Thursday, July 26, 2012

Alan Roberts replies to BJA

Below is a Statement by Alan Roberts 6th Dan I believe it should be read by everyone so some balance is put into this matter
Let’s hope that this appeal will bring out of the wood work the truth and why some BJA members have been so vehement in their attack on Alan and I hope if and I reiterate if any other Seniors officers in any Sport have or will be accused of sexual abuse either to youngster or adults, they will also be investigated with the same vigor. This is the correct procedure, Sport cannot tolerate Sexual abuse or any form of harassment but we must be vigilant that the complaints are truthful and not vindictive or done for personal gain

I have decided to make a brief statement regarding my present situation due to recent events, and in response to the item which appeared on BBC News South East on 10th July 2012 As I had a number of concerns about the way in which the enquiry was conducted and the conclusions which had been reached, I exercised my right to appeal.
The BJA have, to date, declined to deal with my appeal on 3 separate occasions for reasons which I consider are not valid. I strenuously deny any of the accusations which have been made.
I am extremely disappointed by the involvement of the BJA whose actions in publicising the matter, something which I have tried to avoid whilst attempting to appeal, I consider to be detrimental to the reputation of the sport of judo.
When I was contacted by the BBC about the radio programme, I made it clear that I would be appealing the decision and asked them not to mention the situation in their programme, because this could prejudice a future appeal or review. I heard nothing more from them, and had no idea about the TV coverage which came as a complete shock.
Throughout the 3 years and 3 months since I was suspended from the BJA whilst the enquiry has been on going, no action has been taken by any Body which has power to deal with the matters which have been alleged. In addition, I would mention that I have a completely clear Advanced CRB Certificate.
During the enquiry hearing, evidence came to light which caused considerable concern for a large number of very senior members of the BJA, who have requested an investigation. Throughout the entire investigation, and to this day, I have had total support from County and Regional Associations, who were as mystified, shocked and confused by the findings handed down, and I can confirm that they join with me and my continuing attempts to persuade the BJA to deal with my appeal.
In his statement, Mr Scott McCarthy referred to the enquiry which was held recently, and indicated that a referral had been made to the ISA.
The enquiry hearing was actually held in January 2012. In April 2012 I contacted the ISA, and was told that no referral had been made by their reply date, 15Y May 2012, and was informed that if a referral was made I would be contacted within 7 days, and a case worker allocated to the case. Following the Broadcast on 10t" July 2012, 1 again contacted the ISA, but have still not been notified of any referral about me to them by the BJA. This seems very strange to me.

Please feel free to pass this statement on to anybody to whom it may be of interest. I hope you agree that it is in everyone's best interest to allow an appeal, so as to get the real truth of this situation made clear.
Alan Roberts

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