Monday, July 30, 2012

British Sombo Trials

British Sombo Federation
British Sombo/Full Contact Sombo(Combat Sambo) Trials
Saturday July 28th 2012
The BSF organised this extremely successful event along side the Midland Open Sombo Championships. The event started with the trials first followed by the competition, as expected we did not get a large entry as it was players who wanted to participate in the Worlds who would only attend, what this did produce was the best Sombo Team GB has seen. A downside was that we had no women entries and this is something the BSF needs to correct for the future. The star of the day was 100k plus Matthew Clempner who is a No 1 Judo player; he is son of famous Olympian Matthew Senior. He coasted through the trials and it has been many years since the BSF can say they have a chance of a World Medal although all this years team have a chance of a medal if they get a good draw. The BSF decision to have a trial proved the right one.
World Championship GB Sombo Team
U57k Bradley Belsey England.
U62k Casey Belsey England
U68k Ashley Costa England
U74k Reece Armstrong Scotland
U82k Jamie Marzetti England
U90k Johannes Alder Scotland
U100k Barry Gibson England
O100k Matthew Clempner England

The Combat Sambo trials were controversial because the bleating of a couple of Coaches who wanted to use the British Open and Scottish SportCombatSombo Championships as the trials. This was a ridiculous idea as SportCombatSombo is a much watered down version of Combat Sambo and was devised by Martin Clarke to conform with Insurance requirement so Sombo Player could compete. CombatSombo is a registered Service Mark with Martin Clarke. Combat Sambo is a very hard aggressive competition form of Full Contact Punching, Kicking and Head Butting standing and on the ground including strikes to the groin none of these are allowed in SportCombatSombo. So it would have been irresponsible for the BSF to select on those grounds plus there would be a Health and Safety issue, as a governing body the BSF has a duty of care and a legal obligation to make sure competitors are fit, healthy and experienced in their sport. Obviously something these bleating coaches do not have for their competitors. The trials only attracted a few entries and the general feeling was that was good as it only attracted those who were confident and had been training in Combat Sambo in what was the First ever Combat Sambo event in GB
Combat Sambo UK Team
U82k Ryan Trebitcock
U100k Barry Gibson England
O100k Ben Whitehead England

For the First time in BSF History the FIAS President Mr Shostakovich has promised to pay for the British delegations accommodation Belarus. Yet the British Team will still need to to pay for their own flight, visa and FIAS license. Since the start of the BSF in 1986 when it was started by Martin Clarke everyone has had to fund themselves and for Officials of the BSF they have had to finance all their travel throughout GB and the World. The very first event the BSF participated in was the World Championships in Pau France in 1986, this is where Martin Clarke purchased an old ambulance and drove the team. Yet as soon as some hear there is money being invested in a sport, they demand some and accuse others of having their own personal fund; yet the same people have never invested anything in the Sport
The future looks good for British Sombo; there is now easy access to equipment and several tournaments are planned a new selection is to be used all potential international competitors can gain points by attending a Division 1 tournament. There will be three Division 1 tournaments in March English Open Sittingbourne, May British Open Bedford, July Scottish Open Dumfries all these will have Sombo. At present the only Division 1 Combat Sambo event will be at the British Open, the British CombatSombo Association will run the only SportCombatSombo events.
Other events this year will be a Red Star event Scotland, Bedford Grappling Academy Event, Warriors Grappling Academy events Sittingbourne and BCSA British CombatSombo Jacket and Non Jacket Wrestling competition Sittingbourne

For more information contact BSF

More Photo's and Youtube to follow

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Alan Roberts replies to BJA

Below is a Statement by Alan Roberts 6th Dan I believe it should be read by everyone so some balance is put into this matter
Let’s hope that this appeal will bring out of the wood work the truth and why some BJA members have been so vehement in their attack on Alan and I hope if and I reiterate if any other Seniors officers in any Sport have or will be accused of sexual abuse either to youngster or adults, they will also be investigated with the same vigor. This is the correct procedure, Sport cannot tolerate Sexual abuse or any form of harassment but we must be vigilant that the complaints are truthful and not vindictive or done for personal gain

