Thursday, December 31, 2009

Succesfull Coaching

This excellent Book a must for all Sports and Martial Arts Coaches normally sells for £27.99p. I have 5 copies and will sell for £15 including P@P
Successful Coaching offers an in-depth introduction to the coaching profession and is specifically written for the high school and serious club coach. Integrating the latest sport science research with practical knowledge acquired by highly experienced coaches, this book features new sections on sportsmanship, coaching diverse athletes, managing athletes’ behavior, preventing and addressing drug and alcohol abuse, and coaching using the games approach. Five sections serve as the foundation for the book:
Principles of Coaching emphasizes the value of a coaching philosophy and how to achieve the three major objectives of coaching: create a team of winners; help young people have fun; and motivate young people to develop physical, psychological, and social skills. Featured is a new chapter devoted to coaching diverse athletes, in which coaches learn about developmental differences in youth, cultural and gender differences, and differences in physical and mental abilities. Also new are specific guidelines on sexual harassment, sexual relations, and homosexuality in sport, making Successful Coaching the first book to offer written guidelines that address these issues.
Principles of Behavior discusses how to communicate and motivate players, as well as manage problem behaviors among athletes, using a positive discipline approach.
Principles of Teaching introduces the games approach to coaching and details how to incorporate this new approach into teaching technical and tactical skills. Coaches will learn how to develop an instructional plan for each practice and for the entire season.
Principles of Physical Training includes five new chapters on training basics, training for energy fitness, training for muscular fitness, nutrition, and battling drugs. Coaches will learn to develop training programs for better sport performance and to ensure the health and safety of their athletes.
Principles of Management covers the interpersonal and administrative basics required for building a solid coaching foundation that emphasizes team, relationship, and risk management. Helpful advice on working with fellow coaches, administrators, officials, medical personnel, parents, and the media is also included.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Alan has his say

Well after reading IBF/BSCA Newsletter , you could forgive me for asking a question
was it really JOHN that suggested that theory grades be accepted for the under
30's ??? Does this mean that John has realised that not every one can or
would want too contest , if this is the case Johns suggestion may be one of
the saviours of the arts.
This is a sincere letter not a sarcastic one.
Well done John .

ALAN K0NTOZI 4th DAN THEORY GRADE who still enjoyed a good club night
training session and wishes I never stopped training .

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

European Pankration Championships

Pankration is new to me so I will be attending the Europeans I would like to take a couple of fighters as the International Body said they would like to see GB represented. There is no grants as Pankration UK is not recognised by UK Sport as we have only going a couple of months that is understandable. As President of the British Sombo Federation a governing body recognised by UK Sport, I have notified them that I have started Pankration UK. So competitors will have to fund themselves and will have to attend the Course in March and be a member of IBF/BCSA/PUK. If you are interested please let me know.

Monday, December 28, 2009

IBF/BCSA Newsletter

IBF/BCSA January Newsletter 2010

2009 I am sorry to say was not a good year for those involved in Martial Arts and Combat Disciplines, membership down, participation in competition and courses down. Why? I believe it is many factors:
1) Youngsters no longer want to do physical activities; they want to interact with watching TV Sport or using computers and Game Boy etc
2) adults are frightened to get hurt just in case they lose time of work
3) The state the country is in has left all of us feeling depressed and short of money
4) More and more regulations governing those who want to coach Cub Mark, UKCC etc

The IBF/BSF events certainly took a down turn, the IBF Multi Nations we could only manage a Mini Bus to Germany normally we have a large Coach, Summer Camp number were down, we could only muster 3 entries for the World Masters Sombo in Lithuania and 2 for the World Sombo in Greece. Interestingly enough IBF/BCSA Junior membership has increased a fraction bucking the National trend but our Senior Membership has dropped.

So what to do Firstly not to give up see below the list of events we have on offer, some of the competitions may have to go into smaller halls as few participants mean less revenue. Also we must look how to attract more adults. John Clarke 5th Dan Chairman IBF Judo Technical Commission has suggested to extend the Non Competitive (Theory) Grade system to the under 30 years! This would be a big step as the IBF has always believed that Contest should be the primary aspect for young Judoka but at the same time we must move with the times. All Martial Arts organisation rely on adults to teach youngsters if we lose the adults we lose the kids, so I think it will be a good idea to drop the Non Competitive Dan Grade age to 18 but it must never become an easy option maybe the commission can look at increasing the syllabus for non competitive grades i.e. 2 Kata’s for 1st Dan. I do not want to see NC Dan Grades being classified as sub standard to C Dan grades; NC Grades should be a different route to the understanding of Judo as a Philosophy for Life. Most martial Arts do not expect Shiai to be part of the Grading Syllabus so what I am proposing is not out of the ordinary.

IBF clubs need to be more versatile include other disciplines into your programme if you are primarily a Judo club try the occasional lesson of Sombo or Kurash or Jiu Jitsu or Pankration, this will give your students an added interest and make you different to the other club down the road, we are all trying to attract a very limited group who want to participate in what we do.

The first event of the year is a Sombo Training session this is suitable for all Jacket Wrestlers and even non Jacket wrestlers, if you have not got any Sombo kit just wear a Judo Jacket and a pair of shorts. So if you do Sombo, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Free Style, Kurash, Belt Wrestling come and have a try, LET ME KNOW WELL IN ADVANCE IF YOU CAN COME

If you are interested in the First Aid Course please book in as soon as possible as we only have 16 places and there has been a great deal of interest, this course can be used in the work place

My latest venture is Pankration the first Combat Form to be used in the Ancient Olympics, the best way I can explain the competition is as a mixture of Semi Contact Karate and Judo/Sombo. I have the European President from Greece as the Coach at the course. Try and get there once again book well in advance as space is limited.

It has taken me many years to get Sport CombatSombo insured in this country and one of the conditions is that only people who have attended a course under my supervision will be insured to teach i.e. allowed to teach. So I have organised this Teachers Training Course in both Sombo and Sport CombatSombo.

With all that training under your belt you can not miss out on the British Sombo Open, this year we have gone for a smaller venue but we expect the fights to be just as good. We will be looking for players to enter the Worlds in Uzbekistan November, plus the World masters and Keith Costa wants to take some juniors to a big Tournament in Lithuania in December.

The Big Judo event of the year for us is the IBF Multi Nations in Hastings; this event should attract Judoka from England, Scotland, N Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and provisionally Ukraine, Italy and Russia. This event is for IBF members only and we allow 6 per country so you want to have a go just enter; this event was the stepping stone for many top international Judoka. I have arranged a special deal with Haven Holidays for accommodation. I am looking for somebody to represent the IBF in Wales if you are that person get in touch.

Last but not least is our Annual Summer Camp, this year we will having Top Jiu Jitsu Master Tom Starling 7th Dan on the course along with all our regular Coaches, Pankration will be on the agenda as well. Once again I am offering a reduced rate for those who book in by April and on top of this I am making a special price for those youngsters 12 to 16 as long as they book in by April.

IBF/BCSA needs your support so lets have some enthusiasm and NEVER SAY DIE

I Hope we all have a very Prosperous 2010

Martin Clarke 8th Dan Sambo GrandMaster
IBF/BCSA President


January 31st Sombo Training
February 21st Sombo Training
February 28th First Aid Course
March 14th Pankration Course
March 7th Open Judo Championship (Venue to be decided)
March 28th Teachers Certificate Sport Combat & Sombo Course
April 11th British Open Sombo
April 18th Sport CombatSombo
April 18th Pankration Championship (Venue to be decided)
May 15th IBF Multi Nation Judo Championships Hastings
June 20th Freestyle Sombo Tournament

Carrotts at Boxing Day

Boxing Day Training for 2nd Dan Lee and 3rd Dan Colin A beer and a dip in the sea

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hand To Hand Fighting

Hand to Hand Fighting from IBF Europe

Banned from using the name Free Style Sambo

It seems that I have offended American Sambo, I have always put the promotion of Sombo/Sambo before any financial gain it seems American Sambo Has different Ideas

I am quite shocked by this email as I am trying to promote Sombo/Sambo not just in GB but throughout the World I would have thought you would have done as much as you can to assist me. I notice your Trade mark is registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office so I very much doubt that it covers the whole of the World but I do not intend getting into some long legal argument over a name that really means nothing, I will change the name back to its original conception CombatSombo Wrestling, something I introduced over 25 years ago long before your own involvement in Sambo/Sombo you will see the rules on my web site a site I have had for 10 years. At this juncture can I remind you that COMBATSOMBO is a registered Service Mark with the UK Trades Marks Registry no 1340614 also COMBATSOMBO was recognised by FIAS in 1990 with me as the founder. Does your own FreeStyle have the same legitimise? May I wish you luck with your FreeStyle Sambo and hope it is a financial success and just remind you we have our British Open Sombo in April 2010 you and the US are more then welcome.

