Friday, December 14, 2012

Revised IJF Judo Rules

Once again the rules of Judo are changed  but some are quite good

1) To score Ippon you have to throw with impact. A return to what Ippon should be. My fathers used to say 6ft up 8ft down i.e. bury them leaving no doubt who is the winner
2) 20 second hold down copying Sombo but the problem with Judo it finishes the contest not sure I agree with that in Sombo you only get points for hold downs the emphasis is on Throwing and submissions
3) Totally agree with the penalty for not gripping Kumikata this will stop the spectacle of Judo becoming a boxing match for grips
4) Not to Bear Hug will stop a lot of suplexes (Ura Nage)
5) Not allowing a handshake is pathetic. The handshake in Western Culture is a sign of respect

The rest I will wait for you to comment

2013 – 2016
To experiment from the Paris Grand Slam 2013 up to the Rio World Championships (included) the following items:
Referee and judges.
Only one referee on the mat and one referee at a video check table with a radio communication assisted by
a referee commission member or another referee will judge the fights. A rotation system will be
implemented for the Referees. The IJF Jury will interfere only when they consider it to be necessary.

Technical assessment
-IPPON: to give more value «to take into account only the techniques with real impact on the ground on the back».
Landing on the bridge position: All situations of landing on the bridge position will be considered Ippon.

During the fight there will be three Shidos, and the fourth Hansoku-make (3 warnings and then disqualification).
Shidos do not give points to the other fighter, only technical scores can give points on the scoreboard.
At the end of the fight, if scoring is equal, the one with less Shido wins.
If the fight continues to golden score (due to a draw), the first receiving a Shido loses, or the first scoring a technique will win.

Penalized with Shido:
-Breaking the grip with 2 hands.
-Cross gripping should be followed by an immediate attack. Same rule as for the belt gripping and one side gripping.
The referees should strictly penalize the contestants who do not engage in a quick Kumikata grip or who try not to be gripped by the opponent.
-To hug the opponent for a throw. (Bear hug).
Penalized with Hansoku-make:
All attacks or blocking with one or two hands or with one or two arms below the belt in Tachi-waza.

Osaekomi, Kansetsu-waza and Shime-waza
- Will continue also outside of the contest area as long as Osaekomi was called inside.
- Osaekomi scores 10 seconds for Yuko, 15 seconds for Waza-ari, and 20 seconds for Ippon.
The Kansetsu-waza and Shime-waza initiated inside the contest area and recognized as being effective to
the opponent can be maintained even if the contestants are outside the contest area.

Cadets – U 18
Kansetsu-waza authorized for Cadets.
The bow:
When entering the tatami area, fighters should walk to the entrance of the contest area at the same time
and bow to each other into the contest area.
The contestants must not shake hands BEFORE the start of the contest.
Duration of Contests
- No time limit for Golden Score (Hantei is cancelled).

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