I have decided to make a brief statement regarding my present situation due to recent events, and in response to the item which appeared on BBC News South East on 10th July 2012 As I had a number of concerns about the way in which the enquiry was conducted and the conclusions which had been reached, I exercised my right to appeal.
The BJA have, to date, declined to deal with my appeal on 3 separate occasions for reasons which I consider are not valid. I strenuously deny any of the accusations which have been made.
I am extremely disappointed by the involvement of the BJA whose actions in publicising the matter, something which I have tried to avoid whilst attempting to appeal, I consider to be detrimental to the reputation of the sport of judo.
When I was contacted by the BBC about the radio programme, I made it clear that I would be appealing the decision and asked them not to mention the situation in their programme, because this could prejudice a future appeal or review. I heard nothing more from them, and had no idea about the TV coverage which came as a complete shock.
Throughout the 3 years and 3 months since I was suspended from the BJA whilst the enquiry has been on going, no action has been taken by any Body which has power to deal with the matters which have been alleged. In addition, I would mention that I have a completely clear Advanced CRB Certificate.
During the enquiry hearing, evidence came to light which caused considerable concern for a large number of very senior members of the BJA, who have requested an investigation. Throughout the entire investigation, and to this day, I have had total support from County and Regional Associations, who were as mystified, shocked and confused by the findings handed down, and I can confirm that they join with me and my continuing attempts to persuade the BJA to deal with my appeal.
In his statement, Mr Scott McCarthy referred to the enquiry which was held recently, and indicated that a referral had been made to the ISA.
The enquiry hearing was actually held in January 2012. In April 2012 I contacted the ISA, and was told that no referral had been made by their reply date, 15Y May 2012, and was informed that if a referral was made I would be contacted within 7 days, and a case worker allocated to the case. Following the Broadcast on 10t" July 2012, 1 again contacted the ISA, but have still not been notified of any referral about me to them by the BJA. This seems very strange to me.

Please feel free to pass this statement on to anybody to whom it may be of interest. I hope you agree that it is in everyone's best interest to allow an appeal, so as to get the real truth of this situation made clear.
Alan Roberts

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Combat Sambo Committee

The BSF will be running its first ever Combat Sambo/Full Contact Sombo Competition at Bedford this weekend. If the winners are considered capable of competing in the World Championships they will be selected. Combat Sambo is a very hard and potential dangerous sports so the BSF has a Duty of Care to its members.

BSF Combat Sambo Coach Allan Clarkin has has suggested a BSF Sub Committee which will deal purely with Combat Sambo, this will be placed before the next BSF EC meeting. Your thoughts are welcome.

COMBAT SAMBO COMMITTEE The Sanctioning Body for Combat Sambo
In Great 
Competing in the rules of FIAS
Established 2012
Combat Sambo Committee
The roll of the CSC is
  1. Qualify club instructors and officials. The CSC will make public all recognised club instructors and officials.
  2. To have all club instructors correctly insured for Combat Sambo.
  3. CSC will be the only sanctioning body for Combat Sambo.
  4. CSC will select competitors from sanctioned events for all International events.
  5. CSC will work directly under the auspices of the BSF.
  6. CSC Procedure if KO, RSC, RSC-H, Injury
A Fighter who has been knocked out due to a head-blow during the fight, or if the Referee has stopped the fight due
to severe head trauma which prevents him continuing, will be examined by a doctor immediately afterwards, and accompanied to hospital by the ambulance on duty or to any other adequate place.
A fighter who has been knocked out due to a head-blow during the fight, or if the Referee has stopped the fight due
to severe head trauma which prevents him continuing, will not be allowed to take part in another competition or bout for
a period of at least 4 weeks after the KO.
A fighter who has been knocked out due to a head-blow during the fight, or if the Referee has stopped the fight due
to severe head trauma which prevents him continuing, two times in a period of 3 months, will not be allowed to take
part in another competition or bout for a period of at least 3 months after the second KO or RSC-H.
A fighter who has been knocked out due to a head-blow during the fight, or if the Referee has stopped the fight due
to severe head trauma which prevents him continuing three consecutive times in a period of 12 months, will not be allowed to take part in a competition or a bout for a period of one year after the third KO or RSC-H.
To above mentions quarantine periods the doctor at place can extend the quarantine period if necessary. Also doctors at
hospital due to tests/scan of head can further on extend the quarantine period.
A quarantine period means that a Fighter cannot take part in any competition in Full Contact event no matter what the discipline is. The quarantine periods are "minimum period" and cannot be overruled even though a head scan shows no
visible injuries.
The Referee will tell the Jury and Judges to mark KO or RSC-H or RSC on their score sheets, when he or Referee has
stopped the bout due to the Fighters inability to resume the fight because of head blows. The same has to be reported
by the Chief Referee on duty in the fighter's LICENCE. This is also the official result of the
fight and it cannot be overruled.
Before resuming Combat Sambo after a ban, as described in the above , a Fighter will, after a special medical
examination, have to be declared fit to take part in competition by a sports doctor.
When registered a KO or RSC-H a Fighter must get a CT-Scan of the head.

