Monday, July 29, 2013

FIAS meet with BSF

In June the BSF met with FIAS  below is a Protocol of the meeting. The reason why I have printed this Protocol is to emphasise that by talking over your differences you can achieve a satisfactory conclusion all with in the confines of the FIAS Statutes

This Protocol is a record of the meeting and discussions carried out on the 24th. June 2013 in the offices of New Century Media in London between The British Sombo Federation (BSF) and FIAS.
Attending for BSF were;-
Chairman of the BSF, Martin Clarke
Secretary of the BSF, Keith Costa
Attending for FIAS from St. Petersburg were;-
President of FIAS Vasili B. Shestakov
Vice-President of FIAS, Andrey Klyamko
FIAS President’s advisor, Alexander Kuznetsov
Also in attendance were;-
The Hon Tim Lewin, Positive Russia Foundation
Mrs Katya Fowler, assistant to The Hon. Tim Lewin and interpreter to both sides
In attendance for part of the meeting was;-
Lord Simon Reading President of the Commonwealth Sambo Association
The purpose of the round-table discussions was to re-establish amicable working relations
between BSF and FIAS that had arisen due to a lack of direct contact.
The meeting was called at the initiative of FIAS.
The meeting lasted for two hours and embraced a wide range of ideas and proposals for bringing FIAS and BSF closer together; the result of the meeting was that the bonds of friendship were firmly re-established and a complete agreement reached on a range of practical support measures between the parties. Such measures were confirmed with the full expectation that their execution would lead to a growth in the reputation and popularity of Sambo under the governance of FIAS and set a clear example to other National Sambo Associations where dissent and inter-Association friction has engendered a disregard of the FIAS Constitution.
The following decisions were taken and an action-plan for their implementation will now be formulated between the parties, in general all such actions should be embedded into a scheme of arrangement within which they form part of a coherent and co-ordinated strategy to jointly improve the popularity of Sambo under FIAS, contribute to the warmth of Anglo-Russian
The pioneering agreement described in this Protocol is intended to encourage presently disaffected Associations to follow the example of the BSF-FIAS accord and restore a workable degree of harmony to international relations. Both parties agreed to promote the benefits of such harmony on the broadest practical front and to work together to unite all Sambo Associations wherever possible under the FIAS Constitution umbrella.
friendship and ultimately form part of the activities planned for the Year of Anglo-Russian Culture; here follows a brief description of the principal actions agreed between FIAS and the
Ø Hosting of the President’s Cup (Putin up) in London during June 2014; a one day event modelled on the previous President’s Cup tournaments in Russia to be co-hosted by the BSF and the City of London, and invitation to participate as co-host will be extended to the Commonwealth Sambo Association.
Ø FIAS to request a leading Sambo Club in St. Petersburg to host a training seminar for one week for ten Sambo coaches selected by the BSF; FIAS agreed to arrange sponsorship assistance for this; a provisional date in October was agreed and will be confirmed by the BSF with FIAS in the nearest future
Ø FIAS agreed to discuss support for BSF for new purpose-designed and made mats, sport- clothing, shoes, referees and referee training, competition display boards and other specifically Sambo-related sports equipment .
Ø FIAS will arrange for a sponsored invitation for the BSF team to travel to St. Petersburg in November 2013 to participate in the World Championship. BSF will define to FIAS, or FIAS nominated club, all details of this and support described above.
FIAS and BSF agree to use all possible means at their disposal to work closely together in friendship and harmony to develop all that is best in Sambo and related Sambo disciplines, for the benefit of the properly and lawfully constituted supervisory body of FIAS and to exercise the fullest extend of their powers and persuasion to extend this rationale to all recognised Sambo bodies for the greater good of the sport so that Sambo may ultimately qualify as a recognised Olympic discipline.
Ends Signed;
Vasily B Shestakov, President, FIAS
Martin Clarke, Chairman, British Sombo Federation

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