IBF, BCSA, GUK,PUK

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What is MMA?

Monday, February 08, 2010
What is MMA?

I am told it is an abbreviation of Mixed Martial Arts but what is that?

MMA is the biggest Martial Arts phenomenon at present but something I have not particularly followed my own expertise is more Traditional Martial Arts & Grappling, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, CombatSombo, Sombo, Sport CombatSombo, Kurash, Belt Wrestling, Submission Wrestling etc.

I am told that these are now old hat and that I must use my expertise to move into MMA or Cage Fighting the latter I have no interest in what so ever. So I began to enquire what is MMA first I found out it is very difficult to get Insurance cover mainly because MMA has no distinct History or Philosophy. Many years ago when MMA first started I was told it would be the ultimate Fighting System taking the best from every Martial Art and blending it altogether, well I have heard that one before and none have achieved its aim all end up following a route which the founder wants, based on his strengths and weakness but the success of MMA may have proved me wrong.

Now I can understand an Insurance company not insuring an MMA organisation who claims that MMA is a mixture of all Martial Arts this would be near impossible to insure, for one: how would one become expert or even proficient when it takes years of training and dedication to become proficient in one Martial Art/Combat Discipline?

So we have established that MMA is not blender full of Martial Arts made into one Martial Arts Soup, so what are these clubs doing who call themselves MMA. Well my research show that a great deal of clubs are doing different forms of Wrestling without Jackets, some call themselves MMA Submission Wrestling i.e., where the aim is to gain a submission, the rest do points scoring Wrestling like the Japanese Combat Wrestling this where Free Style Wrestlers added submission to there arsenal of techniques or most resemble the old fashioned Catch as Catch Can. The one thing in common there is hardly any throwing.

Now the next group of MMA fighters are the ones who just wear shorts and wear padded gloves and have a mixture of Striking and Grappling to defeat their opponent, this I believe is where the original founders of MMA come from and the name MMA was an ideal Product Name, The Combat Discipline was born round a set of rules rather then the other way round and this made perfect sense, back in the mid 1970’s I tried something similar and called it Shiai Jutsu (Competitive Art) using different styles of rules, all competitors wore a JudoGi, Shin and Instep, Padded Gloves I even developed a grading system, top Martial Arts people like Iron Man Trevor Roberts reached 6th Dan. The style never really took of as it was a mish mash of everything. Yet round about the same time the Gracie’s had developed their own style of Ultimate Fighting the for-runner of Cage Fighting which was a success story and won them World Wide Fame. There’s must be the success story of the Century, some say I should have carried on but I felt it did not achieve what I wanted the Ultimate Martial Art and my heart was still with Jacket Grappling Styles. For the last few years I have ventured into mixing Striking and Grappling with Sport CombatSombo this is a some what watered down version of the Russian Sambo Combat and in March I am having the Pankration European President over for a seminar, this ancient sport looks very interesting

So what is MMA?

I believe it is a precursor for training in becoming a Cage Fighter, which is an extremely hard style of Combat all though I wish they do not use the word Fighting as it gives the wrong impression and could be associated with back street fights. The skill level is more then just Fighting, Cage Combat would be a better name and would give it more Gladiatorial Kudos. MMA as I said is a product name it may have started as Mixed Martial Arts but now just MMA will suffice.

MMA has been good thing for those who do not want to do Traditional Combat Discipline and has given them another outlet, to train and compete. If that is all you want to do is there no need for the rituals of Traditional Martial Arts and that is not decrying Traditional Martial Arts after all I have been doing them for 55 years. MMA has encouraged a lot of people to start up little clubs with small groups of people getting together to have a wrestle which is good. The problem all these little groups do not have any structure or Insurance that is why I am starting GRAPPLINGUK an organisation that still allows them their independence but can give a guiding hand.

Grappling UK will be offering Competitions and Courses home and abroad in many different grappling styles, such as:

With Jackets: Judo, Kurash, Sombo, Jacket Submission, Jacket Wrestling, Mongolian Style, Back to Back, Belt Wrestling, Kosen Judo, CombatSombo Wrestling

Without Jackets: Sombo, Back to Back, Submission Wrestling, Points Wrestling, and Judo Ne Waza

Grappling with Strikes: Sport CombatSombo and Pankration

For more information go to or email

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne
Posted by CombatArts at Monday, February 08, 2010