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Natural Health

thought this article would interest before I get accused by some academic that I advocating this that and the other all I am doing is showing you an article make up your own minds
Dr. Mercola Is Another Dumbbell

Roger Mason

December 28, 2010



88,000 people every day go to to be misguided about natural health. What a mistake! Only about 10,000 people get our weekly newsletter. You have to sign up and register to read any of his articles. Why? We certainly don't do that. is the website rating authority. They rate as 500 in America! This is simply incredible, and hard to believe. This is one of the most popular websites in the world, and THE most popular "health" web-site. Young Again is rated as 200,000. Please go there if you need a good laugh for free. Here are five planks in his natural health platform:

· Eating fat does not make you fat. Eating whole grains makes you fat.

· A low-fat diet is dangerous to your health.

· Whole grains like brown rice raise your blood sugar and give you diabetes.

· Eat all the meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products you want.

· Cholesterol doesn't count, and low cholesterol is actually dangerous.

· Soy foods are poisonous and carcinogenic

Is this guy insane or what? Folks, this is a guaranteed road to sickness and early death. This is just another ketogenic Atkins clone who advocates the "Paleolithic Diet". These people love the word "carbohydrates" or "carbs". Actually, the words "carbohydrate" and "carb" are meaningless terms. They refer equally to both brown rice and white sugar, Twinkies and oatmeal, or chocolate candy and whole grain bread. How does that make sense? What do whole grains have in common with simple sugars?

According to Mercola and his friends, there is no difference between eating a bowl of brown rice, and eating a bowl of white sugar, because they are all "carbohydrates". This is patently ridiculous. If people like Atkins, Mercola, Crayhon, Sears, Eades, Douglass, and Heller can't see the difference between Twinkies and oatmeal, or chocolate candy and whole grain bread, they need a new brain. Crayhon just fell over dead from cancer at only 49 from following his own deadly advice. Atkins fell over dead years ago from chronic heart disease, obese, sickly, and suffering from numerous health problems from following the same deadly program.

Anyone who knows anything about nutrition realizes that fat contains about twice the calories of protein or carbohydrates. It is FAT that makes you fat! It isn't food that makes you fat- it is FAT that makes you fat. Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Helen Keller can see that much. Read any of the books by Susan Powter, Neal Barnard, Gary Null, Robert (or Nathan) Pritikin, Terry Shintani, Michio Kushi, or Dean Ornish on low-fat eating. You can eat all you want, and be slim and healthy all your life, if you eat a low-fat diet, and avoid meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. Animal fat makes you fat.

A whole grain, low-fat diet is the basis of your good health and long life. People who eat a balanced whole grain based diet can literally avoid cancer, diabetes, heart/artery disease, and other such epidemic conditions. What more proof do you need? A whole grain based diet keeps you slim while maintaining low insulin and blood sugar levels. The rural Japanese are the healthiest and longest lived people on our planet. The Okinawans are specifically the healthiest and longest lived. The Okinawans eat more soy foods than anyone which comes to 12% of their diet. Mercola is always warning about the "dangers" of soy foods, and how deadly they are. This is prima facie absurd. The healthiest people on earth prove soy is good food.

The garbage he sells is pitiful. We can only cover a few of the worthless supplements he sells. How about UNREFRIGERATED krill oil for $62.97 for a 180 day supply ($20.99 a month, compared to $3.50 a month for our REFRIGERATED flax oil). Worthless ubiquinol $21.97 for 30. Our REAL CoQ10 is only $10 a month. Useless chorella. Ridiculous "nanotechnology" vitamin D spray $42.97 for a 90 day supply. You don't "spray" vitamin D! Our vitamin D is $2.50 a month. Purple Defense is too stupid to even bother discussing, at $44.97 for a 90 day supply. Our Better Immunity (real beta glucan) is $15.00 for a 90 day supply. Their moronic Prostate Support is $25.00 a month for worthless saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil. Real Beta Prostate® has 600 mg of actual mixed sterols, for a fraction of the price ( Their $14.97 melatonin spray refuses to give any information about how much melatonin is in it. You don't "spray" melatonin for God's sake! Our melatonin is $2.50 a month for 3 mg. His vitamin B-12 spray is $16.97 for a mere 30 day supply. We put methyl cobalamin (oral B-12) in our All your Minerals and Vitamins. You get 13 vitamins and 20 minerals for $6.00 a month. He sells garbage like acai berry. His coconut oil at $17.45 a pint is just too much to comprehend. Folks, this is 90% saturated fats!!! His UNREFRIGEATED fish oil is $9.97 for a 60 day supply. Our RE-FRIGERATED flax oil (read Flax Oil is Amazing) is $6.95. Why continue?

Our books and articles have cited, published, international, clinical studies that prove you lower your cholesterol, CRP, homocysteine,

insulin, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels with a low-fat, whole foods diet based on whole grains, beans, and vegetables. We've also cited studies that prove saturated animal fat is a major cause of cancer, heart disease, obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes. Most all diabetics are overweight from eating too much meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. Please read my books The Natural Diabetes Cure and Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs. The journal Nutrition and Cancer (v 38, 2000) proves this. Doctors at the U of CA fed women an unlimited whole grain, low-fat diet, and their insulin levels fell an amazing 63% in only THREE WEEKS!!!! Notice that is 63%. Their blood sugar levels also fell dramatically in only three weeks. They ate all they wanted 24 hours a day and lost weight. There are lots of such published studies, yet dopes like Mercola tell you eating whole grains raises your insulin and blood sugar levels, and makes you fat.

Southern Chinese use rice as a staple, and Northern Chinese use wheat as a staple. They have SEVENTEEN TIMES LESS HEART AND ARTERY DISEASE than we do. CHD is the biggest killer of all by far, and they have seventeen times less than us. Migration studies prove this is due to their diet and lifestyle. 98% of the wheat eaten in the U.S. is nutrition less refined white flour. Only 1% of the U.S. diet is whole grains, and that is mostly all oatmeal and whole wheat bread.

Eating more meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products is a guaranteed way to raise your cholesterol and blood pressure so you'll fall over of a heart attack or stroke, get more cancer, succumb to diabetes, feel sickly, and die early. The American public hogs down an amazing 42% fat calories which is five times what they need. They hog down five times the fat they need- 500%! Almost half their calorie intake is from fat! Most all of these are saturated artery-clogging animal fats. These only come from meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. Americans have the highest cancer, heart/artery disease, and diabetes rates in the world. We eat twice the calories we need, and twice the protein we need. We are overfed and undernourished.

Ironically, Mercola has written two good books- The Great Bird Flu Hoax and Sweet Deception. The first exposes the bird flu fraud, and the second exposes sucralose for the poison it is. We have been saying these things for years now. He is also a good libertarian and supports Ron Paul and other libertarian issues. He warns about simple sugars, refined grains, and hydrogenated oils.

Its men like this who gives natural health a bad name. People who take his advice only get sicker and then say, "Natural health doesn't work". Why is Mercola so popular? Because he tells people what they want to hear, rather than what they need to hear. The secret to success is to tell people what they want to hear. Robert Atkins was the most popular author of diet books in history- until he fell over dead at 72 from following his own asinine advice. Mercola will fall over dead prematurely from doing the same thing. Remember you heard that here first folks.

Please get the twice monthly free economic rant at Warren Buffer has made a mere 7% a year for the last ten years. Silver has gone up an amazing 60% a year for the last ten years. This is 857% better than Berkshire Hathaway. This will be much better in the next five years.

1st Dan at twelve ??

The film below show a Grading lasting 2 days
Can some one please tell what is the point of it?

When I examine I try and assess whether the participant has the  ability to reach a set standard so why should it take to long?  I also question some of the exercises some of these youngsters are doing? Can you examine that amount of people all in one go? Finally a 1st Dan at 12?

