Monday, December 31, 2012


Can I thank you all for your support over the last year and hope I can rely on your continual support in the year to come

Have a listen to the words of the link youtube clip below to cheer yourself up

Friday, December 28, 2012

Membership up Judo Clubs down

A New Year is just around the corner and I have to say the IBF/BCSA has increased its membership last years by nearly 100 members which may not seem a lot but we have seen reducing members for the last 5 years so any increase is a good thing

Sadly I have had two IBF Judo clubs close in the last month because the membership has dropped to un a-stainable  number. What is worse the bigger Judo Associations are suffering a bigger haemorrhaging of members. The Olympic Judo did not come up to the hype and did not look the spectacular sport of the past but that is not the reason Kids no longer want to do Judo. Everyone keeps telling us about the Olympic legacy how more people are doing sport because of it, something I find very hard to believe. The experience we had at my own Judo Club after the Olympics was we had lots of enquires but no members our only new membership was coming from the usual source word of mouth. Hopefully someone will come with an idea which will brings kids back into our Judo clubs before we go the way of Amateur Wrestling with about 20 clubs throughout the UK. Not every club has the luxury of my club in the fact I cover all shortfall from my business.

Our own IBF/BCSA increase is with Adults so there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Friday, December 21, 2012

CRB Checks

Volunteering gets a boost as CRB checks go online: Different employers will be able to access results

This will be a good thing for those who Coach Martial Arts and Combat Disciplines but it is one of the few laws that you are considered guilty till you can prove your innocence which is a worrying concept

Thursday, December 20, 2012

human hands evolved for punching

This is a rather interesting article, I personally disagree but you read on and see what you think

Fight or flight: Experts say human hands evolved for punching and not just dexterity

Friday, December 14, 2012

Revised IJF Judo Rules

Once again the rules of Judo are changed  but some are quite good

1) To score Ippon you have to throw with impact. A return to what Ippon should be. My fathers used to say 6ft up 8ft down i.e. bury them leaving no doubt who is the winner
2) 20 second hold down copying Sombo but the problem with Judo it finishes the contest not sure I agree with that in Sombo you only get points for hold downs the emphasis is on Throwing and submissions
3) Totally agree with the penalty for not gripping Kumikata this will stop the spectacle of Judo becoming a boxing match for grips
4) Not to Bear Hug will stop a lot of suplexes (Ura Nage)
5) Not allowing a handshake is pathetic. The handshake in Western Culture is a sign of respect

The rest I will wait for you to comment

2013 – 2016
To experiment from the Paris Grand Slam 2013 up to the Rio World Championships (included) the following items:
Referee and judges.
Only one referee on the mat and one referee at a video check table with a radio communication assisted by
a referee commission member or another referee will judge the fights. A rotation system will be
implemented for the Referees. The IJF Jury will interfere only when they consider it to be necessary.

Technical assessment
-IPPON: to give more value «to take into account only the techniques with real impact on the ground on the back».
Landing on the bridge position: All situations of landing on the bridge position will be considered Ippon.

During the fight there will be three Shidos, and the fourth Hansoku-make (3 warnings and then disqualification).
Shidos do not give points to the other fighter, only technical scores can give points on the scoreboard.
At the end of the fight, if scoring is equal, the one with less Shido wins.
If the fight continues to golden score (due to a draw), the first receiving a Shido loses, or the first scoring a technique will win.

Penalized with Shido:
-Breaking the grip with 2 hands.
-Cross gripping should be followed by an immediate attack. Same rule as for the belt gripping and one side gripping.
The referees should strictly penalize the contestants who do not engage in a quick Kumikata grip or who try not to be gripped by the opponent.
-To hug the opponent for a throw. (Bear hug).
Penalized with Hansoku-make:
All attacks or blocking with one or two hands or with one or two arms below the belt in Tachi-waza.

Osaekomi, Kansetsu-waza and Shime-waza
- Will continue also outside of the contest area as long as Osaekomi was called inside.
- Osaekomi scores 10 seconds for Yuko, 15 seconds for Waza-ari, and 20 seconds for Ippon.
The Kansetsu-waza and Shime-waza initiated inside the contest area and recognized as being effective to
the opponent can be maintained even if the contestants are outside the contest area.

