Saturday, July 07, 2012

Aaron Cook

Arron Cook No 1 Tae Kwon Do Player in the world has been left out of the British Team for the Olympics
Whether you like it or not you represent a Great Britain Team at the Olympics you can not enter as an individual. The BOC ask the recognised National Governing to select a Team, which in turn set certain criteria for their team members. I have been on both sides of the coin as a competitive Judoka in the 1970’s I had to not only compete in Judo competition I also had to fight the British Judo Associations Politicians who resented my presence because I was associated with other Judo Association, one was run by my parents. You can see my book Martin for Moscow on the web. Later I started the British Sombo Federation and have led it ever since so I now see the other side and realise you can not have an individual over riding the democrat elected governing body. What I suggest that Arron does is to get involved with the politics of his sports so he can change things from the inside

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