These a genuine question to Karateka I am not trying to decry what this School does but would like to have answers

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spitfire in the Sea

All you here about is MMA or Submission Wrestling you know the stuff that doesn't allow any hard throws.
Well Spitfre Judo and Sambo Club are not just hard enough to take throws but they also train on a Boxing Day IN THE SEA at Folkestone. I was unavoidable detained as I would have loved to have been participating! I have a lot of bad luck with this event as I miss it every year

Martin Clarke Competitor

Find some photo's of yours truly. the interesting one is the one where my brother is throwing me in the background you can see Johny Elmer, Robin Fullagar, Jimmy Gould and Trevor Jordan

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

21st IBF Dutch Open

21st Dutch Open Championships 2011
Sambo   Judo Karate Hand-to-Hand Fighting

21st Dutch Open Championships 2011

 Sambo   Judo  Karate  Hand-to-Hand Fighting


Budo Promotion Ommen under auspices of the International Budo Federation, Dutch Sambo Federation and the Nederlandse Culturele Sportbond.

Place: Meeting centre ‘De Trefkoele’

Ruigedoornstraat 108

7721 BW Dalfsen – The Netherlands


Thursday 17 March

Arrival of the delegations

Friday 18 March

Dutch Open Championships Sambo, Combat-Sambo and Hand-to-Hand Fighting (Fights and Kata)

Saturday 19 March

Dutch Open Championships Judo and Karate

Sunday 20 March

Departure of the delegations


During the Dutch Open 2010 there were competitors from the following countries: Netherlands, Ukraine, Lithuania, Italy, Estonia, Germany, France, Jordan, Greece, Poland, Scotland, England, Czech Republic, Belgium, Swiss and Russia.

Entrance fee:

Spectators till 13 years of age: € 3,- Spectators 13 years and older: € 5,-

Match rules:

Sambo: FIAS-rules (

Hand-to-Hand: International rules (IBF)

Judo: IBF/IJF-rules

Karate: IBF-rules (information:

Equipment judo:

White judogi. Blue judogi is allowed but only when the judoka has to fight on the red (blue) side.

Equipment karate:

Karategi/club tenue – boys and men no T-shirts – ‘TOK’ under trousers (girls and ladies also) – competition with safety-equipment (hand shoes with dumb and fingers closed).

Referees and jury members:

Please enter the available referees and jury members on the registration form. At least one referee per country.

Registration fee:

(Combat-)Sambo: € 10,00 per competitor

H-to-H Fighting-Full-contact: € 10,00 per competitor

(It’s a lot like combat-sambo)

H-to-H Fighting-Kata: € 10,00 per competitor

Judo: € 9,00 per competitor

Karate: (weapen)kata: € 12,50 per competitor per kata

Teamkata: € 30,00 per team (3 persons)

Fights: € 12,50 per competitor until 15 yrs

€ 15,00 per competitor 16 yrs and older

Signing up obligates you to pay your registration fee!!!

No applications will be accepted on the day of the match.

Payments: Payments can be done on our no. 4167 53 329 of Budo Promotions Ommen (IBAN NL90ABNA0416753329; BIC ABNANL2A).

If you can’t pay by internet, payments will be made on the day of arrival.

Weight classes Sambo: ’00-‘99 Boys

-32, -35, -38, -41, -45, -49, -53, -57, +57 kg ‘98/’97 Boys

-35, -38, -41, -45, -49, -53, -57, -62, +62 kg ‘96/’95 Boys

-45, -48, -51, -55, -59, -63, -68, -73, +73 kg ‘94-‘93 Men

-52, -56, -60, -65, -70, -75, -81, +81 kg ’92-older Men

-62, -68, -74, -82, -90, +90 kg

Weight classes Combat-Sambo: ’93-older Men

-68, -74, -82 kg, +82 kg

Weight classes Hand-to-Hand Fighting: ’93-older Men

-70, -80, +80 kg

Weight classes Judo: ‘05/’04 -8 yr -10 yr Boys

-21, -24, -27, -30, -34, -38, -42, -46, -50,

-55, +55 kg ‘03/‘02 Girls

-20, -22, -25, -28, -32, -36, -40, -44, -48, +48 kg ‘01/‘00 -12 yr -15 yr Boys

-27, -30, -34, -38, -42, -46, -50, -55, -60,

-66, -73, +73 kg ’98/’97/’96 Girls

-25, -28, -32, -36, -40, -44, -48, -52, -57,

-63, +63 kg ‘95/’94 -17 yr Boys

-55, -60, -66, -73, -81, -90, +90 kg Girls

-48, -52, -57, -63, -70, +70 kg ‘93/’92/’91 -20 yr Men

-66, -73, -81, -90, +90 kg Women

-52, -57, -63, -70, +70 kg ’90-ouder +20 yr Men

-66, -73, -81, -90, +90 kg Women

-52, -57, -63, -70, +70 kg

Weight classes Karate: till 10 years Boys/Girls

-25, -30, -35, -40, -45, +45 kg till 15 years Boys/Girls

-30, -35, -40, -45, -50, -55, -65, +65 kg 16 and older Men

-60, -65, -70, -75, -80, -90, +90 kg Women

-55, -65, -75, +75 kg

If one of the weight classes has insufficient participation, classes will be put together. Be aware of a good registration! Too late at the weigh-in means disqualification!

!!! Changing weight class on the tournament day will cost 5 euro !!! (When changing is possible)


Mercure Hotel Zwolle: or +31 38 427 33 33

Triple room: € 90,- / single and double room: € 70,- (with breakfast)


Send your registrations at the latest on February 12, 2011:

Electronical registration (only in Dutch language):


 Sambo

 Combat-Sambo

 H-to-H Fighting

 Judo

 Karate

Or you can use the Excel-file and send it to:

Budo Promotion Ommen

o.v.v. Dutch Open Dalfsen

Emslandweg 17

7731 RP Ommen (NL)



Changes in weight or tie color can only be passed before Tuesday March 15, 2011 by e-mail. Too late at the weigh-in means exclusion of the competitions!

!!! Changing weight class on the tournament day will cost 5 euro !!! (When changing is possible)

Registration/competitor cards:

The competitor cards will be send in week 9 or 10 to you by e-mail or will be handed out on the day of arrival or at the entrance of the sports hall. Please enter the right e-mail address.

Each competitor must be in the possession of a valid budo-passport and plays on his/her own risk. We wish all competitors a good trip and a lot of success!!

With kind regards,

Budo Promotion Ommen /

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Points Scoring JUDO

Points Scoring Judo

I was in the company of a couple of Gentleman who practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA Grappling

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wear a Gi similar to Judo but the emphasis is floor work what I can see 95% of the match ground work, MMA Grappling is somewhat the same but no Gi is worn. I do not particular warm to either as I prefer grappling sports which emphasise throwing i.e. Sambo, Judo, Kurash, Belt Wrestling etc. The sports that concentrate on ground work are having a real up swing in interest one of the gents told me he runs events with 500 competitors paying £30 to £40 to enter an event, I expect there are some very rich promoters.

Judo is the main Jacket Wrestling sport that still relies on throwing in this country so why is it hitting an all time low in participation? One reason is people today are softer and do not like the idea of being thrown not much we can do about that the other is the rules of Judo which I believe deters people from competing in tournament especially youngsters fro example The present system you can win by holding someone on the floor for 25 seconds, how many events have you seen a youngsters pulled to the ground held down the whole match may have lasted 35 seconds if he is lucky he may get another fight which may last just as long. You then get the irate parents who then tell you they have given up a day paid entry and spectator fee for what amounted to less then 2 minutes, they go away disgruntled maybe not returning to Judo and then you get the scoring where some add up and some do not, the hand signals do not give any indication of what is happening to some body who never seen Judo before.

I have tried many Jacket Wrestling Sports and have put together some rules for a Junior Judo Championships to be held in February in Sittingbourne, which I believe will give some encouragement to novices and also help more experienced players try new techniques and will allow them to do all Judo Techniques.

Ippon = Throw someone on their back and remain standing

4pts = Thrown some on their back and fall with them, throw someone on their side remain standing, hold some on the ground in Judo Hold-down for 20 seconds

2pts = Throw someone their side and fall with them, hold some on the ground in Judo Hold-down for 10 seconds

1pt = any throw that doesn’t warrant one of the above

Maximum of 4points can only be scored with a ground hold Ippon is not given for hold down.

Win is someone who scores Ippon – scores 12 clear points ahead of his opponent – has a majority of points when time is scored

It will be forbidden to do any submissions, any technique or action which is considered dangerous or disrespectful to either your opponent of an official, refusing to fight by running away or continually being passive. A point will awarded to your opponent if you infringe the rules on receiving 4th penalty point you will be disqualified.