Grand Master Martin Clarke
Working for World Wide Sambo
----- Original Message -----
From: American Sambo Association
Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2009 6:56 PM
Subject: Your Freestyle Sambo


I saw that you plan holding a freestyle sambo event.

I wanted to remind you that "Freestyle Sambo" is a registered trademark owned by American Sambo, LLC (Trademark reg # 3219127, US Patent and Trademark Office). I also hold a copyright of the rules as well, which your rules would need to conform with to be considered a official "Freestyle Sambo" event.

Use of the name "Freestyle Sambo" must be done with permission of the American Sambo Association. There is a process for this, however, I am very disappointed that you did not consult with me prior to promoting your event.

In order for this to be a recognized "Freestyle Sambo" event, you must act in cooperation with the American Sambo Association, pay appropriate fees, bring in trained referees (or host a referee clinic by the ASA), etc.

If you wish to work with us on this, I would be interested in discussing it. However, if you do not, I sincerely hope you will change the name of your event.

I look forward to your reply.


Stephen KoepferPresident, American Sambo AssociationHead Coach, New York Combat SamboUS Team Coach, 2008 FIAS World Sambo ChampionshipsPO Box 5773Long Island City, NY 11105www.ussambo.comwww.nycombatsambo.comwww.samboschools.comAssociation: 718-728-8054NY Combat Sambo: 917-617-5650

2008 US Team

Thursday, December 17, 2009

European Pankration

I have been invited to send players to the European Pankration Championships in Ukraine in April 2010. Obviously we do not expect to win anything but I would like to take one or two fighters for the experience and see how these tournaments run. I believe all we have to pay for is the Flight. If you are interested please let me know and make sure you turn up for the course in March

Events 2010


Elite Sombo Training

For Sombo Wrestlers and Sport Combat Sambo Players
CREPS Houlgate Normandy France
May 1st to May 3rd 2010
Cost £150
CREPS Houlgate was part of the French National Sports Centres dotted through out France; it has now been taken over by the Normandy Provincial Government. This Centre has several large halls which can house two International size areas; it has saunas, state of the art Weight Training facilities. The weekend course will include all meals, accommodation and training.
On hand will be 3 of the best Coach/Competitors in the World from Russia, two Sombo Coaches and one Sport Combat Sambo Coach. The purpose of this is to start training players in the Western European block to beat the strangle hold the Eastern Europeans have on the sport of Sombo, to try and understand their training methods as well as their mind set. To some this maybe a dream but can I remind you up till the 1960’s Japan dominated the Judo World that is no longer true.
This course is by invitation only so those wishing to go should contact BSF HQ in Sittingbourne, there will be training sessions held in February in Folkestone England, Belfast N Ireland and Dumfries Scotland for those who wish to be considered. The British Team will be accompanied and supervised by John Clarke and Colin Carrott.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Danny Carrott from the Warriors Grappling Academy took part in the Caen Open Sport Combat Sambo and Sombo championships in Normandy France on Saturday,

The Combat Sambo was in the morning and Dan decide to enter both in the Sombo Dan is a seasoned player and he was expected to win a medal but in the Combat Sambo this was his first competition. This proved to be a disaster in the first minute Dan was kneed on the nose which broken because of this the Doctor decided to stop hi competing not only in the Combat Sambo but in the Sombo as well.

Kneeing to the face is not allowed the ref deemed that it was Dan fault for taking a low stance have a look at the video and judge for yourself.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tom Starling Jiu Jitsu

Since the advert I posted a couple of days ago I have had several EMails regarding IBF Jiu Jitsu

Tom Starling 7th Dan is our man in charge of Jiu Jitsu and all forms of weopan training his email is IBF Jiu Jitsu is on the increase well done Tom

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Competition in Judo March 2010

The Brian Stening Memorial Championships was a great success, so much so we intend hiring the Swallows whole hall for a Junior and Seniors Championships in March 2010, The Young Judo Club in collaboration with Spitfire Judo club will buying enough Judo Mats to cover 3 area of the new IJF Standard mats, these are primarily be for the IBF Multi nations in Hastings 2010 but 2 will be operation in March. At this event those IBF members who have booked in for the May competition will be able to pick up their England badges at this event. These mats will be available for hire for any IBF Club. The competition is open to all organisations and clubs and our Sittingbourne Dojo is available for those who wish to sleep over. Keep watching for further details

Friday, December 04, 2009

News from Singapore

Dear parent / coach and kind supporters,

Our Year end invitation was successfully concluded over the weekend of 27th – 29th November 2009. Combining elements of BJJ, Judo, Sambo and wrestling, this event received more than 160 participants from as young as 4 years old including guests from Malaysia and Indonesia. The many parents and supporters added color and vibrancy to the competition, encouraging the participants, bring out the very best in them. It was a truly trying experience for many of the children, especially in the face of daunting challenges from our overseas guests and while many tears were shed, each and every child persevered, pushing on in the face of adversity, overcoming their fears and trepidations.

We are pleased that aside from bruised and battered egos, no major incidents occurred and our safety record remains intact and everyone present gained a wealth of experience (Including our many trainers who worked very hard to bring about the successful conclusion of this event). There were many outstanding performances, displaying skills, creativity and courage, embodying the spirit of sportsmanship. This speaks highly of the values and nurturing which the children have received at home and in school. This event was reported in My Paper (article attached) and in the Straits Times.

As in all competitions, there are the victors and the vanquished and while only some were awarded medals and trophies, every participant who stepped onto the mats should consider themselves champions as it take great courage and determination to overcome their fears and deal with their emotions. We hope that this experience will encourage the children to greater heights.

Thank you so much for supporting the event, and to our invited guests, our deepest appreciation for taking the effort to be part of this. We apologise for the many administrative lapses as we worked fervently to accommodate the many changes to accommodate everyone and ensure the best possible experience for everyone without compromising safety.

The excellent photographs (courtesy of Mr. Joerg Eschenfelder, who spent 3 very long days covering the event) from the event may be viewed on the Jagsport FACEBOOK site. If you do happen to have video of the event, we would appreciate if you could add it to You Tube so that we can share your special moment.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A note from Matt Clempner

Hi Martin
Just to let you know Kosei's only open session this was in the North West Area due to an agreement with George Kerr and Inoue. This attend by nearly 70 Judoka from as far away as Essex. However he is moving to the Budokwai in the spring I believe.

Cheers Matt good news for all Judoka

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Kosei Inoue, Judoka world champion

Did you know that Kosei Inoue, Judoka world champion and most probably the most succesful Judoka the World has seen was at the Dartford Judo Club on Wednesday? One must ask the question why didn't the BJA inform its members, I am sure many local people would have liked to have seen him

HSE Emergency First Aid for the Workplace.pdf

IBF First Aid Course click link

Disabled Judo and Child Protection

Disabled and Judo
Judo Coaches are now expected to take a Diversity Course, yes another course with Judo losing members and coaches and in this crisis what does the governing body and the government want more Politically Correct courses. These courses can fund the life style of Diversity Style fanatics who teach and preach this bile, the latest is the disabled we are told we must accommodate the disabled or risk being sued. Since I started Judo in 1955 my parents and myself have on many occasions helped disabled people do judo at the Young Judo Club, we had people with one arm, blind, deaf, with prosthetic limbs, also those unfortunates who were backward I believe the word is now called having learning difficulties all these could do judo to some sort of level, they may be not competiting or being thrown we have always tried to accommodate. I, my parents and my Club did not need to go on a course to be told to help those less fortunate then ourselves it was our Christian upbringing and our wish to spread the word about Judo. When some one who was unable to be physically involved we would encourage them to get involved with the organisation of events. Yet there is time when you have to say no we can not teach you Judo because you are physically unable, they may be a danger to themselves and others, to then be threatened with legal action for discrimination is a disgrace.
While on the subject of being fair, I reported many months ago about the case of a Top Martial Arts Coach being accused of Child molesting, the governing body forbid him from entering any of their registered clubs including his own. 6 months later he has still not been told 1) What he is accused of doing 2) who his accuser is, Guilty till Proven Innocent and I always thought in our country we believed in Justice. If he has committed a crime against children get him to court and if found guilty lock him up but what is happening now is not Justice. Every one who works with children can have their reputation smashed by a malicious accusation or malicious gossip and rumour, even to the extent you can make a complaint about an incident that happened 20 years ago even if you have no proof. Children need to be protected but so do the innocent