Cadets – U 18
Kansetsu-waza authorized for Cadets.
The bow:
When entering the tatami area, fighters should walk to the entrance of the contest area at the same time
and bow to each other into the contest area.
The contestants must not shake hands BEFORE the start of the contest.
Duration of Contests
- No time limit for Golden Score (Hantei is cancelled).

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Woodside Judo Club Closes

This is very sad news Ian has been an integral part of the IBF, it seems some people do not realise what they got till they lose it

Martin Clarke 8th Dan
IBF GB President

I write with sad news. As of the end of this year, woodside judo and sambo club will close.
There will be a training session tonight, then next week, 20th December we will have a Xmas party/gathering in the hall at the usual time 7pm to toast farewell to the club. Everyone is welcome.
The reasons for the closure are purely financial. For a long time I have been putting money in myself to keep it open. I am no longer in the financial position to do this.
The club can be traced back to 1926. Making it the oldest judo club in bedfordshire. In the 86 years the club has trained many champions, too many to name. As a member myself I have won many British and European titles, and competed on the world stage.
The club has built a reputation as a family friendly club, sometimes 7 or 8 members of a family training together.
Some families I remember from my time at the club include the parkers, passmores, Lilly's, buvacs, Jacobs, hinds, eatons, turneys, Williams, dathans, djengiz-impeys, harpers, holts, Dodds, mcmillans, parockis, and many more.
My sincere thanks goes to everyone that has supported the club over the years. To steve Jacobs for handing me the club, and trusting me with it 10 years ago, I'm sorry it's only lasted this long. To all the coaches who have given up their time to help coach.
This will not be the end of judo for me, that isn't possible! I will still be training and will no doubt open a new club in the future. I may even start competing again!!! I have a small dojo at my house should anyone want to come and train with me, however I don't live in Bedford.
Any questions or good memories feel free to post or comment on this page.
I will never forget the friends I have made.
Take care
Sensei Ian Parker.

Mixed Style Sambo

Oleg Sibiliv runs his own section called Mixed Style Sambo his club is at Nemesis Gym Mixed Sambo Club Erith. He is originally from Russian and has a lot of experience in Sambo, Judo, Combat Sambo and MMA. He wants to form a demonstration team for Combat Sambo and has asked me to contact people to see if anyone with experienced is interested in this concept

He will also be running a tournament in a Cage and wants to try Combat Sambo and Sombo in the cage the event will be in Erith. The tournament will be just one fight each and competitors will be matched for size, weight, experience etc. This is the first one of its kind in the UK

Further information contact

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New IBF Instructors in Judo and MMA

The International Budo Federation GB  have just promoted 3 new coaches and upgraded a existing coach, the examination took part at the Warriors Grappling Academy East Street Sittingbourne 

Keith Brown received his level 1Judo Instructors award

Bradley and Casey Belsey received there level 2 MMA Grappling Instructor Award .

George Loscombe was up promoted  to a level 3 judo instructor.

Coach John Clarke said its really good to see students who have been with the club for years to start teaching kids and adults and this will bring a new and fresh style of teaching which will benefit everyone.
Anyone Intrested in Judo or Sombo or MMA contact John Clarke on 07825224940

Monday, December 10, 2012

Tonbridge Bushido Judo Club

Judo has been on the decline for some years, so when I had a call from Vic Court 4th Dan Tonbridge Bushido and we got talking and he told me he get sometimes 300 kids to his competition, I was somewhat taken back. So on Sunday I visited the competition which was held at St John’s Primary School; Tunbridge Wells, Yes he did have that sort of numbers and the competition was held over 3 mats. So why does this club get so many players well first Vic and other Coaches teach in the schools in the local area so he has a natural catchment but to keep his members he has to offer more and here a some of the things which I think he does well:

1)     Entries have to be in 2 weeks in advance, this way he can see what he is dealing with
2)     Children are matched weight, grade and age
3)     They are the put into pools of 5 so everyone gets 4 fights
4)     They drop the time to 1.5 minutes
5)     He also get Children to referee as he said not all kids want to be fighters and this way everyone is involved. For those who have a long memory I done this when my John was just 13 years old he is now 39, I got ridiculed and I ceased doing it so I am glad Vic has the same idea
6)     Every Children got a medal