The only Japanese terminology will be Ippon, Oseakomi; all other signals will be in English with appropriate hand signal.

This method competition will give everyone a fairer chance to try different techniques without worry that one mistake will cost them the match. I hope you will support our venture into Points Scoring Judo

Friday, December 10, 2010

World Combat Sambo 2010 Final Great Armlock

World Sambo Finals 2010

Legalize MMA in NY in 2011 - ACT NOW! But What is MMA?

Legalize MMA in NY in 2011 - ACT NOW!

This email has been distributed around the World although I support most Combat Disciplines I have to know exactly what it is i.e Iknow what Judo, Sambo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Pankration they all have a set of rules and all have National and International Bodies but what is MMA? I know it means Mixed Martial Arts but what does that mean? What I have seen on the Web is forms of submission wrestling called MMA and forms of striking and wrestling called MMA. There is no set uniform or clothing and there are no one set of rules. Which obviously brings in Health and safety aspects. In GB Insurance companies in the main will not just insure something called MMA unless they have a complete set of Rules, an association backing them and a Health and safety policy in progress. So for example I call my own MMA style MMA SportCombatSombo which is a Jacket and non Jacket Striking Grappling Style which is part of my British CombatSombo Association and CombatSombo International This style has full set of rules etc which have been negotiated with the Insurance company and I know there are other Associations who have done the same by adding their own name to MMA.
If the people of want MMA recognised by New York State they should try an organise a National Association and eventually work to an International organisation although I do wonder if this is necessary as there are so many combat discipline out their which cover nearly every aspect of Combat for example Combat Wrestling which I believe appeared in the World Games is a wrestling sport which involves submissions and points then there is Pankration which involves Striking and Grappling and these are recognised by Sports Accord so I am yet to be convinced MMA is a Combat Discipline in its own right but I am prepared to be enlightened maybe there is an organisation out there who have a legitimate sport called MMA?

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Now is the time to take up Sambo

World Combat Games

Plenary Session (preliminary)

Lausanne (Switzerland)

November, 21-24

The 2nd World Combat Games will take place in 2013

The program will include 14 types of sport - French boxing - Savate

There will be a new competition formant. Similar groups will be grouped for illumination. For example, , quarter, semi and finals. This will be done according to each sports technical requirements (i.e. Boxing, Muaythai, Kickboxing, Savate - Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, Ju-Jitsu -Sambo, Wrestling, Kendo, Sumo- Wushu, etc.)

SportAccord proposes that each IF make a list of the national anthems of federation members in order to assist with verifications, accuracy and equal representation of member Countries

SportAccord proposes that the IF become more involved in the staging of cultural programs (i.e each night a sport will have highlighted activities in the Combat Village)

SportAccord proposes that the Ambassador Program be launched one year before the opening date of the event

The Ambassadors should be brought closer to the Athletes and Spectators/Local Community

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Nobby departed us 20 years ago today

My Dad John Nobby Clarke 6th Dan passed away 20 years ago today he is sadly missed there is not a day goes by where I do not think of him and my Mum Margret. I hope it will be a few years before I join you in that big Dojo in Heaven

Friday, November 26, 2010

Judo Instructors Course

Instructors Certificate in JUDO

Sunday January 16th 2011 10am till 6pm
Swale Martial Arts Club
127 East Street
Kent ME10 4RX

This Course is for those who wish to teach Judo to School and Club Level. The course will be on a Sunday it suitable for those with minimal amount of experience in Jacket Wrestling i.e. Judo, Sambo, Kurash, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, other Jiu Jitsu Grappling forms etc and experience players as well. The Course will consist of Students learning sufficient knowledge to gain Instructors Level1,2 and 3 go to for details of exam requirements and for those interested in Coaching go to

The Course will cost £40 which includes examination fees and Certificate
Successful Candidates can then register with the IBF which includes PI Insurance

Members who are qualified and will be using this as a revision course cost £25
It is strongly recommended that existing Instructors and Coaches attend this event, for those who have been appointed Instructors they will need to qualify unless you qualify for Grandfather Rights

Judo Gi
Note Pad
Drinks etc
Please bring your First Aid Certificate with you if you have one

Tutors: John Clarke 5th Dan, Colin Carrot 4th Dan
Course Supervisor: Martin Clarke 8th Dan

Enries with money to the above address by January 5th 2011
Participants must be a member of IBF/BCSA
Further information

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Message from Ian Parker

Hi Martin.

I'm glad the weekend was a success and I'm sorry I couldn't make it.
With the refereeing, I think we are in a bit of a vicious circle. I know referees that say they don't mind refereeing but don't want to do it all day, especially if they are also competing. But unless all referees offer their services, we will all end up on the mat all day.
I think the days have passed of 3 referees per mat. In holland, they have a better situation with refs than us but what was interesting was they had enough referees to put 3 on each mat, however they used only 2 and rotated regularly. 1 main referee and one sitting next to timekeepers table. They did not overrule any scores, he was just an extra pair of eyes who the referee could confer with, eg before awarding a penalty.
I think we have to use the new rules. They are the rules of judo whether we agree or disagree and I think we would alienate ourselves if we didn't.
Also, 3 times in this year I have entered a team into BJC tournaments, every one has been cancelled due to 'lack of interest'.
As for holland, the tournament was very well run with 340 competitors over 5 mat areas. Everyone gets sent their entry card before the day with your weigh in time and fighting time. 2 weight groups on each mat start all at same time, finish roughly the same time then a medal presentation for all 10 groups. Therefore you can turn up, weigh in, fight, and get medal all within 2 hours. No sitting around waiting all day. Makes a big difference in my opinion.
The standard of judo, especially juniors was high. The seniors was not the best turnout. Groups of 6 where juniors had up to 20.
Ian Parker, gold. Cyeanne eaton, bronze. James Passmore and Elizabeth dathan no medal.

Monday, November 15, 2010

More on Club Mark

More on Club Mark

I think by now you will know my feelings on Club Mark especially where the British Judo Association are concerned 3 years and still not completed and you will have read about the Scots attitude to it. Well it seems Kent County Council also do Club Mark for those recognised sports who’s governing body are not participating in the club Mark scheme, why all sports do not have the chance to participate in this scheme is beyond me but that is another question. Our Warriors Grappling Academy are applying for a Sambo Club Mark and what a difference this makes to our Judo Club Mark, KCC sent a booklet telling us exactly what courses our members have to take and then list dates and venues for these courses all in Kent, not like the Judo alternative some being in Sheffield. Plus we are dealing with people who know us and they have a dedicated team which doesn’t change every year, most of what needs to be done has already been proved with the Judo Club Mark all the same people are involved in Sambo so hopefully it will take months not years. It seems some what ridiculous that the same people have to jump through the hoops twice, in Scotland we would have amalgamated the two clubs to get the one club mark, in England double the time double the money. Just proves what I have been saying take the Club Mark away from the National Bodies and bring it down to local level well done Kent County Council

Maybe some one could tell Faversham MP and Sports Minister Hugh Robertson, that’s if he has time to listen to local people with local knowledge

Martin Clarke

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Still awaiting Club Mark after 3 years

Follow this link and see what they do in Scotland with regards to Club Mark
You will see that it allows local councils to give accreditation for Sport by passing the Governing Body this is a far more sensible approach to Club Mark and more importantly it allows every club to be able obtain some form of accreditation, the other advantage is that the scheme will be considerably cheaper. The Sittingbourne Judo Society has taken nearly 3 years to obtain Club Mark from the BJA, the Warriors Grappling Academy are applying for a Club Mark through the Kent County Council we will see how long they take

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Question in Parliament on ClubMark

Most of you will know my concern reagrding ClubMark my MP Gordon Henderson asked a question the House for which I am very lucky to have an MP who is prepared to help

Gordon Henderson (Sittingbourne and Sheppey, Conservative)
To ask the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport

(1) what steps he is taking to ensure that sports clubs that choose not to apply for Clubmark status receive fair and equal treatment from local authorities and other providers of sports facilities;

(2) what role Knight, Kavanagh and Page has in the operation of the Clubmark scheme; and how much Knight, Kavanagh and Page has been paid by his Department for discharging that role in the last 12 months;

(3) what the cost of administering the Clubmark scheme was in the last 12 months for which figures are available.