Martin Clarke

Monday, November 23, 2009

New IJF Rules with Chris Mullen

Chris Mullen BJA National Referee gave a seminar at the Swale Martial Arts Club on the new IJF Judo Rules; the seminar was an excellent day and was extremely informative. My own feeling is that the new rules will not achieve their aim of returning Judo to Upright Form of Competitive Martial Art Some may say linking Martial art and Competitive is a contradiction), I will agree that Judo has become just another form of Jacket Wrestling in fact an inferior version of Sombo/Sambo (Russian Jacket Wrestling) but to blame Wrestling styles for its demise is ridiculous. Having watched modern day Judo it is the IJF Rules that have changed the shape of Judo for example:
1) Years ago included in the rules was “Throw must be of Judo origin” when this was dropped I was one of those who said “Good Judo must move with the times” What a stupid boy I was to think because something is new and modern it must be better, maybe I should have kept to “if isn’t broke do not fix it”
2) You could not score if you were on the floor
3) If both of you were on the floor and not in Ne Waza Matte was called
4) You could not pick a person of the floor to score
5) If a throw was not clear cut no score was given. On the seminar we would watch matches and spend an age in discussion deciding who scored what
6) An Ippon was when your opponent was thrown on his back with speed force and impetus or as my father (Nobby) used to say 6ft up 7ft down.
By just going back to these basic measures Judo would become yet again a Dynamic Upright Fighting Sport.
After complaining about he new rules there are some good things one being the size and design of the Mat, now you have 6 metre x 6mtre fighting area normally in yellow with a 3 metre safety area normally in blue as you are now allowed to continue your throw outside without fear of a penalty. Sadly this came 30 years to late for me. On numerous occasions when I was trying for the 1980 Olympics, I would lose on the infamous “Step out” that was just letting your foot go outside the area which was rewarded with a Keikoku, I fought my main British rival on 4 occasions, he threw me once for Ippon, I returned the compliment and the other two times I lost on “Step out” and I was ahead on scores. On two occasions in the Paris Tournament and the Dutch Open I missed medal position because I threw my opponent outside the area but I should not whinge because I knew the rules. This new area favour Technique over Gamesmanship but there is a problem in these days of Health and safety, child protection etc if we do not have a Mat area as prescribed could the organiser be sued if someone got injured of the mat? If so could this be the death knell of all small competitions? I hope not.
The new rules which will be introduced in January will basically ban all techniques below the belt, so great Judo throws like Sumi Gaeshi, Suki Nage, Morote Doro, Te Guruma will all vanish an Ippon has become a role on the floor. That tough sport of Judo has been watered down to pander to the modern generation how long before we see Semi Contact Judo or better still Judo where you gain points for attempting a throw and disqualification for throwing someone. If that what it takes to bring people back to Judo who am I to complain but I am glad I do Sombo that ruffians sport where you try to throw someone hard
Martin Clarke

Greco-Roman, Sambo, Judo, Judo Some the best

Greco Roman


Judo Yamashita

Judo Geesink

Greatest Greco Roman Wrestler ever

Watch this Film on the greatest Greco Roman Wrestler ever

Saturday, November 21, 2009

What do I think of Cage Fighting

On one of my You Tube sites a comment was made that Grappling was finished as Cage Fighting was the only way forward. To some degree the writer was right, Cage Fighting most probably has had a dramatic influence on Traditional Grappling Disciplines like Olympic Wrestling, Judo, Sambo etc. It has turned the Martial Arts Fraternity into those who watch rather then do, they want to watch two very fit tough men beat each other up, like the people of ancient Rome watching Gladiators fight to the death a form of voyeurism.

In the beginning Cage Fighting/Ultimate Fighting started by the Gracie Family was followed by Martial arts Practitioners who to see how different styles of Martial Arts would work against each, they would watch with anticipation to see if a new technique come out of this mix and match style of competition so they could improve on their own style. As the system became more popular the clever fighter realised that you had to reinvent yourself to fit the the rules etc, they became a new breed of Martial Artists with a new Martial Art some called it cage Fighting some called it MMA. This in its self was good news Combat Disciplines need to develop like everything in life but you must not forget the Past for without that there is no Present.

Sadly Cage Fighting has become a realistic branch of Professional Wrestling where it all about getting Bums on seats, about making a Profit good for the promoter and good for the fighter who can make a living out of this tough, gruelling form of entertainment and lets face it Cage Fighters have to be courageous to get in the Cage. Yet all this does produce followers but very few participants.

After saying all this there is still a respectable level of people participating in MMA events, I had the famous Judoka Neil Adams at my club in the beginning of the year and he told me half of his courses are with MMA guys but I still wonder if the majority of those watching Cage Fighting actually get of there backsides and train.

So do I like Cage Fighting not particularly, I have a lot of respect for the fighters but find it hard to see getting some one on the floor doing the Ground and Pound or keeping your opponent trapped on a Cage and beating them into submission can be called a Sport? to me there was something honourable about beating someone with out damaging them but then again maybe I am a softie but a softie who actually done something not just watched.

Do I want Cage Fighting banned of course not I believe in free choice the Fighters do not have to in the cage but I would like to see more people doing the Traditional Arts and mine is any form of grappling with a jacket, Judo, Sambo, Kurash, Belt Wrestling, Bökh Mongolian wrestling, chidaoba Georgian Wrestling, Pankration etc there is still a lot to be learned fro past generations and past Masters

Friday, November 20, 2009

Forthcoming events

International Budo Federation
British CombatSombo Association
Pankration UK

Forthcoming Events at Sittingbourne Kent
January 31st Sambo Training Session 10am till 1pm cost £10
February 21st Sambo Training Session 10am till 1pm cost £10
March 14th Pankration Seminar Leading European Coach £30
Teachers Certificate Course Sambo & Sport CombatSombo
March 27th & 28tt Weekend £100 including exam

British Sombo Open Championships
Junior and Senior April 11th 2009

Sport CombatSombo Tournament
Senior Men April 18th 2009

Annual Summer Camp Dibgate Folkestone
August 22nd till August 28th

Contact Martin Clarke

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pankration Course

I hope to run an Introduction to Pankration Seminar on March 14th The european President has agreed to come over to give the Seminar on basic techniques and rules the seminar will be for 4 hours and will cost £30

How many of you would be interested?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Things for the future

Have a lot planned for next Year

Sombo Training Sunday 30th cost £10 all money to go towards British Team. Hope to run these on a Monthly Basis

First Aid Course in February Date to be confirmed

Pankration Course Pancration was featured in the Ancient Olympics and is a Striking Grappling Sport. I am trying to get a Coach over from Greece March will most probably be the time.

Colin Carrott intends running Monthly sessions of Junior and Senior Sombo in Capel Le ferne

Russell Dodds and Ian Parker will be starting a Sport CombatSombo in the new year in Bedford

Once I have recovered from my Hip operation in January I will be starting a Sombo Club for Juniors and seniors on a Wednesday night at Sittingbourne

I have a Sport CombatSombo and Pankration club on a Thursday night in Sittingbourne

Sport CombatCombat Examination Course for those wishing to teach Sport CombatSombo March 28th 2010

British Sombo Open has been moved to a smaller venue for 2010 as the recession has seen a drop in participants. It will be at Sittingbourne Community College April 11th

Multi Nation Judo Championships Hastings May 15th 2010 we need your support

Annual Summer Camp August 22nd till August 28th Youngsters 12 to 16 can go for just £150

Please do not forget the Brian Stening Memorial Championships on November 30th 2009

Find out more go to

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Kidnapping , Drug Dealing nice people to train with

Us Martial artists do love to go on about the Bushido code of Morality well a couple of our number seem to have slipped the net, read below this was featured on a BBC programme, there is more I was recently told a Well known Wrestling Promoter has been charged with Dealing drugs, Kidnapping and possession of a Kalashnikov assault Rifle True or False we will soon find out

Judo hopeful 'was drugs enforcer'

It was alleged the gang also loaned out the guns to other criminal gangs
An Olympic judo finalist from Bristol went on to become a violent drugs enforcer, Bristol Crown Court heard.
Judo instructor James Waithe, 47, represented Barbados at the Olympics and England in the Commonwealth Games.
But a raid in June last year on a flat owned by Mr Waithe revealed an arsenal of five handguns, four rifles, stun grenades, a shotgun and ammunition.
Mr Waithe denies conspiracy to supply cocaine, and conspiracy to possess firearms and explosives.
But four other members of the alleged five-man gang have admitted their role in supplying Bristol with cocaine, and three to possessing firearms.
'£1m per week'
The court was shown pictures of a 10-tonne hydraulic press used, prosecutors said, to press cocaine.
Stephen Mooney, prosecuting, said the gang earned up to £1m per week from sales.
Mr Mooney told the jury gang member Craig Rodel, 46, had told two other confessed drug dealers - Grant Richmond, 29, and 22-year-old Kevin Downes - to "fire a couple of rounds " into an address in Hartcliffe, Bristol.
Mr Rodel added: "Leave it until late. Make sure the lights are out as there are kids in the property. Put one in the door and one in the window."
Mr Rodel, Mr Richmond and Mr Downes, all from Bristol, have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine and conspiracy to possess firearms and explosives.
Robert Brooks, 63, of no fixed address, has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine but denies the firearms charges.
The trial continues.