  1. Standardise all competition safety equipment.
  2. Make sure all sanctioned events have correct Medic cover in place.
  3. Lay the foundations for the next generation of Combat Sambo competitors.
  4. Have in place a basic syllabus for the clubs that wish to grade.
  5. All events to be sanctioned must be received 3 months in advance.
  6. The CSC will listen to all matters brought to them in regards to the sport, to find the best solution to any problem.
  7. CSC will develop formats to help Combat Sambo expand.
  8. CSC will implement a competitor advancement structure. The reason for this is so that a novice doesn't fight an advanced
  1. Competitor structure, Novice (first time in any full contact sport), C Class Fighter ( a fighter that has had 3 wins in Novice
    Class in any full contact sport, eg Boxing, MMA, Kick or Thai boxing). B Class Fighter ( a fighter that has had 6 wins in C
    Class in any full contact sport), A Class Fighter ( a fighter that has had 6 wins in B class in any full contact sport).
  2. Age limits for Combat Sambo contest will be governed by FIAS Rules. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Word from Allan Clarkin

Burnley CombatSombo. Before joining the BCSA my club was Sport Jujitsu, Traditional Jujitsu, Pankration ,MMA and No jacket grappling based. I wanted some thing for my students that had a History and a BIGGER future. This I have found in the BCSA an Association within the BSF who are the Governing Body in Britain for Sombo. We did a Transitional period with the BCSA attended Coaching Course and comps and what's more made very welcome. With NO I am it High Grade Black Belts. The BSF offer every thing I wanted for my students, A Governing Body, Coaching Courses, Comps throughout the year, National Championships and International Championships at the Highest Level, with a Road to the Combat Games. Self Defence, Jacket and No Jacket comps, Sport CombatSombo (an amateur form of mma in a jacket) also at International Level Combat Sombo (Full International Full Contact Rules) FIAS recognised. Many NEW things in the pipe line. So all Instructor out there who want some thing better and NEW for their students, do what I did. GET ON BOARD. You will NOT regret it. Allan Clarkin 30 years coaching, one student that most will know Michael Bisping now in the UFC. Dylan Cater a Great Kickboxer and many more. Thanks for reading this I hope to see NEW faces soon.

Faversham J C Move

After 35 years it has been necessary for Faversham Judo Club to find an alternative venue. I am pleased to inform you that we have found an affordable alternative and therefore Faversham Judo Club will be relocating to The Abbey School, London Road, Faversham. ME13 8RZ as of Saturday 11th August 2012.
Best Regards - George Holbrook

Faversham Judo Club has a famous heritage training some excellent Judoka and I am sure their move will be a great success, they are one of the few clubs who have operated on a Saturday and been successful. The new venue will be excellent for some Judo tournaments much needed in the South

