Tuesday, November 15, 2011

World Sambo Prelim report

Over the past few days I have been at the World Sambo Championship in Vilnius Lithuania, absolutely brilliant FIAS has well over 80 Countries and I believe there was 60 countries actually competiting. The standard was amazing and you can watch on www.sambo.tv, GB took two players Danny Roberts and Barry Gibson both only had one fight as in the worlds you can only fight for bronze if you lose to a finalist, both them made a good account. The BSF would like to take more fighters but as we receive no grants or sponsorship it has become increasingly difficult financially. I went to watch and attend the FIAS Congress meeting and it cost me personally £800 for 4 days.

Yet there is some hope the Russians have said they will support us at the Europeans and pay for 3 Sambo and 3 Combat Sambo players accommodation at the Europeans in next years European Championships in Moscow and the BSF have agreed that I will select the Sambo players and Robin in conjunction with Alan Clarkin will select the Combat Sambo players, we are not restricted to three players and can take a full contingent. Must point this is Combat Sambo not my SportCombatSombo, Combat Sambo is full contact on the ground as well.

While at the meeting it was said that $3 million will be spent next year promoting Sambo and money was on offer. I said it was important for GB that we started to see more top World class Sambo players attending British competitions and this have agreed to do. They will be looking for a suitable date and we will get a venue near an airport such as Gatwick or Glasgow, with the letter being the more favourable as we get more support from the North then the South and also Robin make get grants and sponsorship something not happening in the South,

While at the World‘s Robin and Myself met up with Andrew Moshanov a former British Judo Association Technical Director who was a spectator and he has shown a great interest in reviving his interest in Sambo with his influence with the BJA we could see more players having a go.

I am very disappointed with the response to the 25th anniversary (England Open) to day is Tuesday 15th and the closing date is the 21st and we only have a handful of competitors WHY? There is no way the closing date will be extended as it has been advertised for months, this is the trails for anyone wishing to be considered for internationals next year representing England so get booked in.

You will notice I have used the word England well because of the cost of travel, people losing jobs and having wage cuts the BSF have said the economics demand we work from individual countries to help our members. The BSF will apply to FIAS and the European Sambo Federation for permission for them to send National Teams.

The World Combat Games (Combat Olympics organised by Sports Accord) will be held in St Petersburg 2013 and we will hope to send a full team but selection for this event will start January 2012 and competitors will be selected form what they do over a 15 month period

A full report will be put on the net when I get results and Photo’s