Thursday, December 13, 2012

Woodside Judo Club Closes

This is very sad news Ian has been an integral part of the IBF, it seems some people do not realise what they got till they lose it

Martin Clarke 8th Dan
IBF GB President

I write with sad news. As of the end of this year, woodside judo and sambo club will close.
There will be a training session tonight, then next week, 20th December we will have a Xmas party/gathering in the hall at the usual time 7pm to toast farewell to the club. Everyone is welcome.
The reasons for the closure are purely financial. For a long time I have been putting money in myself to keep it open. I am no longer in the financial position to do this.
The club can be traced back to 1926. Making it the oldest judo club in bedfordshire. In the 86 years the club has trained many champions, too many to name. As a member myself I have won many British and European titles, and competed on the world stage.
The club has built a reputation as a family friendly club, sometimes 7 or 8 members of a family training together.
Some families I remember from my time at the club include the parkers, passmores, Lilly's, buvacs, Jacobs, hinds, eatons, turneys, Williams, dathans, djengiz-impeys, harpers, holts, Dodds, mcmillans, parockis, and many more.
My sincere thanks goes to everyone that has supported the club over the years. To steve Jacobs for handing me the club, and trusting me with it 10 years ago, I'm sorry it's only lasted this long. To all the coaches who have given up their time to help coach.
This will not be the end of judo for me, that isn't possible! I will still be training and will no doubt open a new club in the future. I may even start competing again!!! I have a small dojo at my house should anyone want to come and train with me, however I don't live in Bedford.
Any questions or good memories feel free to post or comment on this page.
I will never forget the friends I have made.
Take care
Sensei Ian Parker.

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