Monday, November 23, 2009

New IJF Rules with Chris Mullen

Chris Mullen BJA National Referee gave a seminar at the Swale Martial Arts Club on the new IJF Judo Rules; the seminar was an excellent day and was extremely informative. My own feeling is that the new rules will not achieve their aim of returning Judo to Upright Form of Competitive Martial Art Some may say linking Martial art and Competitive is a contradiction), I will agree that Judo has become just another form of Jacket Wrestling in fact an inferior version of Sombo/Sambo (Russian Jacket Wrestling) but to blame Wrestling styles for its demise is ridiculous. Having watched modern day Judo it is the IJF Rules that have changed the shape of Judo for example:
1) Years ago included in the rules was “Throw must be of Judo origin” when this was dropped I was one of those who said “Good Judo must move with the times” What a stupid boy I was to think because something is new and modern it must be better, maybe I should have kept to “if isn’t broke do not fix it”
2) You could not score if you were on the floor
3) If both of you were on the floor and not in Ne Waza Matte was called
4) You could not pick a person of the floor to score
5) If a throw was not clear cut no score was given. On the seminar we would watch matches and spend an age in discussion deciding who scored what
6) An Ippon was when your opponent was thrown on his back with speed force and impetus or as my father (Nobby) used to say 6ft up 7ft down.
By just going back to these basic measures Judo would become yet again a Dynamic Upright Fighting Sport.
After complaining about he new rules there are some good things one being the size and design of the Mat, now you have 6 metre x 6mtre fighting area normally in yellow with a 3 metre safety area normally in blue as you are now allowed to continue your throw outside without fear of a penalty. Sadly this came 30 years to late for me. On numerous occasions when I was trying for the 1980 Olympics, I would lose on the infamous “Step out” that was just letting your foot go outside the area which was rewarded with a Keikoku, I fought my main British rival on 4 occasions, he threw me once for Ippon, I returned the compliment and the other two times I lost on “Step out” and I was ahead on scores. On two occasions in the Paris Tournament and the Dutch Open I missed medal position because I threw my opponent outside the area but I should not whinge because I knew the rules. This new area favour Technique over Gamesmanship but there is a problem in these days of Health and safety, child protection etc if we do not have a Mat area as prescribed could the organiser be sued if someone got injured of the mat? If so could this be the death knell of all small competitions? I hope not.
The new rules which will be introduced in January will basically ban all techniques below the belt, so great Judo throws like Sumi Gaeshi, Suki Nage, Morote Doro, Te Guruma will all vanish an Ippon has become a role on the floor. That tough sport of Judo has been watered down to pander to the modern generation how long before we see Semi Contact Judo or better still Judo where you gain points for attempting a throw and disqualification for throwing someone. If that what it takes to bring people back to Judo who am I to complain but I am glad I do Sombo that ruffians sport where you try to throw someone hard
Martin Clarke

Greco-Roman, Sambo, Judo, Judo Some the best

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Judo Yamashita

Judo Geesink

Greatest Greco Roman Wrestler ever

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

What do I think of Cage Fighting

On one of my You Tube sites a comment was made that Grappling was finished as Cage Fighting was the only way forward. To some degree the writer was right, Cage Fighting most probably has had a dramatic influence on Traditional Grappling Disciplines like Olympic Wrestling, Judo, Sambo etc. It has turned the Martial Arts Fraternity into those who watch rather then do, they want to watch two very fit tough men beat each other up, like the people of ancient Rome watching Gladiators fight to the death a form of voyeurism.

In the beginning Cage Fighting/Ultimate Fighting started by the Gracie Family was followed by Martial arts Practitioners who to see how different styles of Martial Arts would work against each, they would watch with anticipation to see if a new technique come out of this mix and match style of competition so they could improve on their own style. As the system became more popular the clever fighter realised that you had to reinvent yourself to fit the the rules etc, they became a new breed of Martial Artists with a new Martial Art some called it cage Fighting some called it MMA. This in its self was good news Combat Disciplines need to develop like everything in life but you must not forget the Past for without that there is no Present.

Sadly Cage Fighting has become a realistic branch of Professional Wrestling where it all about getting Bums on seats, about making a Profit good for the promoter and good for the fighter who can make a living out of this tough, gruelling form of entertainment and lets face it Cage Fighters have to be courageous to get in the Cage. Yet all this does produce followers but very few participants.

After saying all this there is still a respectable level of people participating in MMA events, I had the famous Judoka Neil Adams at my club in the beginning of the year and he told me half of his courses are with MMA guys but I still wonder if the majority of those watching Cage Fighting actually get of there backsides and train.