Hansard source (Citation: HC Deb, 14 September 2010, c951W)

Hugh Robertson (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport; Faversham and Mid Kent, Conservative)

It is at the discretion of local authorities and local sports providers to determine the level of support they offer to local sports clubs. We are keen to help ensure quality of sporting provision across the board, and in many cases Clubmark, or its equivalent, helps deliver this.

Many local authorities have chosen to adopt the scheme because Clubmark accreditation recognises a club's commitment to providing a safe quality environment for young people.

Sport England invests £174,000 per annum into the Clubmark scheme directly through Knight, Kavanagh and Page who manage and administer the whole programme on their behalf.

Can not say I am over enthusiastic on Hugh Robertson MP reply especially as he is the MP for our neighbouring Constituency which is part of Swale B C  One would have thought he would discussed his feeling with me direct as someone who lives in his Borough Council and was an ex councillor?.

The discretion is on local Councils this being the case I hope they instruct the local Schools Sports Officer to stop telling people not to go to Non ClubMark Clubs

Our Young Judo Club has been providing a safe quality environment for young people since 1957 when we were established and to suggest we do not is an insult to everyone who has been involved in the club If Hugh Robertson  MP had spent more time looking round his Borough he would know that

£174,000 on Consultants to promote ClubMark which 80% of the Countries Sports Club are not involved in?
I believe Club Mark has been going for 8 years if this is the case that would have cost the Tax Payer £1,392,000 under Labour that is no surprise but under this Government that promises savings it beggars belief

Next time your Council Sports facilities increase ask them to get out of the ClubMark fund

Response to BJA membership numbers

I recently published a report from the British Judo Association claiming their membership has increased, I have had a deluge of emails rejecting this report and most are from BJA members, the main thrust is as follows

1) if membership is on the increase why are competitions and courses being cancelled on a regular basis due to lack of numbers/

2) Everyone know at least 6 clubs that have closed in the last 12 months

3) rules are putting people of Judo ( I can not see this the rules may stop them entering competitions but they will not people joining)

4) Schools Judo Programme has had a negative effect on club numbers

These were the main items some blame individual in the BJA, some blamed the Recession, some blamed the money being spent on Olympic potentials, some say not enough money is not spent on grass roots some say the ClubMark is a disincentive (that one I do agree with)

I can understand the BJA boosting the their membership figures up with a bit of spin, remember cuts are coming and their grant will be top of the list. I expect there membership has risen for two reason 1) they now allow members from other organisations to join so people like me and many of my members hold a BJA License as well as an IBF one 2) there schools Judo programme where they allow a school child  to buy a license for just £5 must make one hell of a difference, but these are not real Judoka 95% do not even join a club and by including them in the membership numbers gives a totally unbalanced view of who is regularly participating in Judo

The drop in standard of grading in the BJA over the past 10 years should have brought more members in but it hasn't what I think is a good idea is there no idea of Judosize an Aerobic fitness work out using Judo, maybe also they should try re invent Kata with no throwing for certain people like more Ju No Kata. I know at my club we have had countless people attempting JUDO but turn to MMA because they do not like throwing, What about gradings in NeWaza? we need to attract the softer element society back into Judo which I am afraid to say is the great majority.

In march 2011 I will be running a Junior Judo Tournament on a points basis and allow all the trows the IJF have outlawed you will get a 1pt, 2pt, 4pt throw and Ippon throw is where you throw some one on their back and remain standing, Hold down 10 secs 2pt 20 secs 4pts   maximum 4 pts on the ground no Ippon for hold down. Winner is someone who scores Ippon or gets a 12pt margin or reaches time and has the most points. Any Coloured gi can be worn and each child is guaranteed two fights

That my idea mind you I may suggest to the IBF Judo committee a grading syllabus for Ne Waza

Monday, November 01, 2010

Increase in Judo members


I would welcome an email at to tell me if your club numbers have increased
Can I give you an example 15 years ago in the Swale Borough Council area there were 17 clubs now we have 4 Isle of Sheppy has none


THE Olympic sport of judo is on the rise with the British Judo Association announcing record membership figures this week.
The figures published by the British Judo Association, for the year September 2009 to September 2010, illustrate an increase in both junior and +16 years judo participants in England.
As the National Governing Body for the sport in Britain, the Association has achieved a significant increase in junior membership with 47.5% clubs increasing their youngest ranks.
Overall junior membership has grown nearly 10% rising from 15,325 to 16,561 in the last 12 months.
There has also been a noted increase in participants aged over 16 years, with the number of members in England in this age group rising by 9.2%.
42.5% of British Judo’s clubs have increased their +16 members through a number of initiatives made possible thanks to the Association’s Sport England Whole Sport Plan.
The Association hopes to further build those exposed to the sport in this age group through the recently introduced Judo Fit, a new fitness class to music which can be performed by people all ages and fitness levels. The initiative aims to encourage a wider audience into the sport.
The new class will see the Olympic sport’s free-flowing patterns and movements will be performed to music as part of a high-energy cardiovascular workout.
Additionally, clubs have been supported through personalised marketing resources and a regional news service that have enabled them to promote themselves in their local communities.
The figures released come a month after a Government study, published by the Department for Education, revealed that judo is now being offered at 13 percent of schools, compared to 8 percent in 2003/04.
Schools currently host judo through the British Judo Association’s Enjoy Judo programme which sees British Judo coaches deliver tailored classes through breakfast clubs, curricular activity, lunch time and after school classes.
They also work in conjunction with British Judo’s School 2 Dojo programme which is supported by Sport England. The programme establishes strong ties between schools and a local judo club which provides an outlet for pupils, who have been equipped with the fundamentals, to practice the sport to a higher level. The programme has 600 schools linked with neighbouring judo clubs.
British Judo, which has adopted the motto of ‘judo for all’, has members ranging from five to 85 years of age.
The British Judo Association’s Chief Executive Officer, Scott McCarthy, said, “The indications are very positive that we are improving both the number of those entering the sport as well as our retention rates. We have built a system to support engagement and interactivity through our clubs as well as schools with the support of Sport England. We very much look forward to that system delivering improved growth figures for the foreseeable future.”
For more information on the BJA phone: 01509 631670 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 01509 631670 end_of_the_skype_highlighting


This is a great Web Magazine even includes articles I send in more the can be said for other Martial Arts Mags I advertise in

Martial News

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Fellow Martial Artist,
The new November First Edition of Martial News went live on Sunday,October 31st.
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The Extreme Full Contact show is being held in South Shields on November 27th.
Go to our home page and click on the EFC poster on the right to go to competition page.

Yours in Budo,

Phil Doherty


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Monday, October 18, 2010

IBFBCSA Alliance with British Grappling

Great News

International Budo Federation/British CombatSombo Association

To form Alliance with British Grappling

IBF/BCSA President Martin Clarke has been involved in talks with British Grappling President Andrew Brownbridge to see if they can work together and we are pleased to announce that the answer is yes

So how will it work IBF/BCSA will continue to promote the Martial Arts and various forms of Sombo/Sambo but will hand over to the British Grappling all other grappling disciplines they now practise such as Pankration, Belt Wrestling, Kurash and Submission Wrestling. They will both share the Insurance facility which IBF/BCSA already hold and each will allow the other members to compete in their event for those wishing to grade or compete Internationally there will be a nominal charge to purchase record book

Each will still be an independent Association but sharing each other expertise which hopefully increase the numbers participating in their combat disciplines
 All this will happen on March 27th 2011
Martin Clarke

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Best Price and is this allowed

The Annual Summer Camp will be held on August 21st to 27th 2011 book in before April 1st 2011 Juniors u16 £150 Seniors £200

I always say it is value for money so lets make a comparisom this is a Sambo course in the USA $500 includes three days training, room & board (living in the gym), breakfast and lunch. A hotel has been arranged if you do not wish to reside in the gym (at your own expense)
*Ask about our special one day rate (for Friday or Saturday only) for local

It was pleasing to see the BJA Junior Championships attracted 750 Judoka so is only Kent that the numbers of Judoka are dropping?

I thought this technique was banned?