Friday, October 30, 2009

First Aid

As you are aware it is advisable for all sports coaches to have a First aid certificate I can offer a course which is approved by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and take place over 6 hours ( based on 1 day only)The course will cost £50 price to include HSE registration and certification by us an approved hSE centre. A full comprehensive full colour A5 training book for each candidate and a complimentary first aid pack / kit per person.
Course organisor will be Paul SalmonUK FAST Ltd (First Aid & Safety Training)UK Operations Manger If you are interested can you please let me know and what day is best for you, this course is on offer to anyone who wishes to attend Martin Clarke

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Great Judo News from Keith

Great Judo News From Keith Costa
Next Year Young Judo Club Instructor Keith Costa 3rd Dan is to start a unique new Judo Class for Children at the Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne. It will be a Judo Games Night every Friday at 7pm. Keith picked a DVD at the recent British Masters which was all about Judo Games. The aim is to use games to improve existing players Judo and to introduce a new band of Children to Judo. This will take to 4 nights a week a child can play Judo at the Young Judo Club
More information contact Keith on 07894145187

The Young Judo Club are organising a Brian Stening Memorial Judo Championships at the Swallows at the end of November, In February 2010 they will be organising an Open Judo Tournament at Sittingbourne Community College and April they will organising the British Open Sambo Championships at the same venue

World Masters sambo Lithuania 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sombo Training Day

A Governing Body recognised Event

Sunday January 30th 2010
Swale Martial Arts Club
127 East Street
Kent ME10 4RX
Cost £10
10am till 1pm,

This will be a mixture of tuition and fighting and will be ideal as introduction for those grapplers who want to experience Sombo for the first time plus a good workout for the more experienced Somboist. This session is open to men and women plus youngsters 14 and over. Money and entry to the above address by January 21st 2010. Those who have to travel are welcome to in the Dojo on the Saturday night free of charge.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sambo in France CombatSombo in Sittingbourne

The BSF hope to organise a trip to the Caen, Normandy france Open Sambo Championships in December 2009 anyone interested should go to

I have started a CombatSombo/SportCombatSombo class on a Thursday at Sittingbourne staring 7.30pm it mixture of both

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ross and the Unknown Player

I have put on a lot of old Video clips on You Tube and most are viewed with interest. Occasionally you get one person who objects to seeing them because the claim they are seen in a negative way i.e. They Lost. Recently I had a comment posted on You Tube complaining that I put Ross loses to to Unknown Player (this was placed a year ago)he assumed I had done this deliberately to belittle him, it seems he has built up his reputation as being a leading expert on MMA fighting without actually doing much fighting. The fact was no one can remember the name of the guy who beat him hence Unknown Fighter, maybe his response was something to do with his own conscience. I have included the link below it is quite interesting to see how childish the reaction is. Ross Mockeridge is an ex pupil of mine who left to form his own style of Jiu Jitsu some 10 years ago, his leaving was with my best wishes I thought he had finished with the Martial Arts. Any way if you read this Ross come down for a training session some time down the club bring a few members with you, this is the best way to solve any dispute you have with my family and bring a camcorder

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Epping Judo

Young Judo Club Youngsters compete in Epping Open
Boy banned from YJC for punching a rival competitor
A very successful team of youngsters travelled to Epping to take part in the annual Open Judo championships all boys returned with medals. The day was marred when a young member of the YJC lost his temper with a fellow competitor and punched him; this earned a ban from Judo at the club. The Young Judo Club is very strict about the behaviour of its members and this type of yobbish and un-sportsman like behaviour will not be tolerated. The good news was that 3 Gold’s, 2 silvers and 1 bronze was taken by YJC members.
Liam Jordan our lightest fighter moved up to u25 kilo class he had 6 fights losing only 1 in the preliminary rounds, he scored 4 ippons (Total Victory). His best fight was against the favourite who he threw for Ippon with Uchi Mata, Liam took Gold.
Brother Ashley Jordan was competing in his last junior competition and took Gold in the u 40 kilo class. Ashley has had a very exceptional junior career, he is very light for his age and with the lowest senior judo weight being u60 kilo he will find the transition to senior level hard. Coach John Clarke has suggested that concentrates a lot more on the harder Jacket Wrestling sport of Sambo the lowest senior weight in that sport is 48 kilo.
Another excellent performance came from Joe Hodges fighting u35 kilo’s he 6 fights and won all of them to take Gold, Joe has all the qualities to be a future star of the club, his outing at Epping proved he was in a class of his own
Brendan Magee was fighting in his first major tournament which is quite a nerve racking experience in itself but this did not faze Brendan as he ploughed through the opposition to take silver in the u45 kilo class
Charlie Hilder also done well to get Bronze in the u50 kilo class although a little bit of nerves got the better of him but never the less a good result
Last up was Matthew Howard who is only a white belt fought his way to the final using Ippon throws to get there he lost in the finals of the u 50 kilo class to a blue belt in what was a very hard fought final.
This competition has proved that once again the YJC has yet another batch of champions in the offing. Thanks must go to Club Coaches Sarah Jordan 1st Dan and Paul Soulsby 1st Dan for accompanying the youngsters at this event. Next big event is the BRIAN STENING MEMORIAL CHAMPIONSHIPS to be held at the Swallows Leisure Centre on November 29th. The Young Judo Club & Warriors Grappling Academy will be giving a demo at the forthcoming Swale’s “ A Celebration of Cultures” at the Wyvern Hall on October 31

The Milton Regis section of the Young Judo Club which operates from Nobbys Gym Milton Regis Playing Fields on a Wednesday has got of to a flying start with Juniors starting at 7pm and seniors at 8pm. John Clarke has introduced a badge for those youngsters who compete regularly in competitions it is call JUDO FIGHTER
More info

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

British Masters 2009

British Masters Judo Championships
October 3rd 2009

I decided to travel up to the British Masters to support YJC Instructor Colin Carrot and my son John who I had advised to withdraw as had only just got over a bad bout of Flu. If you get defeated because your opponent is better then you there is no shame but if you lose because you are not 100% fit that is a tragedy after saying that I still think he would have won in a weakened condition, not to worry at 36 years of age he has plenty of time. Colin had three fights lost 2 and won one on Ippon. In his first fight he seemed to be very nervous and lost on a drop seoi which surprised us especially as he trains with his son who is an expert at that technique, he redeemed himself in the next bout by countering a very strong experienced player with Ippon throw. His match to go forward for Bronze was a good battle; with Colin moving and making a stream of attacks he blocked a very powerful drop seoi. This took them in Ne Waza something he favours and he was a bit unlucky by being caught in a hold or shall we say his opponent saw a momentary lack of concentration and took advantage of it. Colin is a very good Judoka but a far better Sambo Player.

It was also good to see fellow Sambo player Paul Sawyer win Gold I believe this is 10 Masters Title some record, also fellow Twitter member Danny Murphy winning Gold. I met many people from the past some I only recognised by name only one was Nick Kokotaylo who I have not seen for 30 years I must have passed him several times without even acknowledging him I was not being rude he had changed so much when I knew him he was a Light Heavy now he was a chunky heavyweight and one of the guests of honour he went on to beat very slimmed down Elvis Gordon. Chris Bowles I have seen for many years and it was great meeting him again, Chris runs the very successful Tonbridge Judo club which seems to be bucking the trend by attracting many members. Chris was at the 1980 Olympics, I can remember him doing the Judo circuits from the age of 11 always accompanied by his Dad and I am pleased to see he is making a living at Judo.