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Interesting read on Judo

This Blog is an interesting read

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sombo and Nationalism

The British Sombo Federation has come under a lot of criticism from certain individuals from Scotland and Carlisle because the BSF have decided to have trials at Bedford. First they complained that it is to near the Scottish Open good point but the date for the Bedford Open was established in January so everyone was aware of that. Secondly what other date could you have for a trials August everyone is on holiday and September we have the Commonwealth.
A suggestion was made that we the BSF make the Scottish and the British Open as a selection for GB Teams, that would be OK if they were in different parts of the Country but both were or are in Dumfries far from a satisfactory way of choosing a good team
FIAS expects each National Federation to select competent players, which through the trials we can do that. Some have complained they have won several SportCombatSombo events and should be selected, sorry to say there is no world Championships for SportCombatSombo, this is a style I introduced as a watered down version of COMBAT SAMBO to comply with our Insurance requirement of the IBFBCSA (another good reason to be a member). The trials will be the first ever-Combat Sambo (Full contact Sombo) held in this country. So how could we select a Combat Sambo team without trials? Interestingly enough there were complaints because we insisted all Combat Sambo players have medical and relevant insurances!
One Face Book contributor inferred that the trials was put on to take money, well let me allay yours fears Russell Dodds the tournament organisers, not only has to pay for the hire of the Hall, medal etc. he also has to pay for a Doctor a total cost of at least £1800. He has had to include a Junior Judo event to cover his cost, sadly he is not a Banker or Farmer if he was he could sponsor the whole event.
I have been attending Scottish events since 1975 always bringing players I introduced Sombo to Scotland in the early 1980's. The BSF decided to have the British Open last year to give Scotland a chance it was such a success that we asked Robin to run it again this year sadly it did not have the same impact, we also have the Commonwealth Sombo Championships in Scotland that is three major events in Dumfries in one year, great news for the Scots and Northerners, but not so good if you live in the South. The BSF Committee pay their own expenses including travelling to Scotland and lets be honest all previous Scottish events have had to rely on Southern Officials. With regard to supporting the event last year I brought up 30 people from Kent we stayed for three days, plus there were players from London Bedford and Nottingham.
It seems the fervour for Scottish Independence is spreading into Sombo with some Scots suggesting they break away from the BSF. When they become an Independent Country and break with the UK this may be possible but at present UKSport, SportEngland, SportWales, SportScotland and SportNIreland will only recognise the British Sombo Federation as does FIAS (International Body) ESF (European Body) and when we become an Olympic Sport the BOC will only recognise the BSF. With regard to the Scottish Sombo Federation leaving the BSF I think you will find there constitution states they have to be members of the Recognised Governing Body. Yet apart from this Nationalist talk Scotland as a Country can not enter the Worlds or Europeans but there are many other tournaments they can enter as Scotland and if the formation of a Commonwealth Sambo Association is a success they can enter that as Scotland.
The BSF has taken in account the concerns of Sombo Players who complained that the BSF is becoming a Scottish orientated organisation, so next year we will have 3 premier events English Open in March Sittingbourne, Scottish Open in July Dumfries and the British Open Bedford in May. At these three events competitors can pick up points to qualify for the British Team. The idea that you can stay in your own back yard and become an international is ridiculous
To finalise the BSF is a constituted body and has an AGM in January every year, the AGM in 2013 will be in Bedford or Sittingbourne on the first or second Saturday in January, affiliated organisations can put amendments forward if they feel disgruntled with the way the BSF is run. The BSF is always on the look out for people to help but we need people with more then a couple of years experience in the Sport

For your Calendar

English Closed Junior Sombo Championships October Sittingbourne
November Open Judo and Sombo Event Bedford
 Sombo Instructors Course December Sittingbourne


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alan Roberts 6th Dan Banned for life

Find below an article about Alan Roberts 6th Dan who has been barred for life from the British Judo Association. I am not going to say whether Alan was guilty or not guilty of the allegations made against him, as I am not privy to the details of the BJA Disciplinary Boards evidence. That brings me to my first point surely if someone is found guilty of something especially when it comes to children, all the facts should be made public so we the public and those of us involved in Judo can make our own decision. It was common knowledge that the BJA involved the Police who under took a major investigation and found that there was insufficient evidence to bring charges against Alan Roberts. The premises of his guilt was based on 'a balance of probabilities', which is a lower standard of proof than the standard used in criminal cases. Which in most cases would be judged by a Civil Court with people who know the law. Was the BJA Disciplinary Board legally trained? 
The fact this has been announced on TV has prejudiced any appeal, it seems the BJA have not announced this officially so who leaked the story and what was there motive?

