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Vlad and Martin

Martin Clarke World Sambo Silver 1986 v Vladimir Schaklov World Champion 1986 training together in 1988 at Summer Camp St Mary's bay

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Self Defence 1940's Style

This is a great clip. What especially like the women are attractive, slim and look sexy. Its a shame some of the women today do not dress the same

 Now a Photograph of a 2013 women in front of the cameras. 

Sombo Promo

Sombo Promo

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Summer Camp Still Alive and Kicking

Nobby Clarke's Summer Camp 
is still alive and Kicking

John Clarke 5th Dan is the third generation of Clarke's to run a Summer Course, the course was originally started in 1965 by John (Nobby) Clarke and held at the old Schools Journey Centre St Mary's Bay Romney Marsh, in the early 1970’s it moved to the ACF camp also in St Mary's Bay. The 1970's and the 1980’s was the hey day of the IBF Summer Camp with 4 weeks of Camp 2 weeks for Juniors and 2 weeks for Seniors. On junior weeks there would be up to a 100 people on a junior week and 60 on a senior week. The highlight of the last senior week would be the grading’s of Jiu Jitsu, Karate and Judo in latter years CombatSombo, Kickboxing and Sombo
.This would attract nearly 100 people to watch the spectacle; the exam would consist of demonstration of Techniques, Kata and Shiai (Contest) Once the grading was finished everyone would clear up and by 7pm the results was announced and then up to the pub, at the end of the night some of the more foolhardy would go to the beach for a midnight swim, great days.

Late 1970's

Early 1980's

 Founder of the IBF Peter Schonewille with Margret Clarke

Yet nothing ever remains the same as the years went by people attitudes changed to weeklong courses and many would not spend their holiday breaks on a Martial Arts Course so in 2011 we had just 24 players on the 1 week course a some what sad demise to this famous course. In 2012 we could not hire the Dibgate Venue because of the Olympics and 2013 the Army took over the ACF Camp and told us we could no longer hire the venue no reason was given as we had hired the two ACF camps for over 40 years one would have thought we would be given an explanation?  Yet they may have done us a favour with the decreasing numbers there was time for a change. So this year we held the Summer Course at the British Sombo Federations Centre of Excellence in Sittingbourne.  It started on the Friday night with the Annual Bash, this where we have 1.5 hours of Jacket Grapping a mixture of three styles Judo, Sambo and Kurash all to the tunes of Status Quo. The grapplers are divided into two groups and change when the music changes, Status Quo have the right beat and rhythm for the session. On the Saturday was the Course, this proved so successful it will be held on a regular basis but next year we include the Sunday with most of the players sleeping in the Dojo.

The IBF/BCSA is investigating a venue in Bedford which maybe be able to offer us simular accommodation to Dibgate

So the famous Summer Camp has not finished it has just changed and long may it reign.

Martin Clarke 8th Dan

The Last Summer Camp at the St Mary's Bay Venue 2003

Last Summer Camp 2011Dibgate

Summer Camp Founder Nobby Clarke 6th Dan 1983

For two years in the late 1970's we included weightlifting on the programme 
Martin Clarke with Ron Reeves Britain's most successful British Team Coach for Powerlifting

Martin, Nobby with Vladimir Schaklov Many Times World Sambo Heavyweight Champion
Martin was World Silver Medalist to him in 1986

Iron Man Trevor Roberts 8th Dan was a regular in the 1980's
The annual summer camp 2013

Report by John Clarke 5th Dan 

The camp started with its annual Bash night and there was 22 people on the mat for this yearly event. The fight night it's self consists of 45 minutes of ground work fighting, followed by 45 minutes of standing fighting to Status Quo, from which had the spectators clapping along to the music while on the mat people were being thrown around. Once the night comes to an end, it's is closely followed by a new form of Judo called Beerwaza till 4am!

The grading course on the Saturday was attended by 26 Judo & Sombo players hoping to move up a grade or gain a instructor qualification. The course it's self began at 10am and covered the 40 basic throws, new rules of Judo, how to learn how to organise competition pool sheet instructor for this was Keith Costa 4th Dan, as well as Judo Kata and basic of Sombo and Combat Sambo.
The course finished at 5pm with the people going for down grades having to show their Kata to the grading panel. John Clarke 5th Dan, chair man of the committee and seiner head coach of Sombo and Judo was very impressed with the standard of all the clubs that attended, their coaches should be very proud of their students. Well done to everyone that passed.