The competition had a great atmosphere with plenty of barracking referees, well humoured I might add, and 100% effort from the fighters. I was expecting Judo like I used to do when I was training for the 1980 Olympics but sadly even the Masters are fighting the new wave style but there was still some good judo. I still can not understand the new wave Judo Rules especially the re interpretation of Ippon it seems if you touch the ground with your back Ippon is given. A prime example was when one player attacked with a good Sumi Geashi his opponent block ed but because the player was on his back an Ippon was awarded ridiculous. I thoroughly enjoyed the day but was disappointed not to see members of the BJA hierarchy present; I was not over enthralled with the actual Judo but enjoyed the company. Would have loved to compete but even if I did there was no one in my age group and weight. If you want to see the full results go to

Monday, October 05, 2009


Rudyard Kipling
This was said at a time when British Empire was at its height and when most English thought 1 one Englishman was worth 3 Foreigners. The quote basically says the majority of English only knew England not the rest of the World i.e. they were blinkered.
I would suggest we use the following for “WHAT SHOULD THEY KNOW OF JUDO WHO JUDO KNOW”
Judoka blinkered to all other forms of Jacket Wrestling

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Judo 1964

Chris Dawson sent me the above. In todays rules the guy doing the throwing would be penalised for grabbing the leg.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am selling a rather unique book it is

Title: Judo Games
Author: Geof Gleeson Publisher:
A & C BlackISBN: 071365709X
Publication Date: 1989
Soft Dimensions: 213mm x 137mm
Pages: 72Condition: Very Good

The reason it is unique is that is signed by the late Great Geof Gleeson, I have two one signed to me personally which I will not depart with and this one. In years to come this will come a collectors item a unsigned one has just sold on bay for £18.70p. So before I put to Ebay I thought you may be interested in placing a bid. Send me a bid on

Friday, September 18, 2009

Could this be the Death of Judo?

Are the International Judo Federation DESTROYING JUDO?

IJF Congress: New rules to be tested in WC Junior in Athens
The International Judo Federation Refereeing Commission announced All techniques below the belt line will not be allowed anymore. Any athlete trying to grip the opponent´s leg will be punished with a shido (first time). If another try happens, he will be banned from the combat (hansokumake) and the victory will be given to the opponent. Only techniques using leg against leg will be allowed, or if the hand grip in the leg is the continuation of another technique tried (example: ouchigari which can develop into kataguruma).
“We don´t want our sport to be mixed with other martial arts. Judo is judo, and all IJF wants is to come back to the true judo”, explains the Head of the Refereeing Commission, Mr. Juan Carlos Barcos. “We may lose a few techniques with this decision, but on the other hand we will be awaking some techniques who we don´t see any more in the combats due to the sitting position the athletes take while they try to grab the opponents leg”, adds Mr. Barcos.
The IJF concern is that more and more often, wrestling and sambo techniques are seen during judo combats.
“That is not good for the future of our sport in the Olympic Games”, says Mr. Barcos.
The Refereeing Commission also announced that another step will be taken to modernize and professionalize the sport: the use of only one referee per mat (instead of three) is also to be tested in Athens during the World Juniors.

The above was copied from the British Judo Association Web site.
As some one who has been involved in Judo since 1955, holds an 8th Dan IBF, member of the British Olympic Squad, World Masters Judo Champion I would like to think I can speak with some authority on Judo. I have over the last couple years been very critical about the direction of competition Judo feeling it has lost direction and the continual tampering of rules I believe has been the main problem. Some like the relaxation of Keikoku for stepping out was a good move, the mat area looks nice but feel it is just an added expense to those who run tournaments. In my competition days between 1965 till 1980 I finished in 2001 Judo was different there were a lot more high dynamic throws, in my father’s words to score Ippon you had to throw someone 6ft up and 8ft down i.e. bury them, there was much more Ne Waza many competitions were won on Armlocks, strangles and hold downs and Judo was more upright. So why has it changed so much since then obviously continual rule changes have not helped, I feel “if something isn’t broken do not fix it” Judo back in those days was very popular in Clubs and Schools our International Players were very successful despite not having hundreds of thousands of pounds thrown at them but the one thing is Referees not up holding the rules of Judo. Let me explain one of the major complaints today is that Judo is not upright and a lot of players take a very low bent over stance, 20 years ago you would have received a penalty for passivity if they done that now upright Judo would appear over night. Throwing while on the floor was not allowed now you can score Ippon from the floor, penalise them for doing it and the crawling on the floor Judo would vanish over night there are many incidents I can recite my point is that if they applied the rules in the first place we would not be where we are now.

The IJF are trying to change Judo completely, Mr. Barcos. Makes the excuse that his ideas will result in Judo returning to its true state? I do not know this gentleman and do not know his age but when was his ideal of True Judo started? In the 1950’s there was only Waza-ari and Ippon scored, Competitors were expected to take hold and not fight for grips, penalties were never given, there was only one referee in Judo and the only techniques allowed were those of Judo Origin what ever that was. Yes in those days you were bolt upright and there were some good throws but surely all sports should be allowed to develop and not stand still? Whether Mr.Barcos likes it or not Sport Judo is just another form of Jacket Wrestling and his proposal of only allowing throw with grips above the waist moves Judo along the lines Uzbek Kurash a wrestling style which is a lot older then Judo. He seems to think that throws initiated below the belt are not Judo or detrimental to the Sport again let me remind him of what I consider the heyday of Judo 1970 till 1980 when there were Judoka like Robert Van De Walle from Belgium who was world ranked and well respected his leg picks were renowned throughout the world and he would take his opponent high and drive hard into the mat a dynamic thrower, if the IJF have there way he would be disqualified in today’s Judo.
Most probably the throw that has been responsible for demise of Judo as a Dynamic sport is the drop knee Kata Guruma or the Fireman’s as it is called Free Style Wrestling. This technique is hardly if ever seen in Sombo/Sambo as their wrestler have more control of the Jacket simply because they are allowed to hold in many positions, the technique come from Free Style as I have said the difference is that in Free Style Wrestling they use it to roll their opponent into position where they can pin their opponent it was never meant to be a dynamic throw. Yet with the criteria of Ippon being downgraded to some one being placed on their back rather the being thrown on their back it has become a major part of the sport. In early times the criteria for Ippon was to throw your opponent largely on his back with speed, power and impetus if Judo kept to that you would still have dynamic throws.
The IJF are reinventing Judo rather then bring it back to TRUE Judo(What ever that means) its purpose is to make it more TV friendly hence the near distinction of Ne Waza, instead of changing the rules and re inventing Judo the TV interest could be done by a simple thing of allowing coloured Judogi.
I believe this new Sport called IJF Judo will be detrimental to us who have competed in Traditional Judo and one must ask the question did anyone ask the people who do Judo and who’s license money pays or these bureaucrats yes the Judoka what they want?

Over the years Judoka have complained that it is Sambo or wrestling that is ruining the sport and is taking away the big throws, RUBBISH it is the Judo Fraternity who is wrecking competitive Judo. These people most probably never seen World Sambo or Free Style Wrestling yet they continue to bleat on, they remind of a child who kicks a Football through a window and then says “It was not me it was the ball”/
Although I have won a couple of minor medals in Free Style a sport I enjoyed I can not speak with any authority on the Sport but I can speak with authority on Sombo/Sambo. I have won 4 World silvers, am the only GrandMaster in GB awarded to me by the World Body FIAS,FIAS Gold Award for services to International Sambo and I am a member of the FIAS International Masters Club which a club of the 10 most influential Samboists in the World. So when I hear and read articles that Sambo has been the downfall of judo all I can say lets look at the results only a few Judoka have been successful in International Sambo yet consider how successful Sambo Players have been in International Judo extremely so for many years the Soviet Union Judo Players were all Samboists and all they done was to adopt their techniques to the rules of Judo. Yes the rules of Judo and that was 40 odd years ago, next the Japanese the Soviet Union (now the Eastern Block) are the most successful Judo nation. The reason is Sambo is a dynamic powerful Jacket wrestling Sport with a speciality of high throws, a sport which does not limit itself to specific holding positions or throws but they realised what they do is just a form of Jacket Wrestling something Judoka can not understand about their own Sport. Samboists can adapt to any Jacket Wrestling Style I will go as far to say they can adapt to any Grappling Style, that can not be said of Judoka and with this latest rule change they we will even less able to compete in other events. My first love was Judo but I was glad I was introduced to Sambo by the British Wrestling Association in the early 70’s, Sambo opened my eyes to a multitude of new and dynamic techniques. To me Sambo is the way forward for Jacket Wrestlers but I still will keep to the Traditions of Judo i.e. Kata etc. So Judoka come out of the closet and try the many different styles of Jacket Wrestling open your eyes to a new world.

