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thought this article would interest before I get accused by some academic that I advocating this that and the other all I am doing is showing you an article make up your own minds
Dr. Mercola Is Another Dumbbell

Roger Mason

December 28, 2010



88,000 people every day go to to be misguided about natural health. What a mistake! Only about 10,000 people get our weekly newsletter. You have to sign up and register to read any of his articles. Why? We certainly don't do that. is the website rating authority. They rate as 500 in America! This is simply incredible, and hard to believe. This is one of the most popular websites in the world, and THE most popular "health" web-site. Young Again is rated as 200,000. Please go there if you need a good laugh for free. Here are five planks in his natural health platform:

· Eating fat does not make you fat. Eating whole grains makes you fat.

· A low-fat diet is dangerous to your health.

· Whole grains like brown rice raise your blood sugar and give you diabetes.

· Eat all the meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products you want.

· Cholesterol doesn't count, and low cholesterol is actually dangerous.

· Soy foods are poisonous and carcinogenic

Is this guy insane or what? Folks, this is a guaranteed road to sickness and early death. This is just another ketogenic Atkins clone who advocates the "Paleolithic Diet". These people love the word "carbohydrates" or "carbs". Actually, the words "carbohydrate" and "carb" are meaningless terms. They refer equally to both brown rice and white sugar, Twinkies and oatmeal, or chocolate candy and whole grain bread. How does that make sense? What do whole grains have in common with simple sugars?

According to Mercola and his friends, there is no difference between eating a bowl of brown rice, and eating a bowl of white sugar, because they are all "carbohydrates". This is patently ridiculous. If people like Atkins, Mercola, Crayhon, Sears, Eades, Douglass, and Heller can't see the difference between Twinkies and oatmeal, or chocolate candy and whole grain bread, they need a new brain. Crayhon just fell over dead from cancer at only 49 from following his own deadly advice. Atkins fell over dead years ago from chronic heart disease, obese, sickly, and suffering from numerous health problems from following the same deadly program.

Anyone who knows anything about nutrition realizes that fat contains about twice the calories of protein or carbohydrates. It is FAT that makes you fat! It isn't food that makes you fat- it is FAT that makes you fat. Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Helen Keller can see that much. Read any of the books by Susan Powter, Neal Barnard, Gary Null, Robert (or Nathan) Pritikin, Terry Shintani, Michio Kushi, or Dean Ornish on low-fat eating. You can eat all you want, and be slim and healthy all your life, if you eat a low-fat diet, and avoid meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. Animal fat makes you fat.

A whole grain, low-fat diet is the basis of your good health and long life. People who eat a balanced whole grain based diet can literally avoid cancer, diabetes, heart/artery disease, and other such epidemic conditions. What more proof do you need? A whole grain based diet keeps you slim while maintaining low insulin and blood sugar levels. The rural Japanese are the healthiest and longest lived people on our planet. The Okinawans are specifically the healthiest and longest lived. The Okinawans eat more soy foods than anyone which comes to 12% of their diet. Mercola is always warning about the "dangers" of soy foods, and how deadly they are. This is prima facie absurd. The healthiest people on earth prove soy is good food.

The garbage he sells is pitiful. We can only cover a few of the worthless supplements he sells. How about UNREFRIGERATED krill oil for $62.97 for a 180 day supply ($20.99 a month, compared to $3.50 a month for our REFRIGERATED flax oil). Worthless ubiquinol $21.97 for 30. Our REAL CoQ10 is only $10 a month. Useless chorella. Ridiculous "nanotechnology" vitamin D spray $42.97 for a 90 day supply. You don't "spray" vitamin D! Our vitamin D is $2.50 a month. Purple Defense is too stupid to even bother discussing, at $44.97 for a 90 day supply. Our Better Immunity (real beta glucan) is $15.00 for a 90 day supply. Their moronic Prostate Support is $25.00 a month for worthless saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil. Real Beta Prostate® has 600 mg of actual mixed sterols, for a fraction of the price ( Their $14.97 melatonin spray refuses to give any information about how much melatonin is in it. You don't "spray" melatonin for God's sake! Our melatonin is $2.50 a month for 3 mg. His vitamin B-12 spray is $16.97 for a mere 30 day supply. We put methyl cobalamin (oral B-12) in our All your Minerals and Vitamins. You get 13 vitamins and 20 minerals for $6.00 a month. He sells garbage like acai berry. His coconut oil at $17.45 a pint is just too much to comprehend. Folks, this is 90% saturated fats!!! His UNREFRIGEATED fish oil is $9.97 for a 60 day supply. Our RE-FRIGERATED flax oil (read Flax Oil is Amazing) is $6.95. Why continue?

Our books and articles have cited, published, international, clinical studies that prove you lower your cholesterol, CRP, homocysteine,

insulin, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels with a low-fat, whole foods diet based on whole grains, beans, and vegetables. We've also cited studies that prove saturated animal fat is a major cause of cancer, heart disease, obesity, insulin resistance, and diabetes. Most all diabetics are overweight from eating too much meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. Please read my books The Natural Diabetes Cure and Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs. The journal Nutrition and Cancer (v 38, 2000) proves this. Doctors at the U of CA fed women an unlimited whole grain, low-fat diet, and their insulin levels fell an amazing 63% in only THREE WEEKS!!!! Notice that is 63%. Their blood sugar levels also fell dramatically in only three weeks. They ate all they wanted 24 hours a day and lost weight. There are lots of such published studies, yet dopes like Mercola tell you eating whole grains raises your insulin and blood sugar levels, and makes you fat.

Southern Chinese use rice as a staple, and Northern Chinese use wheat as a staple. They have SEVENTEEN TIMES LESS HEART AND ARTERY DISEASE than we do. CHD is the biggest killer of all by far, and they have seventeen times less than us. Migration studies prove this is due to their diet and lifestyle. 98% of the wheat eaten in the U.S. is nutrition less refined white flour. Only 1% of the U.S. diet is whole grains, and that is mostly all oatmeal and whole wheat bread.

Eating more meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products is a guaranteed way to raise your cholesterol and blood pressure so you'll fall over of a heart attack or stroke, get more cancer, succumb to diabetes, feel sickly, and die early. The American public hogs down an amazing 42% fat calories which is five times what they need. They hog down five times the fat they need- 500%! Almost half their calorie intake is from fat! Most all of these are saturated artery-clogging animal fats. These only come from meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. Americans have the highest cancer, heart/artery disease, and diabetes rates in the world. We eat twice the calories we need, and twice the protein we need. We are overfed and undernourished.

Ironically, Mercola has written two good books- The Great Bird Flu Hoax and Sweet Deception. The first exposes the bird flu fraud, and the second exposes sucralose for the poison it is. We have been saying these things for years now. He is also a good libertarian and supports Ron Paul and other libertarian issues. He warns about simple sugars, refined grains, and hydrogenated oils.

Its men like this who gives natural health a bad name. People who take his advice only get sicker and then say, "Natural health doesn't work". Why is Mercola so popular? Because he tells people what they want to hear, rather than what they need to hear. The secret to success is to tell people what they want to hear. Robert Atkins was the most popular author of diet books in history- until he fell over dead at 72 from following his own asinine advice. Mercola will fall over dead prematurely from doing the same thing. Remember you heard that here first folks.

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