Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dutch Open Spitfire Report MMA Comp in Sittingbourne

Click for a report on Dutch Open from Spitfire

Swale Open MMA Wrestling Tournament

MMA Wrestling has become very popular throughout the country and Sittingbourne is no different. It seems to be the COOL thing to do and in the 12 months since John Clarke has been running the MMA section for the Warriors Grappling Academy at the Swale Martial Arts Club East Street Sittingbourne he  has had hundreds through the door. Yet most just stay long enough to brag to their mates “I have done MMA” those who do stay realise how hard the sport is and realise you need dedication to keep it up.

This was the second MMA tournament run at the club and this time attracted grapplers from Essex. The rules are very simple all you have to wear is a T-shirt and shorts, and then you fight for 4 minutes with the idea of getting a submission on your opponent. If there is a draw and the end of the match, both are placed in a leg lock position and then they have 1 minute to make their opponent submit, if after this 1 minute they are stood up and fight till one is thrown. As you can see simple but hard and not suitable for wimps.

It was interesting to see the development of the wrestlers and how their skill level has improved in the last tournament most matches finished in a stale mate but not on this occasion as most finished with in the time frame with a submission.
 17 year old Mark Salter is becoming a force to be reckoned with he started with the Warriors when he was 16 starting first with Pankration Ancient Greek Fighting System when the club moved to MMA he stayed with it. He now practises Combat Wrestling (Wrestling with strikes) and has recently started Judo and Sombo with Keith Costa on a Friday. Once Michael Hutchinson qualifies as a Full Contact Sombo Coach he will join with him in a new class. The Club needs youngsters like Mark

Most probably the most exciting’s events of the day was the Heavyweight and Open weight section. In the Heavy weight final was Combat Wrestling Coach Michael Hutchinson who background is Kickboxing, CombatSombo and MMA v Policeman Andy Bell a Kick boxer, Boxer, Judo, Player, Sombo Wrestler, Jiu Jitsu expert and MMA fighter. This battle of the giants nearly went the distance with Michael catching Andy with a Leg lock to win but Andy was to have his revenge in the final returning the compliment by Leg Locking Michael.
 Oh and we must not forget to mention the youngest MMA fighter 12 year Lewis Clarke fourth generation of the Clarke dynasty doing Martial Arts did not win a medal but had a go. John would like to see more youngest trying MMA, Judo and Sombo
For those have the courage to do MMA  the club practises at the Swale Martial Arts Club East Street Sittingbourne on a Wednesday 7pm followed by Combat Wrestling.

Next tournament at SMAC will be a Sombo Wrestling tournament for Children and Adults and is open to all comer we will supply the jackets. This will be held on Sunday April 15th.

For more information email:  07825224940

Heavy weight
1 Michael Hutchinson
2 Jamie Marzetti
3 Andy bell
1 Leo Italy
2 Pete squire
3 Paul cook
4 Keith brown
3 Andy Smith
2 mat wood
1 mark salter
Open champ
Andy bell

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Just a reminder to you all that membership is due for IBF BCSA GUK BGA on March 28th also club and coach insurance is due details on the web site

Remember you are not insured as of March 28th

please use Excel sheet to send membership via email and then send cheque via post or internet banking if you use Paypal make sure you pay the commission

Next event April 15th Swale Open Sombo

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Full Contact Women's MMA Disgusting

Have a look at this clip it seems the MMA girl was rubbishing the Judo Girl

Sorry do not like to see women fighting not very feminine tolerate Jack Wrestling for women but them hitting each other in scanty clothes no way, even if they are good fighters