Friday, October 17, 2008

Calling all Females

Calling all Ladies and Girls

Over the 51 years since the Young Judo club was established it has always attracted as many Females as it did Males in fact it is most probably the most successful club in the country in producing Female Judoka. Sadly over the last couple of years the numbers have fallen but Keith Costa and Miles Brown are trying regenerate female interest in the Martial Art/Sport. Keith teaches Self Defence for the Girls Grammar School and some of the pupils have joined the Club, Miles is catering for the mature women he has several ladies in their thirties and early Forties now training with him on a Wednesday night.
So why should a Female join the Young Judo Club apart from the obvious qualified Coaches, Good Facilities and tradition, Judo is an ideal way to get fit and keep you healthy it also teaches you self defence plus gives you confidence. A misconception is that they will become very manly and travel the country competing, this is far from the truth female Judoka have a wide range of things away from Contest, they practise the perfection of technique, they learn the art of Kata (Demonstration of Classical Moves), they learn how to use Judo as a self defence system, they learn how to teach others.
Well Ladies and Girls do you want to be a bit different from the rest of the herd YES well become a Judoka.

Further information sombgb @ 01795 437124 or turn up at the Swale Martial Arts Club East Street Sittingbourne on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. The Club is situated by the East Street Roundabout.

Friday, October 10, 2008

My 5th Grandchild

Today my youngest daughter Susan gave birth to a bouncing boy 6lb something. His name is to be George. Georges sister Poppy and Dad Anthony (Husband to Susan) are both very happy as are we grandparents


My Knee again

At long last a surgeon has agreed to replace my knee this is after 6 years and two cancelled operations but even now I have been told there is a 4 months wait. So all well and good but before I was accepted I had to sign a form confirming that I understood:
1) I could die on the operating theatre
2) I could get blood clots and die
3) I could get MRSA
4) I may be in more pain after the operation
5) I may get an infection
6) The knee will not last very long because of my weight

The rather dower surgeon then asked if I was happy with this? He seemed surprise when I said NO I AM BLOODY NOT but I will have it done any way. It seems that they can transplant new arms to a patient, send a man to the moon but can not develop a knee for someone over 12 stone. The NHS is a disgrace.
Before I left he said your Hip is very bad that will need replacing “OOO Christmas all over again can not wait”

For those who interested I damaged my knee at the age of 24 demonstrating Kaeshi Kata (Kata of Counters) Uki attacks with Ippon Seoi Nage Tori responds by jumping in front to throw with Uki Waza. To do this your right foot goes ground first at this point I twisted my knee out of joint.