Martin Clarke 8th Dan Judo, Sambo GrandMaster

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Top Martial Arts Coach AccusedA Top British Martial Arts Coach has been accused of “Inappropriate Behaviour” and has been suspended by his governing body and told not to visit his own club, yet this Coach has told me he has not been informed of what the accusation is or who has accused him. The governing body has informed the local Police who are investigating him and they in turn have not told him of the accusation etc, now if the Coach is telling me the truth then this can open a real can of worms.1) Surely it is the right of every Englishman to be able to face his accuser and their accusation2) Is a man not innocent till proven guiltyAs for us Judo and Sports Coaches if the above is true anyone of us can be accused by some one who has a grudge against us, which could wreck of career, our private life and cause us mental anguish. Child Protection has become paramount in sport and rightly so but it is fast becoming Monster which will extinguish Children Sport altogether. No longer is a Scout Master, Cub Mistress a Junior Judo/Sports Coach looked upon with respect for giving up their time to work and help with children our obsession with Child Protection has made the public look with distain upon this group of well meaning people. WHY DO THEY WANT TO BE WITH CHILDREN? That is the question asked ARE THEY NORMAL is the next one soon no one will want to supervise Children in fact the Ultimate Child Protection is not to let any Adult teach childrenNow before you say Martin is over reacting let me give example at what happened at our club several years ago.One of our Karate Instructors was accused of touching a young teenager inappropriately, the father contacted me and wanted me to deal with the matter which I presume he meant sack the Coach, this I reused to do and told him if was 100% sure of facts he must contact the Police which he subsequently done. I immediately contacted the Coach and told him of the accusation which he denied, I then explained that I would get a meeting of all other Coaches and decide what we would do. All the coaches agreed that the charges brought by the Girl were so outlandish (The assault supposedly took part in front of the whole class yet no one saw the incident) so we decided to allow him to Coach but supervised by one of the other Coaches. His ordeal lasted a Year at the end of 12 months the Police said there was nothing answers for! Was there an apology from the Girl, parent or police NO only a parting word from a Women PC “you got away with it this time?” The Instructor is no longer with us dying in tragic circumstances.Now if the same happened today we would have no option but to suspend him and after the result of a year’s investigation with the Karate Instructor subsequently being proved innocent1) He would be considered a pervert2) The Club would have to close and 50 children would no longer have a club to go to3) All the clubs coaches would be stigmatises (No smoke without fire) coaches would feel obliged to leave and club would have to close which had been in existence for 50 years. For what maybe something as stupid as the Coaches daughter getting a higher gradeMartin Clarke

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

More Judo Rule Changes


Decision of the IJF Executive Committee in Rotterdam from 21/08/09

The IJF’s wish is to defend fundamental judo values.
Within this scope IJF particularly devotes itself to preserve and develop education, physic and mental trumps of Judo.
« Judo is a physic and mental education system ».

From the other side, IJF would not like to change Refereeing rules during Olympic qualification period. For this reason it will proceed in this sphere with necessary experimentations and their testing before the first January 2010.
The experimentations will be tested during World Junior Championships 22/25 October 2009 in Paris.

Refereeing rules
Leg Grips.

All direct attacks with one or two hands or with one or two arms below the belt are not allowed.
PUNISHMENTS: First attack: - Shido
Second attack: - Hansokumake

Grips below the belt are authorized only after a sequence of techniques if it’s real and sincere.
Grips below the belt are authorized in counterattack.
These counterattacks are allowed only within a sequence (continuity) of techniques started by the opponent. The principles of Go No Sen and Sen No Sen.

For better understanding of the new rules, while giving a punishment referees will explain it by an appropriate gesture.

Refereeing system
The contests will be refereed by only one referee without 2 referees at the corners.
The “Care” system with 2 cameras filming the contest at 2 different angles will be set up to help the one unique referee.
Control and supervision of the “Care” system will be done by the IJF Refereeing commission

Golden Score
Regarding Golden Score part of contest of maximum 2 minutes, the entire marking of refereeing table resulting 4 minutes of initial contest, will be conserved during this period except the contest duration.
At the end of Golden Score and if no advantage was marked, the referee will take a decision for the period of initial contest and its Golden Score part.

Karina Bryant wins silver to save British pride at the Judo Worlds

KARINA Bryant picked up a silver medal in the +78kg category at the Judo World Championships in Rotterdam to ensure Great Britain didn't leave completely empty-handed

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

World Judo 09

Sorry it has been sometime since I have written been on our annual Summer details of this to follow

The recent World judo championships in Holland and have just finished I already have seen some of the video footage. The BJA sent a 14 person team results one medal from Katrina Bryant the following made the last 16 Peter Cousins, Faith Pitman, Sally Conway once again we rely on the women to bring back pride to British Judo It is rumoured that some of our competitors are getting £20,000 a year to train plus trips to exotic places so we have a team of Real Professional Judoka but where are the results? In the days of the Amateur we produced World medal winners like Dave Starbrook, Brian Jacks, neil Adams, Keith Remfry, Angelo Parisi, Paul Radburn, Arthur Mapp, Design White I could go on it obvious money can not produce World Class judoka and with Judo in the UK in decline surely the money could be put to better use.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

And you complain

My friend Curt Shearer sent me the following email. I suggest all those that complain about training being hard should read and watch the video

Amazing Wrestling Video!

Not all of my friends are wrestlers, but I thought most of you would appreciate a touching story about two unusual athletes who don't complain about the little things some of us do. They just get up and do it.



ONLY TIME WILL TELL ,,,,,,,, We are all very fortunate to have the ability we do have, our problems are small compare some others.


The following “must see” link is to an ESPN video on two Lincoln West High School wrestlers in Cleveland, Ohio. Http://

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Coach still suspended

I reported some days ago that a leading Martial Arts Coach was suspended for “Inappropriate behaviour” , 5 weeks later he still does not know what he is accused of by either the Police or his governing body. The governing Body sent me an email saying that their “Child Protection people were investigating the matter” yet still no response to “What he has done”.
Now the rumour mill has started because he was charged many years ago with act gross indecency against a young man in his late teens, what they forget to mention he was found NOT GIULTY and was awarded compensation for what he had been put through. SO WHY is he not being told what the accusations are? Is someone out to destroy his reputation? If so why? This speculation must not go on, if he has done thing wrong charge him.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Coach accused

Top Martial Arts Coach Accused
A Top British Martial Arts Coach has been accused of “Inappropriate Behaviour” and has been suspended by his governing body and told not to visit his own club, yet this Coach has told me he has not been informed of what the accusation is or who has accused him. The governing body has informed the local Police who are investigating him and they in turn have not told him of the accusation etc, now if the Coach is telling me the truth then this can open a real can of worms.
1) Surely it is the right of every Englishman to be able to face his accuser and their accusation
2) Is a man not innocent till proven guilty
As for us Judo and Sports Coaches if the above is true anyone of us can be accused by some one who has a grudge against us, which could wreck of career, our private life and cause us mental anguish. Child Protection has become paramount in sport and rightly so but it is fast becoming Monster which will extinguish Children Sport altogether. No longer is a Scout Master, Cub Mistress a Junior Judo/Sports Coach looked upon with respect for giving up their time to work and help with children our obsession with Child Protection has made the public look with distain upon this group of well meaning people. WHY DO THEY WANT TO BE WITH CHILDREN? That is the question asked ARE THEY NORMAL is the next one soon no one will want to supervise Children in fact the Ultimate Child Protection is not to let any Adult teach children
Now before you say Martin is over reacting let me give example at what happened at our club several years ago.
One of our Karate Instructors was accused of touching a young teenager inappropriately, the father contacted me and wanted me to deal with the matter which I presume he meant sack the Coach, this I reused to do and told him if was 100% sure of facts he must contact the Police which he subsequently done. I immediately contacted the Coach and told him of the accusation which he denied, I then explained that I would get a meeting of all other Coaches and decide what we would do. All the coaches agreed that the charges brought by the Girl were so outlandish (The assault supposedly took part in front of the whole class yet no one saw the incident) so we decided to allow him to Coach but supervised by one of the other Coaches. His ordeal lasted a Year at the end of 12 months the Police said there was nothing answers for! Was there an apology from the Girl, parent or police NO only a parting word from a Women PC “you got away with it this time?” The Instructor is no longer with us dying in tragic circumstances.
Now if the same happened today we would have no option but to suspend him and after the result of a year’s investigation with the Karate Instructor subsequently being proved innocent
1) He would be considered a pervert
2) The Club would have to close and 50 children would no longer have a club to go to
3) All the clubs coaches would be stigmatises (No smoke without fire) coaches would feel obliged to leave and club would have to close which had been in existence for 50 years. For what maybe something as stupid as the Coaches daughter getting a higher grade

