Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sombo and Nationalism

The British Sombo Federation has come under a lot of criticism from certain individuals from Scotland and Carlisle because the BSF have decided to have trials at Bedford. First they complained that it is to near the Scottish Open good point but the date for the Bedford Open was established in January so everyone was aware of that. Secondly what other date could you have for a trials August everyone is on holiday and September we have the Commonwealth.
A suggestion was made that we the BSF make the Scottish and the British Open as a selection for GB Teams, that would be OK if they were in different parts of the Country but both were or are in Dumfries far from a satisfactory way of choosing a good team
FIAS expects each National Federation to select competent players, which through the trials we can do that. Some have complained they have won several SportCombatSombo events and should be selected, sorry to say there is no world Championships for SportCombatSombo, this is a style I introduced as a watered down version of COMBAT SAMBO to comply with our Insurance requirement of the IBFBCSA (another good reason to be a member). The trials will be the first ever-Combat Sambo (Full contact Sombo) held in this country. So how could we select a Combat Sambo team without trials? Interestingly enough there were complaints because we insisted all Combat Sambo players have medical and relevant insurances!
One Face Book contributor inferred that the trials was put on to take money, well let me allay yours fears Russell Dodds the tournament organisers, not only has to pay for the hire of the Hall, medal etc. he also has to pay for a Doctor a total cost of at least £1800. He has had to include a Junior Judo event to cover his cost, sadly he is not a Banker or Farmer if he was he could sponsor the whole event.
I have been attending Scottish events since 1975 always bringing players I introduced Sombo to Scotland in the early 1980's. The BSF decided to have the British Open last year to give Scotland a chance it was such a success that we asked Robin to run it again this year sadly it did not have the same impact, we also have the Commonwealth Sombo Championships in Scotland that is three major events in Dumfries in one year, great news for the Scots and Northerners, but not so good if you live in the South. The BSF Committee pay their own expenses including travelling to Scotland and lets be honest all previous Scottish events have had to rely on Southern Officials. With regard to supporting the event last year I brought up 30 people from Kent we stayed for three days, plus there were players from London Bedford and Nottingham.
It seems the fervour for Scottish Independence is spreading into Sombo with some Scots suggesting they break away from the BSF. When they become an Independent Country and break with the UK this may be possible but at present UKSport, SportEngland, SportWales, SportScotland and SportNIreland will only recognise the British Sombo Federation as does FIAS (International Body) ESF (European Body) and when we become an Olympic Sport the BOC will only recognise the BSF. With regard to the Scottish Sombo Federation leaving the BSF I think you will find there constitution states they have to be members of the Recognised Governing Body. Yet apart from this Nationalist talk Scotland as a Country can not enter the Worlds or Europeans but there are many other tournaments they can enter as Scotland and if the formation of a Commonwealth Sambo Association is a success they can enter that as Scotland.
The BSF has taken in account the concerns of Sombo Players who complained that the BSF is becoming a Scottish orientated organisation, so next year we will have 3 premier events English Open in March Sittingbourne, Scottish Open in July Dumfries and the British Open Bedford in May. At these three events competitors can pick up points to qualify for the British Team. The idea that you can stay in your own back yard and become an international is ridiculous
To finalise the BSF is a constituted body and has an AGM in January every year, the AGM in 2013 will be in Bedford or Sittingbourne on the first or second Saturday in January, affiliated organisations can put amendments forward if they feel disgruntled with the way the BSF is run. The BSF is always on the look out for people to help but we need people with more then a couple of years experience in the Sport

For your Calendar

English Closed Junior Sombo Championships October Sittingbourne
November Open Judo and Sombo Event Bedford
 Sombo Instructors Course December Sittingbourne


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