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Monday, October 04, 2010


Allan ClarkinOctober 3, 2010 at 10:40pm
Sunday 7 NOVEMBER 2010
11.00am till 2.00pm
RULES will be sent if needed, just contact me.
Black Knights DOJO/GYM Burnley
2nd FloorPentridge Mill
Holmes Street
BB11 3BE
The mill is behind the Circulation Night Club.
Cost £10.
Please bring GI(kimono),Change of tee shirts,
gum shield, groin guard,
(10oz gloves I can provide if you don't have), MMA gloves,
Please bring refreshments.
WORLD Pankration Championship 2011
Tel 07944789345
Allan Clarkin GB Team Director + Coach Pankration/FILA
Andrew Brownbridge FILA GB Director for Combat Grappling

Reviewing the Past or seeing John retire

Reviewing the Past
I have been lucky in my Combat career I first competed in Judo when I was about 11 that was 1961, that was when Judo in the UK was still eyed with mysticism but it was something new, men, women and children wrestling in Pyjamas. My father Nobby Clarke was one of the first in the South of England to run tournaments for Men, Women and Children, I go as far as to say the first to run competitions for children. It quite ironic my father, years later said that our need to rely on children’s Judo could be the Sports undoing, to some degree he was right especially here in the South of England our Adults numbers decreased because Coaches concentrated on Children with hundreds of Judo Clubs appearing catering for children only, at one time we had about 7 Judo Clubs in Sittingbourne alone. The drop in Junior Judo and sport in general has seen many clubs fold and with very few adults doing Judo the sport is at a crossroads. The answer some say is to take Judo to the schools so the BJA have introduced Judo Coaches to schools where they give 6 to 8 week courses with the hope they will join clubs in fact the opposite has happened, in the child’s eye they have done Judo so why do it again, what they should have done is give them one lesson as a taster and then they may think I like this I want more or take the children to the club. This happened not just to Judo but other activities take my daughters Young Dynamics Dance and Gymnastics Club, she started this club at the tender age of 15 in that time she built the club up to a maximum of 100 plus members, the club entered competitions in Dance, winning many medals and trophies plus Bi Annually she would organise a show at the SCC. That has all finished this September her membership dropped down to 2 so sadly she has closed, and what was most frustrating I had a specialised Dance Studio built for her next to Nobbys Gym at Milton Regis Playing Fields, which is now not used. The Schools are encouraged to use their facilities better rightly so but with serious cutbacks on the way how long can after school clubs be financed? Outside clubs closing in all sports, at an alarming rate who will suffer?
Any way I digress as I started to say I have been lucky in that I have won many medals at Judo, Wrestling, Sombo, Jiu Jitsu, Olympic and Power Lifting but with all my wins including my World Gold I still get the same buzz, watching my pupils win medals that was and is a great feeling but an even greater buzz was watching my son John win medals. Sadly his competition days have come to end with the Clarke curse Knee troubles, I mentioned earlier I was very lucky but I forgot to mention some of the downsides spending most of my married life always short of money and of course injuries which have been to numerous to mention in the last two years I have had a knee and hip replacement but I still consider myself lucky. Yet I was hoping I could follow John through into the Masters division. It is not be hopefully after his cartlidge operation he will be able to walk properly but there is a possibility their could be a ligament tear, if that is the case time to retire from competition do not follow my example and try and keep going .
John has given me a great deal of pleasure, happiness and pride with his competition career winning hundreds of medal. His competition career stretch over 32 year period starting at 5 years of age, he won medals in Judo, Sombo, Wrestling, Kurash, Boxing, Belt Wrestling and Weightlifting, he represented Great Britain in Judo, Sombo and Kurash, his international medal success was in many disciplines, his best results were winning a World Silver in Sombo at 16 and a 7th Place in World Senior Championships. I think you will all agree a great career sorry it has to end .
Well Done and I am proud to call John Son and pupil

Sunday, October 03, 2010

World Combat Games Sombo

Robin Hyslop supplied us with nearly 3 hours of Sombo/Sambo from the World Combat Games in China. So if you are interested in Sombo/Sambo please take a look.All the clips are on Gapplinguk

Remember closing date for the English Closed Sombo is October 9th so get your entries in

World Combat Games China Sombo Part 1
Uploaded by grapplinguk. - Check out more sports and extreme sports videos.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Robin Hyslop attended the World Combat Games in China on behalf of the British Sombo Federation here are some of his photo's

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Neil Adams a progressive Coach

Many people ask me who I think the best Judo Coach is today.
Well as I do not know every Judo Coach in the World so it is hard to judge but the one who impresses me the most at this present moment in time is Neil Adams not just because he was a marvellous competitor and is an excellent Judo Coach something unusual for an ex competitor but for the fact he has taken his Judo skills and adapted them to other grappling sports especially MMA. The Judo fraternity have a rather snobbish and contempt for other Martial Arts thinking what they do being far superior, Neil I believe has overcome this and is well respected by all grapplers. The one other thing is his commentaries of Judo matches which he doesn’t restrict to World Class competitors I saw one film clip of him commentating a couple kids competing marvellous and a great way to keep kids involved in Judo Yes he charges but that is his lively hood. Get chance to go on one of his seminars and I know you will be impressed.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sambo in Beijing

Sambo - in BeijingIn 2007 SportAccord offered to arrange a new kind of competitions - the Combat Games. The basic idea of this event is to unite 13 types of single combats into the Unique complex. There are Muaythai, Sambo, Judo, Karate, Wushu, Kickboxing, Boxing, Sumo, Aikido, Ju-Jitsu, Kendo, Taekwondo, Wrestling among them.
All the contest principles and terms were arranged. In April 2010 on the Conference in Dubai each of 13 federations signed the Agreement with SportAccord concerning their participation in the Combat Games.