Martin Clarke

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New IJF Rules

This is a snippet from an article I wrote about the Scottish Open

The new rules brought in by the International Judo Federation did prove controversial especially the amount of time allowed to fight while on the ground, The Scots refereed the Juniors and were criticised for allowing to much time on the ground and the seniors were refereed by the English and they were criticised for not allowing enough time on the ground. Martin Clarke 8th Dan was one of the corner judges and when one of the competitors complained to him about the rules his answer was “do not blame me I did not change them so do not try and shoot the messenger” It is true the new rules have proved to have made a dramatic change to Judo and if you want to stay in the game you will have to learn how to deal with them. Yet many Judoka are leaving the sport to take up Sombo/Sambo because the rules are less restrictive and easily understood.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why have a Gay Olympics?

Before you read my article you need to click on the link below and read some extracts from "Equity in Your Coaching" produced by the National Coaching Foundation this is part of the "Club Mark" Scheme.

Dear Editor
Some weeks ago I wrote an article stating how was disappointed with the Kent County Council with special reference to:
1) Their Internet TV Experiment
2) Their involvement with the Iceland Banks
3) Their promotion of Homosexuality in Schools
The latter provokes a response which I followed up with a further letter which I thought would have been printed as a “right to reply” sadly it has not been published yet. This is an extract from the letter:
JB accuses me of being Homophobic which means the fear of Homosexuals and since this Nu Labour government came to power I am, I also have a fear of Ethnic minorities. Not a fear of being attacked etc but a justified fear that as a White Heterosexual Male myself, my children and my grand children no longer have equal rights as these groups, for example jobs which have no bearing on sexually or colour of skin I.e. Police, Fire Brigade and many other government departments are being offered to Homosexuals and ethnics only! This is wrong and I do not want hear no mumbo jumbo about jobs should represent society A JOB SHOULD GO TO THE BEST PERSON Capable of doing the job. Interesting enough JB compares homosexually as a religion that is how far Nu Labour has taken GAY rights to the level of a New Religion. I never condoned the persecution of Homosexuals and thought it was right when it was legalised what some one does between the sheets is their business but I will never understand and will agree that the physical act of Homosexuals is no more then a sexual deviancy and should not be seen as normal.

Of course as soon as you complain or make a disparaging remark about Homosexuals you are either Homophobic, Closet Gay or a Religious nut I am none of them but I am an “equality nut”. Once again I have found proof that Gays and lesbians are getting preferential treatment over normal sexed people, this time it is in Sport. By having their own Gay and Lesbian mock Olympics in Holland every year I find offensive because it is discriminatory but would not want it banned as British Gay and Lesbian Athletes do not get funded from Tax payer’s money. I still do not understand how a person’s sexuality affects their performance as an athlete, I am sure there has been Gay Olympic medallist.
This discrimination is soon to be state funded if the National Coaching Foundation has their way. In a book published by them called “Equity in Your Coaching” this title is linked to UK Sports drive to get every sports club to get a “Club Mark”. Every Club wishing a Club Mark must attend a course on the subject, you will read that this organisation is actively encouraging discrimination against Heterosexuals!
I have been a World Master’s judo Champion, World Silver medallist in Sombo and Jiu Jitsu in that time I have competed against men from all over the world on no occasions have I asked what their sexual preference was, I did not want to know and more importantly did not care to me they were just another competitor who needed to be beaten.
Inequality in this country is very obvious let me give you some examples :
1) There are Gay Sports teams (Why ?) would a Hetro Teams be allowed?
2) There is a Black Policeman’s association no white one
3) Women only Gym yet Male only Golf clubs are illegal
I personally could not care about any of these I believe it is a right for like minded people to band together but at the moment that is not the case today “Surely it the right of every English to congregate with whom he likes”

Please see attachment

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Political Correctness in Sport

Sport England has decide in their wisdom to insist that all Sports Club will to obtain a “ClubMark” to able to use Government/Council facilities and to be able to claim grant aid, this I believe will lead the decrease in Sports Club and sport participation. To achieve just a basic ClubMark you have fulfil 25 different criteria even for Amateur Clubs most are sports related but one has little or nothing to with Sport and “That is the EQUITY IN YOUR COACHING”. Although I totally disagree with the ClubMark and personally will not get involved it makes sense that the Club applies if only for the benefit of Grant Aid. One of the Club members had to attend one of these courses at the Clubs expense on arriving he was presented with a book 180 pages long on the subject. Like most of these courses there is role play and case scenarios here are a couple of examples:
Karen is a carer for her mother because of that has to take a bus fro training and always arrives late at team training because of this; the Coach after several warnings drops her from the squad!
PC answer: The Coach was wrong and allowances should be made for her.
Pragmatic Answer: If a Coach is running a squad he needs discipline and the foremost is good timekeeping: The team may only have a limited time slot; they may have to wait for Karen before they can start a particular sequence, and will she be able to make matches on time? It is down to Karen to be on time not for the rest of the team to wait remember this is a Team sport.
Palvinda plays in her local netball Team she has been selected to play a league game which requires her to wear a skirt her religions forbids this and she wears track Bottoms should she be dropped from the team.
PC Answer: No she should not be discriminated against on religious grounds
Pragmatic answer: Yes because the team could turn up at the event and be barred because they do not have the correct attire
Part of the course dealt with language and Terminology

Unacceptable Acceptable
Patient Person
Bind Visually impaired people
Deaf and dumb Deaf without speech
Special needs (additional )needs
Handicap Disability impairments
Disabled toilets Accessible toilets
Deaf People with hearing impediment

It no longer correct to address the Female sex as Ladies or Girls the correct procedure is to say Women or Females, use of local colloquial e.g. Love, Duck, Cock, Sweetheart, Darling all are forbidden. You must find out if your students are Homosexual, bisexual or lesbian! Why? What has their sexuality to do with their ability to sport or in my case Judo, I do not know whether I have trained with a Homosexual Judo Player I never asked and why should I. It is no longer correct to run separate sessions for different groups of people I.e., Judo session for the blind, or for Ladies sorry I mean Women everything must be inclusive, irrelevant of the safety aspects and what people want Things like men only clubs are now banned yet there is a Women’s Sports Federation, you cannot bar someone because their ethnic origin, or sexual preference, yet there are Gay Rugby Teams, Gay Olympics etc.
The main person behind all this Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Harriet Harman MP she has done her best since her Government took power in 1997 to sterilise the English Language, her drive to promote Political correctness is legendary and what has she achieved nothing but Division. The cost of this PC must be £millions and what does it achieve? The people who come with these ideas have no idea or practical knowledge of Sports Coaching. They think aggressive encouragement as bullying, if the class does not have any ethnics then it must be racist irrelevant that none live in its catchments area, no women then it must be sexist and so on. In a time when people participating in sport is dropping and Sport haemorrhaging Coaches you would have thought there would be encouragement not obstacles to attracting new coaches rather then insisting on very expensive PC training just so a PC industry can get more jobs for the boys (oops sorry PC bad word) jobs for the group.
Since Government and its Quango’s have got involved ion Sport, participation has been on the decline surely that must tell them something!

