Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mr Korzh v Mr Belonogoff Sambo Australia

My last Blog I emphasized the need for a Constitution and a circular from Mr Korzh from Australia complaining  about the actions of Mr Belonogoff, the latter is the FIAS Representative for Australia proves my point. The correct way to complain is through the Australian Sambo Association and if need be he can consult there constitution, which I expect if he can gather enough members support can call an Extraordinary General Meeting. If the Association contravenes FIAS Statutes then he can can complain to FIAS Council, if the complainant is still not happy he can bring his complaints forward to the FIAS Congress AGM.

My point is that there is a correct way to do things, that's why it is essential that every Sambo Association should have a constitution and should be made up of members rather then an individual. I hope that FIAS bring in a system that insists that all member countries have to produce a Constitution.

Plus rather then sending out letters why not have a face to face talk with the person you are having problems with.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

FIAS Membership needs to be scrutanised

One of the subjects that arose was membership to FIAS and the suggestion that membership criteria must be scrutinised. This I am in total agreement with if FIAS is to be a true International Body we must have members who have proper constituted bodies and preferably with indigenous population being in charge.

When I first suggested a British Sombo Federation in 1986 I made point of suggesting that we have a constitution that can incorporate everyone who wishes to do Sambo/Sombo. Martial Arts in the UK is festooned with organisations claiming to be National Bodies. So the BSF has the following membership criteria

  1. BSF Membership
Membership of the BSF shall be open to any Association/Society within GB interested in the sport or associated disciplines on application regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs. However, limitation of membership is based on the Association, Society meeting membership criteria.
 Association/Society Membership
An Association wishing to affiliate must be practising Sombo/Sambo or CombatSombo or Full Contact Combat Sambo and they must conform to the following:
1.    They must be have been in existence for a minimum of 12 months and must have a minimum of 50 members who names maybe checked
2.    The Association must have a constitution which must be sent with application
3.    Name of Committee members must be produced
4.    Must have Insurance Cover which must be produced
5.    Must have Child Protection Policy
6.    Must have Equity Policy
7.    Must have Health and Safety Policy
The Association agrees to abide by the rules of the British Sombo Federation
Signature of two committee members
By doing this all organisations can be represented by the Governing Body, but can organise their own Tournaments, club, Courses, Coaching and Grading’s standard. This way they can all retain their own independence

If they require recognition for any of their qualification to be recognised they apply to the BSF for recognition of their standard of qualification, which will be scrutinised by the BSF

The BSF selects all National Teams and Officials for FIAS Events

If any member is interested a copy of the BSF Constitution can be sent

Martin Clarke
BSF Chairman

BSF President Robin Hyslop say election of Mr Shultz is wrong

A Letter From BSF President Robin Hyslop

Dear FIAS Presidents

As President of the BSF I was pleased to be able to send 2 members of the BSF Executive to the meeting in Malaysia, they were sent as observers. The concept of a gathering of people interested in the development of World Wide Sambo was good.
Yet to criticise one set of people for incorrect procedure with regards to FIAS Statutes and then totally ignore the statues yourself is wrong

I refer to the election of Mr Shultz which against the statutes

FIAS Statutes State

21.1.     Candidates for President of the International Amateur SAMBO Federation (FIAS) are presented by the Executive Committee or a group of minimum five national SAMBO federations. President is elected at a session of the FIAS Congress through secret ballot or open vote (pursuant to resolution of the FIAS Congress) for four years.



Federations – FIAS members undertake to resolve any disputes arising between them inside the FIAS. Claims that have not been settled with the FIAS Bureau or the Executive Committee will be forwarded for consideration to the FIAS Congress. If unable to resolve disputes within the FIAS, the claimant will be entitled to address respective courts, including the sports arbitration court in Lausanne.

No one has gone through the process of making a complaint to the FIAS Congress which is held at the World Championships in November


Unscheduled Congress Sessions can be organized upon provision of a written request signed by minimum 1/3 of national SAMBO federations -members of the International Amateur SAMBO Federation (FIAS). Such applications stating reasons for unscheduled sessions of the FIAS Congress should be forwarded to the FIAS Executive Committee that will decide on the time and place for the unscheduled session within a month from the application receipt.

There was no notification or correct procedure for an unscheduled Congress. The meeting in Malaysia was advertised as a World Wide Development for Sambo

As President of the BSF if I have a problem with FIAS I will do it with in the statutes of FIAS and bring my complaints to the FIAS Congress in November. The BSF is directed by our government to belong to the World Wide Governing Body

This creation of alternative FIAS is not the right way to solve difference it will only weaken World Wide Sambo and our bid for the Olympics

Robin Hyslop

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Paid to Coach Sombo


The Summer Course to be held in Sittingbourne during August will be the ideal time for you to renew your BSF Instructors Certificate.


