Friday, July 12, 2013

Judo is Satanic and Kano a fraud?

One of my IBF Friends Terry William's in Australia sent me this strange email that is doing the rounds out there. He put he following on Youtube

The author, who I have no intention of giving publicity to, obviously has no understanding of Judo. The YouTube Clip is the Ju No Kata (Kata of Suppleness) of course it is not Olympic Judo. What makes Judo so unique is it combines Kata and Shiai into one complete form. Kata is about working in harmony with another human being, self-control and dedication plus the most important the continual strive for perfection. I was a Judo Competitor for 46 years but I was lucky because I was brought up in era that insisted I learn Kata but like most young man I could not understand the reason behind it, but as I got older I realised that Shiai was just a part of the whole concept of Kano’s Judo. I have written many articles questioning whether that this Judo was a “Road to Damascus event” by Kano. I like many others have seen many forms of Jacket Wresting much older then Judo but what was his idea was bringing Kata into Judo and most importantly his philosophy of:

Judo ( in reality is not a mere sport or game. I regard it as a principle of life, art, and science. In fact, it is a means for personal cultural attainment. Jigaro Kano

As a Christian and a Judoka I was going to answer each of this authors statements but to be honest they are so ridiculous they need no commentary

Japanese Judo as corporative satanic (antichristian) cult.
(basic/primary facts as part of my doctorate research.)

1. Any one who ever communicate with Japanese may find – you never know what they are truly think. They always looks “friendly” even if about to kill you.
Such duplicity is best friend of any business, and did help spread faulty judo ideology all around the world.

2. Jigaro Kano was not great master, but good liar and pretender with friends in high places.(it is historical fact)  All his saying about judo are pure rubbish what deceived people for last century.

2.1. Philosophy of unique “give away” Judo principle is not philosophy but lie. With regular drilling athletes develop ability to read opponents movement and intercept it in right timing.
So as every one see – no body give away NOTHING – but intercept of opponent in right time.
”Give away” theory was promoted to fool people and rip them off by mental brain washing.

2.2. Majority of  Japanese Judo syllabuses are biomechanical nonsense, and useless as mechanically(practically) as well as verbally.

2.2.1.  All names are irrational and misleading. It is contradicts with main Pedagogical principals.

2.2.2.      Kodokan(Kanos) Technical Syllabus (including Kata etc) is
- unrealistic,
- unpractical
- misleading

2.3. Modern Judo Grading is copied from corporative structure.  

How to get every thing for no thing? LIE!

Jugaro Kano : ” Get every thing for no thing”: ”seiryoku zenyo” ("Maximum efficiency with minimum effort"). It is main religious Judo Principle. 
Jesus Christ: Kingdom of Heaven could be taken only by violence (maximum effort) , and only violent (wrestlers) gain it

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