According to the Agreement between FIAS and SportAccord, our federation formed the strong delegation for participation. It consists of athletes from 35 countries, referees, coaches, directors and representatives of the Continental and National Sambo Federations, the chiefs of FIAS.
During the Games FIAS has managed to hit the target of presentation of Sambo as a picturesque, bright, attractive sport.
While preparing for the Games we have paid much attention to all the presentation points: opening and praising ceremonies, demonstration performances, all special devices, delegation equipment. For example, each athlete is given a double Sambo uniform from FIAS.
During the Games Opening day, the 3rd of September the entire hall for 6000 persons of China Agricultural University Gymnasium was overcrowded. The beautiful parade took place. The President of FIAS Vasiliy Shestakov delivered the salutatory address:
"The First SportAccord Combat Games are a unique and symbolic event in the global sports movement. Their 13 combat sports and martial arts are united by a single concept conceived and implemented by SportAccord. This concept provides for cultural harmonization and enrichment, offering new opportunities and perspectives to the world of sports".
"I believe that Sambo is one of the most emotional, coloruful and harmonious sports. It is devoid of any intrinsic aggression. On the contrary, it is the best self-defense system in the world which makes it possible for any man or woman to defend his or her rights and dignity, and also to defend and protect the weaker ones; thus Sambo makes a significant contribution to the global culture of human relations".
"Our objective is to join the global Olympic family. We aim at being included into the official programmer of the Olympic Games".
Vasiliy Shestakov's speech (full text)
Antonio Espinoza, the vice-president of SportAccord, and the Sambo star Fedor Yemelyanenko welcomed all who were present. Fedor was in the extraordinary role of the FIAS Ambassador during the Combat Games, he was the face of Sambo. He wished to the athletes the fair play and to the spectators - the colorful sport holyday.
The Opening ceremony was continued by the demonstration performances. For 20 minutes the spectators watched the skillful performance of the artistic athletes from the group of the dancers "Triumph" and of the sambists from the Russian State University of physical culture, sports and tourism and of the famous Educational Centre "Sambo-70".
The synthesis of plastic art, flexibility, beauty of the sportsmen, the expressive style of the sambists who demonstrated just madly beautiful technique with great amplitude was magical.
The girls presented the two solo dances - "The pure rush" and "Yin Yang". "The pure rush" performed in the costumes stylized for the Sambo uniform expressed the essence of the combats, the eagerness to achieve the maximum in the development.
The second dance "Yin Yang" was performed with the soundtrack to the movie "Angels and demons". The black and white costumes symbolized unity and struggle of opposites.
Then the athletes performed dances of different countries, and the sambists did the same thing on the language of Sambo. The spectators watched bright element of the struggle of Georgia, Uzbekistan and China. The Chinese spectators were impressed much by the performance of the girls accompanied by the popular Chinese melody in the traditional red costumes embroidered with gold. The sambists impressed by the Shuay-Jao wrestling well-known in China and reminding Sambo.
The hall welcomed standing the extraordinary performance, at the end of which the athletes performed the potpourri consisting of the most elements of Sambo. The cascade of amplitude strokes, complex acrobatic tricks, powerful strokes, painful and chokeholds elements contained the image of the opportunities of Sambo.
During the first day the medals were drawn in the three weight categories: Sport Sambo - women, 56 kg; Sport Sambo - men, 68 kg; Combat Sambo - 74 kg.
In woman nobody could fight the European Champion 2010 - Marianna Alieva, Russia. She won the sambist Karina Stefanova (Bulgaria).
In men sport Sambo Damir Muhidov (Uzbekistan) gained the victory in the fight with the Kazakh athlete. It is in Uzbekistan where the XXXIV World Sambo Championship will take place in November 2010.
The third place was won by the Korean Kwan Sub Kim, who made such a pleasant present for his birthday.
In Combat Sambo the three time division European Champion Bair Omoktuev was the sensational winner. He reached the victory over the two times division World Champion Rumen Dimitrov (Bulgaria).
The first day of Sambo Competitions (video-materials).
The second day brought the sport Sambo champions in the weight categories 90 kg (in men), 64 kg (in women), +100 kg (Combat Sambo).
The European Champion Ekaterina Onoprienko (Russia) won a victory over Olena Sayko (Ukraine), Akobir Kurbanov (Uzbekistan) gained a victory over the Greek athlete, and Stefan Yanosch (Germany) celebrated a victory over the three times division World Champion Alexander Yemelyanenko.
Six medal complete sets were drawn during the two days of competitions in Sambo.
The countries which won medals in Sambo:
Russia - 3 gold, 1 silver medal;
Uzbekistan - 2 gold ones;
Germany - 1 gold medal;
Bulgaria - 2 silver ones;
Greece - 1 silver medal;
Ukraine - 1 silver medal;
Kazakhstan - 1 silver medal;
The Republic of Lithuania - 2 bronze ones;
Korea - 1 bronze medal;
The Republic of Belarus - 1 bronze medal;
Romania - 1 bronze medal;
Moldavia - 1 bronze medal.
Russia is the motherland of Sambo, and Russia managed to win a victory over the strongest Chinese athletes.
Chinese sportsmen were the leaders till the last day of the Games while the athletes from 104 countries fought for victory. But the Russian athletes proved that they are the best on the World Combats forum. There are 18 medals won (three of which belong to the sambists), China won three medals less.
The Combat Games in Beijing have undoubtedly become the holyday of the modern sports. Notwithstanding of quantity and quality of medals and the amount of scores, the Games have united the athletes of different countries and sports.
Athletes are speaking:
Onoprienko (Russia). The Games Champion, Sport Sambo, weight category - 64 kg.
Concerning the victory:
I'm very happy.
Concerning the final fight:
This fight was the final one and that's why it was very hard. My rival and me both were eager to win and were very careful. In spite of the small gap in the score (1:0) it was the remarkable fight.
Bair Omoktuev (Russia). The Games Champion, Combat Sambo, weight category - 74 kg.
I feel all right. I aimed to win a gold medal and find this victory just. Now I can take my time and have a rest.
Concerning the gold medal:
It's splendid. I have not many ones; this medal is of great importance for me.
Marianna Alieva (Russia). The Games Champion, Sport Sambo, weight category 56 kg.
I'm happy to be the one who won the gold medal for Russia. I hit the target while participating in the Combat Games.
Concerning trainings:
I have been training much. I have done the great preparations.
Concerning Sambo:
Sambo is the Russian national sport. Russia is the leader in it, and we must hold our position.
The press-conference of the FIAS President during the Combat Games aroused the huge interest among the journalists. It took place when all the competitions were finished in the main press-centre of the China Agricultural University Gymnasium.
The first Games Champions attended the conference.
Vasiliy Shestakov expressed his idea of Sambo while turning to its history, perspectives and the future of the sport. The FIAS President raised the question of forming the modern image, the face of Sambo speaking on the choice of Sambo development ways in the world. Shestakov remarked it's impossible to move on without China. It's very important to develop Sambo in this country. Shestakov made it his aim to mark the ways of dealing with the question.
Both the President and the athletes aroused admiration within journalists by their sincerity and open-hearted welcome. The atmosphere during the conference was very easy, there were lots of jokes. The congratulations with birthdays added charm to the meeting. The FIAS President congratulated Yevgeniy Stoyanov from Slovenia and the Korean athlete Kwangsub Kim on behalf of the International Amateur Sambo Federation and presented them the memorable prizes.
The Press-Conference was the main theme if lots of the Chinese Mass Media.
The press-conference of the FIAS President (video-materials)
At the Combat Games SportAccord managed not only to solve the questions concerning sports, but also others. For example, on the 1st of September the Congress of FIAS opened. The decision was accepted to register FIAS in Switzerland with the headquarters in Lausanne.
On the 31st of August the meeting of the FIAS President with President of SportAccord Hein Verbruggen took place. They discussed the successful activity of FIAS to spread and to develop Sambo all over the world, the peculiarities of the Combat Games, the organization and the perspectives of arranging the second Combat Games in 2013.
During the meeting with the President of Chinese Olympic Committee Liu Peng, Shestakov discussed the opportunity to develop Sambo in China. The discussion was fruitful and amicable. Some steps were planned to develop Sambo in China.
During the Combat Games in the hotel "Friendship" where the athletes were settled "The Russian House" was welcoming the guests. It was the place where you might come to have a rest, to listen to the music, to congratulate the Russian athletes and to communicate with interesting people and journalists.
On the 2nd of September Fedor Yemelyanenko, the FIAS Ambassador became the star of "The Russian House". The only fact of his presence aroused delight in the delegation. Fedor is the modern sports legend, the strong and noble athlete, no wonder he aroused sincere interest. Many interview, autographs, congratulations from the participants, chats with the fans… The interest demonstrated by the others to Fedor proved he was the real "image of the Games", "the face of Sambo".
The FIAS delegation couldn't help paying much attention to the culture and the sights of China. The special cultural program was generated, according to which the sambists could see the architecture monument which is the part of the World UNESCO inheritance - the Great China Wall.
"The 8th Wonder of the World" impressed everyone. It can't be watched by the eye from the Orbital Station, but is watched on the satellite photos. This excursion was full of slopes and ascents, taking pictures, conversations, jokes. In the end it not only filled people with emotions and impressions, but also united the multinational sambists association.
FIAS according to the Games plan arranged the reception. Over 100 guests gathered in the hotel "Intercontinental". There were vice-mayor of Beijing Liu Jingming, President of SportAccord Hein Verbruggen, the International Federations representatives, the public men, athletes, politicians, journalists.
Vasiliy Shestakov said while delivering the speech:
"The First SportAccord Combat Games 2010in Beijing are indeed a milestone in the development of the international sports movement. For the first time in sports history competitions are being held in such an attractive format. This is a brilliant initiative - the idea of uniting martial arts and combat sports of the whole world, of their interaction and mutual enrichment. It is both the idea and its implementation that I find most attractive: SportAccord and the city of Beijing are demonstrating top performance, and the level of the Games is indeed impressive".
…"As you are probably aware, Sambo was born in Russia, and in this connection we at the International Amateur Sambo Federation, have suggested an idea of hosting the next edition of the Games in Russia, in the city of Sochi. I made this proposal of organizing the second SportAccord Combat Games in Russia, and it was approved and supported by the leaders of my country".
…"There is an old Russian saying which is most appropriate here: It is only with his (own) feet that a man cuts through the path he follows. I believe that the Combat Games 2010 in Beijing are a first step along the path leading to top performance on a global scale, to the promotion of sports values in society and that in its turn will contribute to the implementation of our grand task which is the development of mass sports".
Vasiliy Shestakov's speech (full text)
Hein Verbruggen remarked that Sambo is worthy of the place it keeps. And what is very important - he supported the appeal of Russia to accept the Second Combat Games SportAccord in 2013.
Vice-Mayor of Beijing Liu Jingming expressed his admiration and wished to FIAS and its President Vasiliy Shestakov success in new achievements of what had been planned.
The picturesque moment of the reception was the exhibition of the photos and videomaterials concerning Sambo and FIAS which were demonstrated on large screens. The lively and friendly atmosphere was among the guests. There were a lot of smiles, laughing, jokes, and this fact proved that the reception was a success.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Combat/Sombo Jackets

I will be purchasing several thousand pounds worth of Sombo Jackets in Blue, Red, and Combat Green with shorts and good quality boots they should be here by Chritsmas

So I am selling a quantity of Red/Blue reversable Jackets which are suitable for Sombo, Judo and Jiu JItsu and the very reasonable price of £25 a jacket plus p&p

Striking and Grappling Course

A Course on Striking and Grappling
Swale Martial Arts Club
127 East Street
ME10 10

January 23rd 2011
11am till 12.30p
1pm till 2.30pm

Cost £30

Andy Brownbridge 6th Dan
President British Grappling

Andy taught at our Annual Summer Camp and went down a storm if you check his CV he has a wealth of experience in many Martial Arts. In recent years he become very involved in MMA Striking/Grappling representing GB in FILA he particularly specialises in Pankration and Combat Wrestling this is a courses not to be missed. The course is limited to 20 people and will be on a first come first served basis so get your entry with fees ASAP.