This case proves how much power a Governing Body of Sport but Child Protection is a very emotive issue and anyone accused of this type of action has to be immediately told to keep away from the club and association events. This is one of the few things that you are guilty till proven innocent. 

Leading coach
File on 4 can reveal a disciplinary hearing earlier this year found one of British judo's leading coaches was involved in abusing five athletes over 33 years. Until now the details of the hearing have not been made public.
Alan Roberts, who trained champions and Olympians, helped build the Dartford Judo Club, which is one of the leading sports facilities in the country.
A British Judo Association (BJA) panel decided that over a period spanning four decades, "he manipulated his position, influence and experience for the purposes of his own sexual gratification."
The finding was made on 'a balance of probabilities', which is a lower standard of proof than the standard used in criminal cases.
"He was found guilty of sexual assault on five individuals, two of whom were children under 16 at the time," says Scott McCarthy, the chief executive of the BJA.
"He has been banned from the BJA for life, he has been stripped of his membership and stripped of his coaching and that will keep him out of the British judo family forever."
Indecent Assaults
One of the coach's victims, who started training with Alan Roberts when he was 17, revealed that he was indecently assaulted during lessons over a period of three years.

"I've not told my wife anything in depth - you keep getting reminded of what happened and you want to forget it," says David (not his real name).
The BBC understands that Alan Roberts is no longer involved in any form of coaching but he wrote to File on 4 saying he hopes to appeal against the judo association's ruling at some stage in the future.
"I have been the subject of conspiracy and spreading of malicious comment by several of the complainants," he said.
"Recently the BJA have been notified by eight very senior members of their concerns and individual experiences about untruthful comment and/or malice said to them concerning me, during the investigation."
The BJA has now made a referral to the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA), which gathers child protection information in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

fighting fit

Summer Camp

23-25/08/2012 - Summercamp, Sittingbourne

Can we remind every-one about the closing date for this years camp. We also need to know who is attending on each day, and who is taking a grading in which art.

Summer Camp 2012

Thursday 23rd. August (Daytime) – Mixed Grappling Day
(Sombo, Sport Combatsombo, MMA, Freestyle Wrestling, Kurash)

Thursday 23rd. August (Evening) – Bash Nite!
1 ½ Hours of Contest & Fighting (All jacket styles – Judo, Sombo ect.)

Friday 24th. August (All day) – Judo (Covering all aspects, competitive
& technical)

Saturday 25th. August – Judo (Theory for gradings / Free practise) –
Followed by Judo grading for kyu & dan grades.

All three days – Only £100.00


£40.00 per day

(Grading Fees Extra)

Closing Date August 13th

Money with entry to

Martin Clarke

118 East Street



ME10 4RX


ME10 4RX

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Aaron Cook

Arron Cook No 1 Tae Kwon Do Player in the world has been left out of the British Team for the Olympics
Whether you like it or not you represent a Great Britain Team at the Olympics you can not enter as an individual. The BOC ask the recognised National Governing to select a Team, which in turn set certain criteria for their team members. I have been on both sides of the coin as a competitive Judoka in the 1970’s I had to not only compete in Judo competition I also had to fight the British Judo Associations Politicians who resented my presence because I was associated with other Judo Association, one was run by my parents. You can see my book Martin for Moscow on the web. Later I started the British Sombo Federation and have led it ever since so I now see the other side and realise you can not have an individual over riding the democrat elected governing body. What I suggest that Arron does is to get involved with the politics of his sports so he can change things from the inside