Monday, July 02, 2012


Judo Rules

A couple of the Young Judo Club members Casey Belsey and Ashley Costa competed in the Kent International next to the British Open this is one of the hardest Competitions on the Calendar. Bradley done extremely well by winning Bronze u 68k, Ashley had three fights won one and lost two by all accounts one was a somewhat dubious decision.

International Judo Federation are continually changing the rules to accommodate a modern day participation and some are very good but the majority are not. The IJF have this obsession or you may call it an arrogance to try and convince people that Judo Competition is not just another Grappling sport, please note I have said Judo Competition not Judo. They have tried to avoid such connections to Sombo, Kurash, and Olympic Wrestling by stating that a throw must be of a Judo Origin! So what does that mean? Does that mean that the only throws allowed would be those used by the Founder of Judo the twenty plus year old Jigaro Kano in the early 1900’s hundred? Surely Judo should be left to develop instead of becoming a Sporting Eunuch.
The latest move is if you clasped your hands round the back of your opponent with the attempt to do a Supplex (a variation of Ura Nage) you are penalised. I am told one opponent threw someone for an Ippon on this technique the score was subsequently change and he was given a penalty. Yes a Sport that wants you to throw someone but then penalises you for doing so. Also if  a throw must be of Judo Origin should drop knee seoi be allowed? Judo should not be frightened of alternative Jacket Wrestling Sports they should try and embrace them. What make Judo different to all the others is KATA and its Philosophy maybe it is time to embrace that rather then concentrate on Olympic Medals.
I would all ways recommend Children to start in Judo before any other Martial Arts/Combat Discipline it give a fundamental understanding of life In general. Once you become interested in competition take up Sombo a far superior Jacket Grappling Sport

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