Thursday, July 11, 2013

Presidents Cup 2014

The Year of Anglo-Russian Culture 2014

This event is being spear headed by Russian President Putin many of you may know that FIAS President V Shestakov is a personal friend of President and a member of the Russian Duma. President Putin’s great love of the Russian Sport of Sambo is well known and to this end it is hoped to run the “Presidents Cup” in London next June.

This event will be organised by the Positive Russian Foundation and the British Sombo Federation and already we are looking for venues and the favourite so far is the OldBillingsGate Centre this is a marvellous venue.

So how does this event effect British Sombo and Combat Sambo well it will be the most prestigious Sambo event ever to be staged in GB, it will have the top 10 Sambo Nations coming to GB to compete and the BSF will be selecting 2 per weight for this event. An event, which we hope to President Putin and Prime Minister Cameron will be present plus many other leading Politicians and leading industrialists from GB and Russia, there is also the hope of Royalty attending . The whole event will be by invitation only and the BSF will have a big influence on who to invite and of course that means BSF enthusiasts.

It is hoped to pay for all athletes and officials’ travel and accommodation while in London. So how do you get involved well for athletes that is easy in March next year in Bedford there will be a trials for all those who hold a British Passport and are members of a BSF association, from that the BSF will select a squad and from that squad will select 2 fighters per category to compete in this event of the Century. If you want to be an official contact the Chairman Martin Clarke as for spectators you will need to put your name forward near the time to be considered.

This alongside the help we are getting from FIAS is a major breakthrough in Sombo in Great Britain, so if you are not involved in Sombo or Combat Sambo at the moment get involved, as this will be a show of a lifetime.

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