Send to

IBFBCSA 118 East Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4RX

Cheques payable IBF

Closing date January 15th 2011

Andrew Brownbridge 6th Dan
Started training in martial arts 1978
Began coaching 1985
Qualified coach in
Kickboxing (k1 low kick WKA) 6th Degree
Ju jitsu 5th Dan
Kempo karate 2nd Dan
Fung sau kung fu 2nd Degree
Thai boxing instructor
Competed internationally for WKA / WAKO / ISKA / WFFO / ISJA
Positions held
WKA national coach ring sports 2006-2008
ISKA national coach ring sports 2008
ISKA national coach MMA 2009
ISKA board of directors 2008-2009 (director of coaching)
ICO board of directors 2009- present
FILA GB representative
President British grappling
FILA GB national coach 2010 pankration and combat grappling
Academic qualifications
Diploma in health and fitness
Diploma in sports therapy
Diploma sports injury
3rd year undergraduate in sports coaching UCLAN
Sports coaching degree specialising in elite level coaching

Who is a Martial Arts Con man?

Over recent years I have noticed with great interest how Martial Arts practitioners and the Martial Arts press view themselves and how conceptions of ones ability has changed I recently saw in a magazine a guy be interviewed as being a master of his particular Combat Discipline one that was competitive, yet this guy had no competitive experience and had only been involved for 10 years. He was considered an expert? Another example was I recently saw a 40 year old who had done his specific discipline for 20 years being awarded an 8th Dan by his International Body it took me 50 years to get to 8th Dan, many new styles are appearing all claiming to be the ultimate system, kids as young as 6 being awarded Black Belts, I have never graded anyone under the age of 16 to Black belt even then they were competitive Judo grades.
20 years ago I would be angry with this state of affairs but now at 60 years of age I wonder if it that is important, if the person teaching is not harming any body and the people who are participating enjoying themselves , believing they are getting value for money what’s the harm in my opinion none. You could say someone who has reached 8th Dan after just 20 years is not worthy of his grade, in my organisation you would be right but he or she is not in my organisation and therefore the same standards do not apply or maybe I should rephrase that their standards are different to mine. As for the word expert that is one of interpretation someone with 10 years in and no competition experience in my eyes would not be an expert in my eyes but in the eyes of a reporter who has no experience they would be considered an expert.
There are people who shout lets legislate (like they trying to do with Club mark) they would be wrong we live in a free society one that should not allow government to dictate every aspect of our lives, yet I hear you say they could become influential people in major bodies? That is true but that has been happening for years I know many names who now claim to be the Guardians of Martial Arts in high positions who have dubious qualifications but that doesn’t mean they do a bad job. For those of us who are involved in competitive combat disciplines it is very easy to find out the true value of the person by examining his record and his fighting ability, we all know the player who couldn’t compete because he hurt his big toe at 16 if he hadn’t he would have been a World Champion as for other non competitive combat disciplines it is not to easy but soon if they are no good the cracks will show, when they start telling you they can kill with one finger etc just ask yourself “how does he know and when did he do it”

Martin Clarke 8th Dan Judo FIAS Sambo Grandmaster

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thanks from SBC to Nobby and Margret

Geof Gleeson GB greatest Judo Philosopher

One of the greatest thinkers in British Judo since it first came to the UK in my opinion was Geof Gleeson 9th Dan, I had the privilege of being able to call him a friend and mentor. He was responsible for developing the IBFBCSA Coaching Effective Programme something way ahead of its time. I have finished reading his book “Judo Inside Out” first published in 1983 he gave me a copy and signed it “From one Coach to another” this was great honour because he did not have a high regard of most coaches, one time a very senior Judo Grade someone a lot older then me once asked him to sign his Judo License, he refused brushing this very high grade to one side. At the end of the seminar I asked why he refused stating that he had signed my book, his reply was “You understand he doesn’t” That made my signature even more valuable.
Below is the preamble on the flyer take special note of the second paragraph and remember this was written in 1983 27 years ago! Read through the book and you will find even more gems. Now you tell me this man was not ahead of his times.

Judo's origins lie in Japan, and although judo has been practiced in Britain for over sixty years British interpretation of this foreign skill has not taken sufficiently into account the rationale behind the techniques. The differences in the two cultural approaches - their philosophy, religion, social attitudes and psychological pressures - need to be fully appreciated before judo skills can be most effectively taught. In this book, Geof Gleeson takes a close look at the social pressures and ideologies which have helped to mould the shape of judo in Britain and Japan, and shows how new ways of teaching quickly and effectively at all levels emerge from a deeper understanding of the origins and development of the sport itself.
In a society where sport is becoming an increasingly powerful force and can all too easily be manipulated for personal or political ends, the role of the coach becomes ever more vital; but he will himself need special training to be able to deal with all the various aspects of sport. This stimulating and controversial book offers a new approach to sport education, both specifically in judo and more generally in the wider issues that sport will continue to raise.

Geof Gleeson is well qualified to tackle these issues. As National Coach he has taught and coached judo at all levels of performance in many parts of the world. He has trained in Japan and won competitions in Britain, Europe and Japan. His post-graduate research was concerned with the socio-psychological aspects of championship performance (not just in judo), and he has written on the moral and ethical interactions between sport and society.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Its Free

Can’t give it away for Free
Over recent years we have seen a rapid decline in Martial Arts participation especially Judo so the Swale Martial Arts Club tried something really radical they offer Free Judo every Friday Free Pankration every Wednesday and Free MMA SportCombatSombo on Thursday
You would have thought people would be flocking through the door NO
On Wednesday 2 attended Pankration on Friday no one turned up Thursday was more successful with 8 participants. So what can we do or are the Martial Arts destined to the History books? Mind you it would have helped if our local newspapers gave us a little bit of publicity a statement was sent out to all of them
Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Friday, September 10, 2010

Introduction to MMA SportCS

Russian Fighting

I got the attached from Darren Richardson Face Book site he runs an organisation for Russian Martial Arts

I found it very exciting far better then Cage Fighting but also far to dangerous for the amatuer Martial Arts Player I dread to think what the Insurance would cost if you can get any.