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I am sorry to say I have stopped going to Major Judo Tournaments over recent years I have attended the British Open and Kent International and felt very disappointed in what I saw. For those who do not know my history I was a reserve for the 1980 Olympics and am still involved in Judo, so why the disappointed? Well mainly the upright Judo of 20 odd years ago which facilitated some spectacular throwing has vanished as has Ne Waza (groundwork) yes there has been some good points the new mat area with a singled coloured square has alleviated the winning on penalties, Referees officiating in Polo shirts has taken away the over officious nature of referee and placed the focus back on the competitor but that is all. It seems most competitors are taking a very low stance (Jigotia) something you were penalised for 20 years ago and the only throw seems to be the drop Kata Guruma and picking your opponent of the floor rolling them over for Ippon again something not allowed 20 years ago. The talk of the recent competition was that one English competitor was winning with a standing Seoi Nage again a standard throw years ago, Ne Waza seems to be discouraged, not enough time is allowed to make a strangle or arm lock as for hold downs I can not even explain the criteria. Yet when I read the IJF rules not that much has changed I just wonder who interprets them. One thing is for sure Judo has never been a spectator sport and it certainly will not be now, some complain that it has become a variation of Russian Sambo as somebody who has been involved in Sambo for 35 years plus I have attended more World Sambo Championships then anyone in GB I can assure you that modern Judo is nothing like Sambo. The name suggested to me was Free Style Judo because it looking more likes poor Free Style Wrestling.

I have had my moan and no matter what I say things will not change and if you want to do Top Level Judo you will have to change, members of my club recently returned deflated from the BJA Kent Open with no medals the first time for decades we have not entered a tournament without winning a medal, in this Kent Open over the last two year we have come back with medals. I have now told them if they want to compete at that level they have to give up a lot and train harder by that I mean 5 days a week 4 to 5 hours a day as the lads they are up against are professionals some are getting £20,000 a year to train, they live, sleep, and play Judo. I had 4 years of this from 1977 to 1980 with out no money and it is not fun it is an obsession. Only very few make the very top so those who want to just enjoy their Judo will have to be content in just entering minor tournaments and playing Judo. In all honesty these Judoka will be in Judo a lot longer then those at the top and they will be able to Judo for many decades keeping the art alive. So we have a two tier art called Judo but there is a way the Governing Body can help the British Judo Association could organise a British Senior secondary Championship, this could be for the Club Player the backbone of Judo. Bar all those players who are in the top 10 and those who have won British or International medals, this would be a true Club Players Competition and give back something to the people who keep Judo alive Judo

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Joining the IBF/BCSA is a bargain

IBF/BCSA Summer Newsletter 2009
Times are hard and it is always the luxuries which have to suffer and I am sorry to Martial Arts is a luxury. So to get people to join us we have to tell them what we have to offer and why it pays to join us.
1) Every member has PA insurance cover included in their membership a very important factor in today’s compensation culture.
2) For one license you have a multitude of different Martial Arts in GB we offer Judo, Sambo, CombatSombo, Kurash, Belt Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, Karate and Jiu Jitsu just imagine if you had to pay for each Art.
3) Competitions home and abroad although a lot of people no longer want to compete we still organised the British Sombo Open, Scottish Open Judo and Sombo, members have competed in Germany and Holland already by the end of the year they will be competitions in Greece and Lithuania. Either the end of November beginning of December we will have an IBF Open Judo Tournament in Sittingbourne with the new mat layout and we will need your support for this. Plus the IBF Multi Nation Judo Championships will be in Hastings in 2010 and we will need officials for this. Just a note Miles Brown is attending a Judo Referees Course in July to get updated with the new IJF Rules, he in turn will run a course in September which will be free to all IBF Members.
4) All junior gradings and Senior till 1st Kyu can be done in the club, so no travelling from one end of the country to the other for a grading and the examiner keeps the grading fees which can go into club funds.
5) PI Insurance for Instructors and Coaches, the IBFBCSA are unique in the fact we recognise the fact that to be a good instructor you do not need to academically gifted, so we arranged practical examinations on the Job qualification. Plus do not forget Club PL Insurance.
6) Courses can be offered all over the country all you do is ask. Our Annual Summer camp is world famous already many took the advantage of paying before the end of April and getting £50 discount of the price of £250
7) Most importantly all clubs get a £5 discount on licenses which help to fund the club.

So not everything is doom and gloom IBF/BCSA still offers excellent value money.

Martin Clarke 8th Dan
IBF UK President

Saturday, May 30, 2009

IBF Multi Nation 2009

BF Multi Nation Judo Championships 2009
Featuring: Great Britain-Germany-Belgium-France-Holland-Poland
Hessisch Oldendorf Germany

Saturday May 23rd 2009

I have been attending this event for nearly 40 years and have been proud to say IBF UK have always been in the top 3 countries placed and at our peak we would take over 60 players sadly this was not to be the case this year. This year we could only field a team of 9 Judoka most will blame the credit crunch but I am not so sure if that is the only reason, it feels that the British people as a whole have lost their will to compete we have become a nation of watchers rather then doers . It was hoped that the very expensive 2012 Olympics would give sport a boost in GB I am sorry to say this is not happening.

Germany is always a nice place to visit and this was no exception to keep the cost down we used a Youth Hostel in Hannover which proved to be an excellent venue it was more like a hotel, Hannover itself is a beautiful place especially as it was carnival time with lots of fairs. John Clarke 4th Dan came out as Team Manager but he also took on the job of entertainment officer something he excels in and he made sure everyone had a good time. The down side was it took 8 hours in a Mini Bus to get there but the weather kept nice most of the time which made up for travel fatigue.

The tournament it self was in a good venue but apart from the tiered seating there was no seating for officials which if you are refereeing you need when you have a break. There were 370 entries on 4 mats but the day seemed to go for ever finishing about 8pm, the Brits first fight was at 4.30pm. Judo has gone banana’s with regard to Health and Safety with regard to age banding the youngest group was 6 years old with 7 weight cats, next was 7 & 8 year olds with 8 cat and so on in two year age bands up to 20 years of age then they became Senior. This collates to 127 categories and if the competitors were spread evenly it would be approx 3 per cat, of course this was not the case but would did happen the Seniors in some weights were a small turn out so the organisers in their wisdom decided that each senior had to fight each other twice now you can understand why it was such a long day. The IJF have decided that all major International will be on a Knockout basis the reason for this is to give the competition some dynamic and excitement and make the tournament shorter, people today do not want spend the best part of the day watching and waiting for their fighter to compete. I can remember competing in the British Open having my first match at 9am and picking up my medal at 3 am the next morning who wants that again. When I suggested to some of the foreign coaches we should have Knockout with Repercharge which would give Judoka at least 2 fights they complained it would not give the little ones experience, I replied what are kids 6, 7, 8 year old doing in an International event any way. Lets have sensible age Bands i.e. 9, 10, 11 years, 12, 13, 14,years, 15, 16 years, 17, 18 years, over 18. Clubs should run internal event s for the very young to learn about competition. The new rules I believe are good but I am surprised at the difference in one referees idea of Ippon is to an other I noticed the same at the British Open.

Our first fighter was Adam Dodds he was our only junior competitor and had a lot riding on his shoulders, already the word had gone out that the Brits could not send a proper team and Adam was just a token players. How wrong they were as our Adam smashed them to take a Gold well done an excellent display. Kerrie Penfold kept the Gold’s coming by winning the ladies u70 kilo class she is no stranger to the winner’s rostrum. Martyn Coyne has only recently returned to Judo after recovering from a serious illness which kept him out of the sport for several years, he was a very experience junior player maybe the knowledge he gained as a junior player plus his fighting spirit got him the Gold in the u66 kilo class. Lee Carrott and his brother Danny decided to swap weights with Lee competing in the u81 k class, this has to be said was one of the hardest weights of the day. Lee does attract controversy he countered an extremely good German Player to score a Yuko the German incurred the wrath of the Referee for some infringement which warranted a Hansoku Make (disqualification) this gave Lee the win but put the German Competitor out the competition as per International Rules. This infuriated the German Coach who lodged appeal after appeal asking for video evidence to be taken into consideration, something that is not allowed, I personally sympathised with the German as I felt the punishment was too hard but the decision had been made and was final. Lee carried on to the final only to beaten with a hold down but very good performance all the same. Russell Dodds also fought in this weight but was unplaced but did have the satisfaction of scoring the quickest Ippon of the day with a double leg pickup although Lee disagreed as he also scored a very fast Ippon with a shoulder throw. Brother Danny had no problem in winning the u90k class and was his first outing after recovering from an Injure.
Other competitors were Lucy Parker, Ian Parker and James Passmore, Colin Carrott and John Clarke managed the team, Miles Brown refereed, Keith Costa Coach,Dave Boulding 6th Dan and Martin Clarke 8th Dan attended as representatives of Great Britain

Next years event will be in Hastings and organised by IBF GB for his event we need a lot of referees something we are short of, Miles will be attending a course to update himself with the new rules, he in turn will train our people if you interested in refereeing contact HQ