Monday, February 18, 2008

Sombo Wrestling Course 2008

Sombo Wrestling Introduction Course
Warriors Grappling Academy
Swale Martial Arts Club

February 17th 2008
It has been many years since we have had a Sombo wrestling Course at the club due to the fact that Grandmaster Martin Clarke who took all the courses has been forced into retirement with bad hip and knee injury. His son John British Team Captain and Colin Carrott World Masters bronze medallist have taken over his mantle and organise plus taught at this course. The course drew people from all over the country and with one of the Countries Martial Arts Magazine taking an interest in Sombo by publishing articles on the sport we are seeing an upsurge in interest. From this course we had enquiries to organise the same in Bedford, London and Nottingham in all a very successful weekend. The next big event on the Sombo calendar is the British Open held on Easter Sunday at the swallows leisure centre Sittingbourne
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blue and white found equal in judo

A good friend of mine from Bredgar YJC USA sent me the following article. Judo is crash diving to oblivion and this was what a researcher thought important??

Blue and white found equal in judo

Wed Feb 13, 2008 1:55 AM GMT
By Michael Kahn
LONDON (Reuters) - The color of a judoka's suit plays no part in the outcome of a match, British researchers say.
Previous studies showing blue judo uniforms provided a competitive edge over white ones were flawed, the researchers said on Wednesday.
An examination of 501 gold-medal finals in international competitions between 1996 and 2005 showed that the color of the uniform worn by the winner was split evenly between blue and white, the study found.
"We focused on judo but the finding may have wider implications for sports in general," said Peter Dijkstra, an behavioral biologist at the University of Glasgow, who led the study. "We show there is no color association for a winning bias."
Past studies had suggested that contestants in blue had an advantage because the color was more intimidating, or that the white competitor might be more visible, allowing an opponent to better anticipate his movements.
However, Dijkstra said those studies did not take into account that higher seeded -- and therefore more skilled -- competitors wore the blue uniforms. So it made sense that they would win more often, he said.
Previous research also looked at the loser's bracket, which could have skewed the results because competitors who lost early were likely to have less confidence and be more prone to another defeat, Dijkstra said.
In the study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Biological Sciences, Dijkstra and colleagues adjusted for these factors by factoring in only gold-medal matches.
"Seeded athletes are top ranked and have a very high chance of winning," he said in a telephone interview. "They are more likely to wear blue so this automatically creates a winning bias. Athletes in blue are simply better."
The researchers looked only at judo but said the findings would likely be the same in other individual combat sports such as wrestling, boxing and taekwondo.
The same might hold true for team sports, though factors such as the number of players on a field or court could affect visibility and make color less important, Dijkstra said.
The findings could also help to ensure a more level playing field in other combat sports in which a competitor wore red -- a color associated with dominance, fear and aggression that actually might confer an advantage, the researchers added.
"Our findings have implications for sports policy makers: they suggest that white-blue outfit pairing ensures an equal level of play," the researchers wrote.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

EJU want to change rules of Judo

UchiKomi Doug recently sent me some details of some proposed EJU rule changes, he has listed below his opinion, what do you think?

The EJU is considering the following changes to the current contest rules:
Ippon for osae-komi after 20 seconds, contrary to the current 25
Abolishment of koka
Abolishment of any hand sign for the referee to indicate shido
Abolishment of the 1 referee and 2 judges, reduction to a sole referee per mat
Abolishment of the equation that 2 waza-ari equal 1 ippon, with now the number of waza-ari during a contest becoming unlimited just like it is now for koka and yuko
It is time we got rid of all those ridiculous Japanese terms, Judo is now an international sport not some sort of ancient Japanese ritual. Score like they do in Sambo/Sombo 1pt indicated thumb, 2pts two fingers, 4pts 4 fingers, Total Victory like Ippon. No verbal commands referee wears blue and red armband, Bout startrs and stops on a whistle.The reason Judo Competition is on the decline is that the rules have made it boring to watch and compete in. Sombo/Sambo is on the increase because it is exciting to watch and compete in, something Judo was 20 years ago.I suggest that all Judoka keep to the philosophy and Kata of Judo but take up Sombo/Sambo competition