Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Message from Fernando Compte Founder of FIAS

Below is an article that appeared in a Newsletter from a rival Sambo Group.

I have the greatest respect for Fernando Compte and would like to call him a friend, he was the founder of FIAS and along with Josh Henson USA put Sambo on the World Stage.

If you read fernando's letter carefully he criticises much that has happened in the World of International Sambo from all sides but no where does he suggest doing anything Un Constitutional and against the FIAS Statutes.

Myself and the British sombo Federation continually say that we must belong to the official World Body as recognised by Sport Accord which is FIAS which is at present headed by V Shestakov. Being a member of FIAS we are duty bound to abide by the FIAS Statutes. This is not about the BSF taking sides it is about what is correct.

The rival group may have complaints which may or may not be justified. So they must use the FIAS Statutes Complaints procedure, have they done this? if the complaints procedure in unsatisfactory they then bring their complaints to the World Congress which is held every year at the World Championships in November have they done this?

FIAS Statute 14.1.  The Congress is the supreme governing body of the International Amateur SAMBO Federation (FIAS). Congress sessions are held to review most important issues related to SAMBO promotion and to elect FIAS officials.

The rival group organised a conference on World Wide Sambo there is nothing in the statutes that forbids this BUT during that that Congress they organised an Extraordinary FIAS Congress 

Did they conform to FiAS statutes and I quote


Unscheduled Congress Sessions can be organized upon provision of a written request signed by minimum 1/3 of national SAMBO federations -members of the International Amateur SAMBO Federation (FIAS). Such applications stating reasons for unscheduled sessions of the FIAS Congress should be forwarded to the FIAS Executive Committee that will decide on the time and place for the unscheduled session within a month from the application receipt.

NO they did not the BSF never received no notification and we certainly did not receive any Agenda or notification of proposed elections. So all we can surmise is that this meeting was unconstitutional as are all those who were elected at this meeting.

When the disagreement was first started I had my problems with the present FIAS Hierarchy but the BSF had a meeting the President and sorted our differences. I see why this can not happen on a regular basis with others who have complaints

I have emailed the rival group and asked for a list of their complaints about the FIAS Management and as of yet had no reply.
The Congress at the Worlds this year I believe is election year so this will be the time for those interested in positions to put themselves forward. What the BSF want to see well in advance who is to be nominated and what they intend doing for the World Sambo and the British Sombo Federation. I know what the present FIAS has done but have know idea what any future FIAS President and FIAS EC will do. The BSF will also want see an the Agenda a list of complaints made by the rival faction and evidence. We will also ask to see all those who have  voting rights are up to date members

It is no good complaining that the Statutes are being ignored and you then ignore them yourself
The BSF will continue to be members of FIAS which is sanctioned by Sport Accord no matter who is President.

Just a final point Fernando states "I hope that this Conference will teach us the basic universal principles of accountability, transparency and trust," That should apply to everyone including the Rival Sambo group

Welcome words from Fernando Compte to the Participants of World Conference

Welcome words
to the Participants of World Conference
“Crisis in the leadership of SAMBO in the world”.
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 21-23 June 2013,
Fernando Compte
Founder and the Honorable Member of FIAS
Dear SAMBO Friends!
Thank you very much for the invitation to the Conference. Sorry that I am now not so active, my illness doesn’t let me travel, but as you know I have always supported real SAMBISTs, who devoted their lives to our beloved sport “SAMBO”.
I must say that I’m really concerned with all new problems in FIAS. The absence of democracy, one way communication, FIAS fragmentation is vivid.
I hope that this Conference will teach us the basic universal principles of accountability, transparency and trust, that will make our SAMBO Family stronger than before, ensuring the prosperity of FIAS, whereas the SAMBO sport must develop worldwide on equal basis, as I have always been implementing all my life through.
Together we are a Powerful Engine to move forward our sport to a better Future and Olympic horizon. My cordial congratulations with this 1st ever FIAS Conference, dedicated to Global SAMBO development.
Fernando Compte,
Founder and Honorable President
June 23, 2013

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