Although a lot of the fighting is uncontrolled take a look at some of the throws superb and controlled If any of you are practising my MMA SportCS you will see the value of throws and how deadly they can be

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Local Papers

Local Paper
Our Young Judo Club has been using local papers for over 50 years to inform and promote what they doing for the local community before the advent of computers and email you would write your story and send it to the East Kent Gazette or you would telephone and give your report over the phone, if it was an important event like someone getting a Black Belt, Club Championship or someone winning a British title a photographer would be sent most times accompanied by a reporter. The paper was happy because they getting news and the club was happy because their members were getting publicity for there hard work.
So you would think with all this modern technology i.e. emails digital photography things would be even better, not so. Our local paper has more advertising pages then news and of course each reporter has their preferred sources i.e. their mates so if your club is not part of this inner sanctum you have very little chance of getting a decent report. Our own club is a prime example the Kent Messenger rarely publishing anything about our club or any Judo club come to that unless they are in Maidstone as for Your Swale which is part of the KOS Media group I am not sure they even realise there are local sports clubs but my main criticism is the East Kent Gazette over the years we have spent thousands of pounds advertising with them while our rivals spend none do we get any preference for this NO in fact every report our rivals do they get a photo and a write up every time they enter luckily enough they do not win or do a lot so it is not a regular thing. For some years I have complained each time I am told the photo’s were not good enough which were sent by email yet they are 300 dpi some thing Martial Arts Magazines except, the report was to long. This year several of our pupils gained their Black Belt one was 17 once again my photograph was not accepted and the report given was a 3inch single column. It seems our modern reporter doesn’t have the energy to get out of his seat to look at what is around him apart from when he is in the pub with his mates.
So what do we do just keep plodding along and hope eventually we get a decent reporter, do not bother with the papers or become friends with a reporter and become a drinking buddy?
I know one thing thank God for the Internet at least the ordinary person can get his message out and I will not spend anymore money advertising

Monday, September 06, 2010

Free Lessons

Swale Martial Arts Club
East Street
FREE Junior Judo Friday 6pm
FREE Sombo and MMA
Thursday 7.30pm
FREE Pankration Wednesday 7.30pm
Yes FREE during September
Further information contact
or visit
01795 437124

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


At Summer Camp I once again tried my MMA SportCombatSombo with Judo and Sombo Players, it seems a strange phenomena as soon as you put a headguard normally sane people get a Blood Lust. I am told them all that the idea is to score points by throwing, holddowns and submissions, this fell on deaf ears all they wanted to do was knock each others heads of, one Sombo Player got concussion even with a head guard.

So I have now stopped all head shots full contact to body standing and on the ground is allowed, when I gather more experience players then I may once again allow head shots. This not just for the safety of the players but also to make the Sport available to all not just a spectator event where people lust for blood and injury

Monday, August 30, 2010

Detect a Stroke


Blood Clots/Stroke - They Now Have a Fourth Indicator, the Tongue


STROKE: Remember the 1st Three Letters.... S. T. R.


During a BBQ, a woman stumbled and took a little fall - she assured everyone that she was fine (they offered to call paramedics) .she said she had just tripped over a brick because of her new shoes.

They got her cleaned up and got her a new plate of food. While she appeared a bit shaken up, Jane went about enjoying herself the rest of the evening

Jane's husband called later telling everyone that his wife had been taken to the hospital -
(at 6:00 pm Jane passed away.) She had suffered a stroke at the BBQ. Had they known how to identify the signs of a stroke, perhaps Jane would be with us today. Some don't die. They end up in a helpless, hopeless condition instead.

It only takes a minute to read this...

A neurologist says that if he can get to a stroke victim within 3 hours he can totally reverse the effects of a stroke...totally. He said the trick was getting a stroke recognized, diagnosed, and then getting the patient medically cared for within 3 hours, which is tough...


Thank God for the sense to remember the '3' steps, STR . Read and Learn!

Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke victim may suffer severe brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.

Now doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three simple questions:

S *Ask the individual to SMILE.

T *Ask the person to TALK and SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE (Coherently)

(i.e. It is sunny out today.)

R *Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.

If he or she has trouble with ANY ONE of these tasks, call emergency number immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.

New Sign of a Stroke -------- Stick out Your Tongue

NOTE: Another 'sign' of a stroke is this: Ask the person to 'stick' out his tongue.. If the tongue is 'crooked', if it goes to one side or the other, that is also an indication of a stroke.

A cardiologist says if everyone who gets this e-mail sends it to 10 people; you can bet that at least one life will be saved.
I have done my part. Will you?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who is this guy in the Video

I was sent this video clip stating that this was the British sambo Championships

Well one thing is for sure it was not the governing bodies Sombo championships

The British Sombo Federation held their British Open in March and all competitors have to wear correct Sombo attire to enter i.e. Sombo Jacket (Kurtka) Shorts and sombo boots.

These guys seem to be wearing Judogi shorts and no shoes

Russian Martial Arts

Russian Martial art Festival

Saturday 11th September 2010
Cluarankwai Judo club, 24 New Mill road, Kilmarnock , KA1 3JB, UK
Russian fist fighting (Russian Boxing), Belt wrestling and Kettlebell lifting

Monday, August 23, 2010

ClubMark Nonsense

More news on the discredited ClubMark scheme our Club has just been informed that our Welfare Officer has to now attend a course to become a CRB Authorised Document Checker. Can you believe this bureacratic nonsense a person has to go on a course to read a document if the document is so difficult to understand why not simplafy the document, the only reason they do not do this is because some bureacrat will not get paid to run the course

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BJA ClubMark

Most of you know of my total dislike for the ClubMark scheme and the fact that I find it totally unnecessary and you will hear a lot more from me on the subject in the future I am just waiting for Faversham MP and Sports Minister to have the courtesy to answer my letters . My Judo club members feel it is in the interest of the members to participate in the scheme yet 2 years down the line the Sittingbourne Judo Society still has not got confirmation on the club Mark even after complying to it every whim and at some considerable cost to the club and its members. Because the British Judo Association has taken so long dealing with this some our members requirements have expired namely CRB check yet when you look at the initial document there is no expiry date.
Some years ago the BJA came to their senses and allowed its members to belong to other Judo organisations as well as their own at this time they approached me to rejoin and bring my members in as well. I agreed but rather then bring my famous Young Judo Club formed in 1957, which I wanted to retain its independence, the members formed a BJA Club called the Sittingbourne Judo Society and appointed me President. To become a BJA Club you had to have BJA Coaches etc, needless to say all my Dan Grades took BJA Grading an all were graded to the same level as they were in the IBF, I also arranged a BJA Coaching Course at the Dojo and once again all obtained the same level as they held in the IBF. So you can see I am no longer particularly anti BJA but I am anti ClubMark which was imposed on us by a socialist government with the sole aim to have sport and Judo controlled by Government bureaucrats.
Have any of you experience of this snake in the grass ClubMark

Who Runs BJJ

login int the latest

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

It seems strange for a sport that is so popular there is no National body and no one you can contact to enquire about Instructors. I run the Swale Martial Arts Club in Sittingbourne and feel this sport could compliment my other grappling classes, I have emailed many people involved in BJJ but either get no response or get the opinion that anyone asking to start another club is a threat. Yet all I have suggested would some one like to hire my Dojo and start a BJJ Club as there doesn't seem to be one in a 30 mile radius of where we are.
If there is a National Organisation can some one let me know

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pankration Worlds

Pankration UK was formed at the end of 2009 and for the first time GB will be represented in the World Championships by Carl Cooper from Devon, Carl is also UK Technical Director. Also attending will be Chairman Saul White who was due to fight a re-occuring knee injury has stopped him at 30 years of age he will be the youngest chairman and it is hoped he will be selected for a place on the International Council. Saul will attend all the meetings and try to qualify as an International Referee

Friday, August 13, 2010

interview with Nobby

This is an interview with my Father John Nobby Clarke 6th Dan (1927-1990) it was done by a local Canadian TV station in I believe 1987 which made him 60 not 62. MY Dad was a great mentor to me and what he says made a great deal of sense but he was prone to using poetic license when speaking.The reason I was not in the 1980 Olympics was because I was not selected. The competition record I can not confirm as I was very young at the time. He still had a great deal of knowledge and new ideas some which we take for granted today. It was nice to see the old man again and he looked healthy and this was a year before he his stroke and heart attack which left him an invalid

Monday, August 09, 2010

a message from the past

The graet thing about the internet you get emails like the following out of the Blue

Attn: Martin Clarke Sensei

Dear Martin

My name is Henry Ellis, better known to your dear late mother and father and others in the old days as ` Harry `. I just came across the most touching article that you had dedicated to your dear mothers memory " A Forgotten Heroine " , your mother is someone that I had not forgotten as I have some fond memories, I enjoyed the article and the memories, I was taken aback to see the ` Aikido ` photo of myself with your mother and Joan Spall taken at Grange Farm in 1963, for me that was the best summer school of all..I just wanted to thank you for the article and the photo for which I am very grateful..The internet is surely a most amazing thing when we find items that bring our fading memories back to life.
I would like with your permission to add the said article to my Kenshiro Abbe Blog if that is OK with you ?

Best regards

Harry Ellis