Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What is Ippon

20. Ippon
I have taken an extract from the IJF rules please read. I have watched several competitions over the last year and Ippon’s are either given away far to easily or extremely hard, please read or am I the only one who still remembers what a correct Ippon is?
The Referee shall announce Ippon when in his opinion the applied technique corresponds to the following criteria:

When a contestant with control throws the other contestant largely on his back with considerable force and speed.
My Comment: therefore throws such as O Uchi Gari can score Ippon as does Sumi Geashi, someone who attempts a sacrificial throw and fails does not necessarily have Ippon scored against them.

When a contestant holds with Osaekomi-waza the other contestant, who is unable to get away for 25 seconds after the announcement of Osaekomi.

When a contestant gives up by tapping twice or more with his hand or foot or says Maitta (I give up!) generally as a result of Osaekomi-waza, Shime-waza or Kansetsu-waza.

When a contestant is incapacitated by the effect of a Shime-waza or Kansetsu-waza.
Equivalence: Should one contestant be penalised with Hansoku-make, the other contestant shall immediately be declared the winner
Simultaneous Ippons - See Article 19 (f) (4).
Simultaneous techniques: when both contestants fall to the Tatami after what appears to be simultaneous attacks, and the Referee and Judges cannot decide which technique dominated there should be no score awarded.
Should the Referee announce Ippon during Newaza in error and the contestants therefore separate, the Referee and Judges shall, if possible, and in accordance with the "majority of three" rule, replace the contestants into as close to their original positions as possible and restart the contest, if so doing will rectify an injustice to one of the contestants.
If one of the contestants deliberately makes a "bridge" (head and one foot or both feet in contact with the Tatami) after having been thrown - although he may have avoided the necessary criteria for Ippon, the Referee shall nonetheless award Ippon or any other score he considers the technique warrants, in order to discourage this action.
Using Kansetsu-waza in order to throw the opponent will not be considered for point scoring purposes

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ippon a New Book

A very good friend of mine Lurch (Ian Durie) from Scotland, is a prolific reader of Martial Arts Books and is extremely knowledgeable, he regular sends me down books to read. Most Martial Books are about : How to do i.e. explaining how to do techniques etc after 53 years training in Judo etc these become very tiresome, most authors are trying to convince the readers they have reinvented the wheel, next are auto biographies or biographies on how great they author is or how great the authors subject is. So when Lurch sent me the book entitled IPPON! “The fight for Judo’s soul” by David Hammond, I thought GOD have I really got to read this? Am I glad I did for this book is a little gem it relates the History of Judo from when Kano started and ends up explaining the history of British Judo, the author relates some of his own opinions which I found extremely interesting , although I thought he was bit hard on one of my mentors Geoff Gleeson. I have not me the author but he obviously understands what Judo is and you get a feeling reading the book that it was written by some who is passionate for the WAY of Judo to continue rather then slip into obis.
Ippon “The Fight for Judo” by Dave Hammond London League Publications Ltd PO Box 10441 London E14 8WR and all of you must read “The Pyjama Game”

One Final point although I have great respect for Jigaro Kano especially his Philosophies on Judo and its relationship with producing better Human Beings, I find it very hard to get my head round the fact that he did not start Jiu Jitsu until he was 17 years old and was a Master of 2 styles by the time he was 20 years old, some one who accordingly to legend was a “Physically weak boy”. I have taught Judo etc since I was 20 years old I am now 58 in 38 years I have never met or seen a Master at such a young age (I use the term Master in a Martial Arts context meaning ultimate practitioner) in fact I have met many Budoka from all over the World and would only suggest that a very few of them I would consider worthy of the title Master. By his early twenties he had invented Judo a completely new concept? Many years ago I wrote an article suggesting that Kano could have seen Cornishman practising Cornish Wrestling and suggested that this young man would have seen a concept unknown in Japan Fighting (Wrestling) without the intention of injuring your opponent and remaining friends after the bout, plus remember Jacket Wrestling is not unique to Japan. The Judo purist will pour scorn on me as some sort of anti Christ but it is not my intention to ridicule Kano you only have to read his life story to realise he was a remarkable man. What I am interested in is separating fact from fiction by questioning the myth, I would be very interested in a proper historian looking into greater depth into the early years of Jigaro Kano but he will need a n open mind.

Martin Clarke

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Crawling Judo

Take a look at this video from the World Games Judo, this is an event that should be a showcase for Judo. Once you have watched it you can understand why TV does not want to broadcast Judo, you will see diving at the legs hanging on to the trousers, crawling across the mat on hands and knees, total Jigotai stance. All these things you tell a junior beginner not to do and all of this could be corrected by the referee giving out penalties for passive Judo. If the International Judo Federation call this Top Grade refereeing they should hang their heads in shame.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

3 Bronzes at Kent International

3 Bronzes in BJA Kent International

Members of the Young Judo Club participated in the British Judo Associations Kent International Judo Championships which was held at Corydon Leisure Centre over two weekends. This was only the 2nd year that members of the YJC have entered this prestigious event, last year John Clarke won a Bronze medal. This year it was the turn of the Carrott Brothers Lee and Danny to come back with a very hard fought Bronze, the following weekend Jamie Marzetti made it a further Bronze in the under 16 year class. The club entered the 2 seniors and 3 Juniors Ben Franks and Ashley Jordan both had two fights and lost both of them in what was a very hard competition. The YJC has now got its own Video site at present it has matches from the recent International in Enschede Holland, 1991 Nobby Clarke Memorial Championships and the BJA Kent International apart from a general interest for members and the public others can make a detailed examination. All contributors to newspapers and magazines are inclined guild the Lilly slightly when reporting on club members these videos help to relay exactly what happened. Martin Clarke was not at the competition but because of this latest technology could analyse the matches, the one thing that he commented on that he thought that both the Carrott Brothers should have won Gold Lee fitness was a little suspect and this put his timing out and considering this was his first International with BJA (he entered as a Novice as he is yet to be graded with this organisation) he could have great future with the Governing Body but he must train regular instead of relying on natural ability. Brother Danny goes from strength to strength he performed some spectacular Ippon throws and only lost on a rather dubious Ippon by a throw which was initiated by him; Danny and his girlfriend Debbie Jackson have been selected for the World Sombo Championships in St Petersburg Russia in November. Martin commented that the Ippon throw (the equivalent to a knockout in Boxing) has changed radically in the last 15 years if you look at the 1991 championships and the 2008 you can see, to make a boxing analogy in 1991 the 10 count would be 20 seconds and in 2008 it takes 5 seconds both are wrong because it should take 10 seconds. Members of the public can also see different videos clips of the Club, some going back as far as the early 70’s on You Tube sadly the quality is not that high as some have been transferred from standard 8 films, log on to YouTube then type in either IBFUK or IBFBCSA or Britishsombo .
Any one interested in learning all forms of Judo should log on email telephone 01795 437124