Sunday, June 08, 2014

Faversham Judo

Faversham Judo Championships

The IBF Faversham Judo Club organised a Judo Tournament for juniors and Senior Kyu grades. This was an excellent event with over 200 people attending and very well organised thanks to all the officials who gave up their time to assist.  The IBF has a dramatic lack of Judoka prepared to Referee and it left John Barrett and Miles Brown to do the whole of refereeing so a big thank you to them Yet it does put them under a lot strain to always give the right judgement call, we need more referees and judges. IBF Coaches must encourage their members to learn to referee and help otherwise we could end up having no competitions, which is a shame as the Faversham competition proves that Judo is in the ascendency
Well done George Holbrook and Trevor Davies for organising this  excellent event and we look forward to the next one

Full report with Medal Results will be prepared by Faversham Judo Club  

Monday, June 02, 2014

FreeStyle Judo

FreeStyle Judo

Here are some links to something called Freestyle Judo, with the radical change of IJF rules it was inevitable that rival form would appear. I see no reason why different types of rules cannot be used if it keeps Judo alive and with more people taking up Sambo something has to be done to put some life into Judo. If you look at the scoring you will find it very reminiscent of my Points Scoring Judo I used some 20 years ago, they say Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Best of luck to Freestyle Judo. I have also included a Sambo Demo just to show what throwing is all about