So do I like Cage Fighting not particularly, I have a lot of respect for the fighters but find it hard to see getting some one on the floor doing the Ground and Pound or keeping your opponent trapped on a Cage and beating them into submission can be called a Sport? to me there was something honourable about beating someone with out damaging them but then again maybe I am a softie but a softie who actually done something not just watched.

Do I want Cage Fighting banned of course not I believe in free choice the Fighters do not have to in the cage but I would like to see more people doing the Traditional Arts and mine is any form of grappling with a jacket, Judo, Sambo, Kurash, Belt Wrestling, Bökh Mongolian wrestling, chidaoba Georgian Wrestling, Pankration etc there is still a lot to be learned fro past generations and past Masters

Friday, November 20, 2009

Forthcoming events

International Budo Federation
British CombatSombo Association
Pankration UK

Forthcoming Events at Sittingbourne Kent
January 31st Sambo Training Session 10am till 1pm cost £10
February 21st Sambo Training Session 10am till 1pm cost £10
March 14th Pankration Seminar Leading European Coach £30
Teachers Certificate Course Sambo & Sport CombatSombo
March 27th & 28tt Weekend £100 including exam

British Sombo Open Championships
Junior and Senior April 11th 2009

Sport CombatSombo Tournament
Senior Men April 18th 2009

Annual Summer Camp Dibgate Folkestone
August 22nd till August 28th

Contact Martin Clarke

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pankration Course

I hope to run an Introduction to Pankration Seminar on March 14th The european President has agreed to come over to give the Seminar on basic techniques and rules the seminar will be for 4 hours and will cost £30

How many of you would be interested?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Things for the future

Have a lot planned for next Year

Sombo Training Sunday 30th cost £10 all money to go towards British Team. Hope to run these on a Monthly Basis

First Aid Course in February Date to be confirmed

Pankration Course Pancration was featured in the Ancient Olympics and is a Striking Grappling Sport. I am trying to get a Coach over from Greece March will most probably be the time.

Colin Carrott intends running Monthly sessions of Junior and Senior Sombo in Capel Le ferne

Russell Dodds and Ian Parker will be starting a Sport CombatSombo in the new year in Bedford

Once I have recovered from my Hip operation in January I will be starting a Sombo Club for Juniors and seniors on a Wednesday night at Sittingbourne

I have a Sport CombatSombo and Pankration club on a Thursday night in Sittingbourne

Sport CombatCombat Examination Course for those wishing to teach Sport CombatSombo March 28th 2010

British Sombo Open has been moved to a smaller venue for 2010 as the recession has seen a drop in participants. It will be at Sittingbourne Community College April 11th

Multi Nation Judo Championships Hastings May 15th 2010 we need your support

Annual Summer Camp August 22nd till August 28th Youngsters 12 to 16 can go for just £150

Please do not forget the Brian Stening Memorial Championships on November 30th 2009

Find out more go to

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Kidnapping , Drug Dealing nice people to train with

Us Martial artists do love to go on about the Bushido code of Morality well a couple of our number seem to have slipped the net, read below this was featured on a BBC programme, there is more I was recently told a Well known Wrestling Promoter has been charged with Dealing drugs, Kidnapping and possession of a Kalashnikov assault Rifle True or False we will soon find out

Judo hopeful 'was drugs enforcer'

It was alleged the gang also loaned out the guns to other criminal gangs
An Olympic judo finalist from Bristol went on to become a violent drugs enforcer, Bristol Crown Court heard.
Judo instructor James Waithe, 47, represented Barbados at the Olympics and England in the Commonwealth Games.
But a raid in June last year on a flat owned by Mr Waithe revealed an arsenal of five handguns, four rifles, stun grenades, a shotgun and ammunition.
Mr Waithe denies conspiracy to supply cocaine, and conspiracy to possess firearms and explosives.
But four other members of the alleged five-man gang have admitted their role in supplying Bristol with cocaine, and three to possessing firearms.
'£1m per week'
The court was shown pictures of a 10-tonne hydraulic press used, prosecutors said, to press cocaine.
Stephen Mooney, prosecuting, said the gang earned up to £1m per week from sales.
Mr Mooney told the jury gang member Craig Rodel, 46, had told two other confessed drug dealers - Grant Richmond, 29, and 22-year-old Kevin Downes - to "fire a couple of rounds " into an address in Hartcliffe, Bristol.
Mr Rodel added: "Leave it until late. Make sure the lights are out as there are kids in the property. Put one in the door and one in the window."
Mr Rodel, Mr Richmond and Mr Downes, all from Bristol, have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine and conspiracy to possess firearms and explosives.
Robert Brooks, 63, of no fixed address, has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine but denies the firearms charges.
The trial continues.