Miles Brown: 3rd Dan
George Holbrook: 1st Dan
Darren Eaton: 1st Dan
Ryan Sylvesta: 1st Kyu
Ben Reeves: 1st Kyu
Rob Hadley: 1st Kyu
Jamie Scott: 1st Kyu
Karl Harris: 2nd Kyu
Aysha Willson: 2nd Kyu
Koito Willson: Junior blue belt 3 tabs


Keith Brown: Brown belt
Matt Wood: Brown belt
Tanwir Kazimi: Blue belt
Lewis Clarke: Junior brown belt
Francesca Asapy: Junior blue belt

Combat Sambo:
Michael Hutchinson: 1st degree Black belt

Instructor Awards:
Level 3:
Michael Hutchinson

Level 2:
George Holbrook
Tanwir Kazimi
Darren Eaton
Keith Brown

Level 1:
Ryan Sylvesta
Matt Wood
Ben Reeves
Rob Hadley
Jamie Scott
Cayenne Eaton

John Clarke
Daniel Diamond
Debbie Jackson
Daniel Carrott
Miles Brown
Collin Carrott
Keith Costa
Russel Dodds
George Holbrook
Trevor Davis
Greg Garside

John Clarke 5th Dan

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Message from Fernando Compte Founder of FIAS

Below is an article that appeared in a Newsletter from a rival Sambo Group.

I have the greatest respect for Fernando Compte and would like to call him a friend, he was the founder of FIAS and along with Josh Henson USA put Sambo on the World Stage.

If you read fernando's letter carefully he criticises much that has happened in the World of International Sambo from all sides but no where does he suggest doing anything Un Constitutional and against the FIAS Statutes.

Myself and the British sombo Federation continually say that we must belong to the official World Body as recognised by Sport Accord which is FIAS which is at present headed by V Shestakov. Being a member of FIAS we are duty bound to abide by the FIAS Statutes. This is not about the BSF taking sides it is about what is correct.

The rival group may have complaints which may or may not be justified. So they must use the FIAS Statutes Complaints procedure, have they done this? if the complaints procedure in unsatisfactory they then bring their complaints to the World Congress which is held every year at the World Championships in November have they done this?

FIAS Statute 14.1.  The Congress is the supreme governing body of the International Amateur SAMBO Federation (FIAS). Congress sessions are held to review most important issues related to SAMBO promotion and to elect FIAS officials.

The rival group organised a conference on World Wide Sambo there is nothing in the statutes that forbids this BUT during that that Congress they organised an Extraordinary FIAS Congress 

Did they conform to FiAS statutes and I quote


Unscheduled Congress Sessions can be organized upon provision of a written request signed by minimum 1/3 of national SAMBO federations -members of the International Amateur SAMBO Federation (FIAS). Such applications stating reasons for unscheduled sessions of the FIAS Congress should be forwarded to the FIAS Executive Committee that will decide on the time and place for the unscheduled session within a month from the application receipt.

NO they did not the BSF never received no notification and we certainly did not receive any Agenda or notification of proposed elections. So all we can surmise is that this meeting was unconstitutional as are all those who were elected at this meeting.

When the disagreement was first started I had my problems with the present FIAS Hierarchy but the BSF had a meeting the President and sorted our differences. I see why this can not happen on a regular basis with others who have complaints

I have emailed the rival group and asked for a list of their complaints about the FIAS Management and as of yet had no reply.
The Congress at the Worlds this year I believe is election year so this will be the time for those interested in positions to put themselves forward. What the BSF want to see well in advance who is to be nominated and what they intend doing for the World Sambo and the British Sombo Federation. I know what the present FIAS has done but have know idea what any future FIAS President and FIAS EC will do. The BSF will also want see an the Agenda a list of complaints made by the rival faction and evidence. We will also ask to see all those who have  voting rights are up to date members

It is no good complaining that the Statutes are being ignored and you then ignore them yourself
The BSF will continue to be members of FIAS which is sanctioned by Sport Accord no matter who is President.

Just a final point Fernando states "I hope that this Conference will teach us the basic universal principles of accountability, transparency and trust," That should apply to everyone including the Rival Sambo group

Welcome words from Fernando Compte to the Participants of World Conference

Welcome words
to the Participants of World Conference
“Crisis in the leadership of SAMBO in the world”.
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 21-23 June 2013,
Fernando Compte
Founder and the Honorable Member of FIAS
Dear SAMBO Friends!
Thank you very much for the invitation to the Conference. Sorry that I am now not so active, my illness doesn’t let me travel, but as you know I have always supported real SAMBISTs, who devoted their lives to our beloved sport “SAMBO”.
I must say that I’m really concerned with all new problems in FIAS. The absence of democracy, one way communication, FIAS fragmentation is vivid.
I hope that this Conference will teach us the basic universal principles of accountability, transparency and trust, that will make our SAMBO Family stronger than before, ensuring the prosperity of FIAS, whereas the SAMBO sport must develop worldwide on equal basis, as I have always been implementing all my life through.
Together we are a Powerful Engine to move forward our sport to a better Future and Olympic horizon. My cordial congratulations with this 1st ever FIAS Conference, dedicated to Global SAMBO development.
Fernando Compte,
Founder and Honorable President
June 23, 2013