Admittedly you cannot do this with every competition but what Vic and his Tonbridge Bushido Judo Club has proved that Judo is not dead. What we need do is bring in new ideas and revive some of the old ones. I have been in Judo for 55 years and since 1970 I have been Coaching but even I have to realize that times change, as do the people who participate in Judo. Judo needs new people and new ideas and people like me who try and cling to the past and hope those halcyon days of the 1960’s to 1980’s return must accept that will not happen.
I hope Vic and the Tonbridge Bushido Judo Club keep up the good work, I have put his web site here have a look

Friday, December 07, 2012


John Carrigan


John has been an associate member of the IBF for nearly 20 years here is an article on his latest success article and attached pictures about receiving hi Master Instructors Award, also included some stuff about his latest filming in "Hollywood".


I began training in the martial arts way back in 1972, which now seems a lifetime ago. In 1983 I took a trip to LA and visited the IMB Academy which is a centre for many of the ex students and friends of the late great "Bruce Lee" who continue his JKD legacy. The IMB is run by "Sifu Richard Bustillo" a friend and original Lee student, Richard and "Dan Inosanto" were among the first to openly continue teaching Jeet Kune Do after Bruce's passing. Sifu Bustillo spoke to me about my training and agreed to take me on as an overseas student of his, this began our many years of me visiting LA and "Richard" visiting the UK to teach me and teach at JKD seminars I would host. I became one of Richards first European trainee instructors, and eventually a full instructor with the IMB Academy under him.

The long martial arts journey, plus the fact that I also became a stunt man and an action actor took it's toll on my body and five years ago I had to have a Hip replacement, (our martial arts injuries and having to become Bionic is something Martin and I share in common), It took me a long while to become what I consider workable again and get used to a new kind of me, coping with the pain and limitations of my new hip. I had not had Sifu Bustillo over for a seminar for several years, but this past November I attended and helped put together a seminar hosted by my friend and one time student "Guru Lee Banda". It was great to see Richard again and also to let him see that I had not slacked off or used my hip replacement as any excuse to be less than I used to be. It was a wonderful seminar and many of my students had never met Sifu Bustillo before, so it was great to see the smiles on their sweat drenched faces at the end.

I knew that at the close of the seminar, Richard was going to award some new trainee instructorships, but I was totally blown away when at the end he called me out and awarded me a "Master Instructor" ranking, It never entered my head that I would ever receive such an honour, to me the journey was always the destination, I had no words.....

A week later I was being flown back to LA by a production company to attend the first screening of a short Western I had co starred in a year before called "Cowboy Creed", this film also had a "Bruce Lee" connection, the actor playing the "Sheriff was "Anthony Delongis", he played "Morthon" the seeker in Bruce's "Silent Flute" he was also in "Roadhouse" and Jet Li's "Fearless". "Anthony" is a top stunt Choreographer but he was happy to let me put my big fight scene together and it went amazingly well.  I invited Sifu Bustillo to the screening and at the press question and answer session later there was loads of great feedback, the Director asked the crowd "does anyone have any negative comments", Sifu Bustillo raised his hand and I held my breath as he said " there should be more Blood on the big guy, because when my Boy John hits em, they bleed, everyone roared with laughter.... Phew, what a great year.

John Carrigan

M.A.I. Articles

Get your copy of M.A.I now on sale in newsagents  

Nobby and Margret Clarke

Nobby Clarke founder of INTERNATIONAL BUDO FEDERATION died today 22 years ago. Doesn't seem possible hopefully a few people still remember him and the work he done for Judo and the Martial Arts. With Mum Margret Clarke 4th Dan birthday December 6th, she has been gone 8 years, it has been a couple of days of reflection for me .

Both Nobby and Margret founded the Young Judo Club in 1957 and Margret founded and purchased the Swale Martial Arts Club in 1978

I started Judo some where around the age of 6 or 7 so 56 years in the discipline had some good memories but disappointed to see the decline of Judo in latter years Mum and Dad were certainly there in the heydays. Yet I know they are looking own and saying keep going what goes around comes around

Martin Clarke