The BSF hope to soon have the finance to be able to pay registered Instructors to Coach Seminars on our behalf to promote Sombo throughout the UK, not only pay them but also pay all travel and accommodation. All those who wish to be involved have to be a registered and Insured Instructor. This still in the melting pot but it is no longer a pipe dream.

National Coaches John Clarke and Colin Carrott will be organising more Instructors courses over the next 12 months. So here is your chance to get paid for something you enjoy

You have two more days to book in for the British Sombo

Monday, June 17, 2013


Belt Wrestling

I have copied this from Vadim's Kolganov Facebook page if any of you are interested in this exciting sport contact him direct

Khristina Narizhnaya / MT

Belt wrestlers taking part in a Gainanova-sponsored competition in Podolsk outside Moscow on Saturday.

PODOLSK, Moscow Region — Taking a quirky Central Asian sport to the Olympics is no easy task. 

But the newly elected president of the remade International Belt Wrestling Association plans to honor her late husband's legacy and do just that. 

"Athletes need support," said Lyudmila Gainanova, a delicate blonde. Then, quoting the children's novel "The Little Prince," she added, "We answer for those we have tamed." 

Since Gainanova was elected president in February, she has been working non-stop to revitalize the association, organize competitions, market the sport and attract financing. 

Gainanova is the association's sole sponsor and pays 1 million to 1.5 million rubles ($36,000 to $54,000) per competition, out of her own pocket. There needs to be at least eight competitions per year to get the sport off the ground, plus other expenses in between, Gainanova said.

Plans to develop the sport include broadcasting matches on television and the Internet and using profits from a brick factory, which is still under construction in the Tatarstan republic, to support the association.

The sport needs to grow before it can join the Olympic family, director of the Russian Olympic Committee Marat Bariyev said. 

"It needs to be very popular, for the audience, for young people," Bariyev said. 

That is where the association comes in. "Without the association, the sport simply won't develop," Bariyev said.

Over the weekend, Gainanova invited sports marketing professionals from Israel to the year's first competition to assess belt wrestling's Olympic prospects and get advice on improving its prominence.

There is a lot of potential because of quick action and the passion exhibited for the sport, said Mylan Tanzer, owner of Israel-based sports communications firm Spark Media. 

Indeed, spectators are kept on their toes as they watch two opponents grip each other by red belts as each tries to wrestle the other to the ground. Often violent flips and loud grunts embellish the matches, which last anywhere from several seconds to four minutes. Both men and women compete. 

The growing interest in wrestling and mixed martial arts sports worldwide adds to belt wrestling's Olympic potential, Tanzer said. Ultimate Fighting Championship is now broadcast on cable sports network ESPN, for example. 

Belt wrestling is more than 2,000 years old. It originated during harvest festivities in Tatar and Central Asian villages. Over the years, belt wrestling nations, such as Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, formed their own federations for the sport. The All-Russian Belt Wrestling Federation was formed in 2003.

In 2005, Rif Gainanov, a Greco-Roman wrestling champion, founded the International Belt Wrestling Association, uniting all federations and establishing a set of rules and standards for the sport. 

The association flourished for four years, attracting members from Africa, the Middle East and Europe, and even securing a spot in the 2013 Universiade, a worldwide sport event where university athletes compete. After Gainanov died in 2009, the sport went into decline and the association suffered internal tensions and financial malfeasance. 

Since the beginning of this year, the association has changed administration, re-registered with the Justice Ministry and is developing a new web site. 

For now the association and its members must work to help the sport form a fan base, said Serob Andreasyan, president of the Armenian Belt Wrestling Federation.

"If a big house has a small foundation, the building will collapse," Andreasyan said. "But if a house has a foundation like this," Andreasyan spread his arms wide, "it will never fall."


The course will cover the complete competitive & theory content required for gradings Cost: £30.00 plus £10.00 grading fee for kyu grades, and relevant fee for dan grades. This course is also counts as a revalidation for all judo and sombo coaches.
Closing date 10th. August, send all fees and entry to:
John Clarke, 118 East Street, Sittingbourne ME10 4RX (Tel: 07825 224940)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Moving Forward

British Sombo Continues Moving Forward

The BSF continues to organise event through out England, Scotland and Northern Ireland several Courses and Competitions have been organised already this Year and many new contacts have been made with various organisations and possible sponsors. It is hope that the BSF will be able to fund 10 competitors for the World Championships in St Petersburg Russia in November. To gain a place you will need to enter the British at the end of June in Bedford. With respect to the British there is some good news and some bad news? Bad news World Bronze Medallist Matthew Clempner will not be competing, as he needs to concentrate on his no 1 position in the British Judo Squad, I am sure you will all agree he must be a potential medal prospect for the next Olympics and we all wish him the best of luck. Good News with out Matthew the O 100 kilo class is now up for grabs, so you super heavy weights get your entries in.
John and Colin will be organising a 2 day Summer Camp in Sittingbourne during August, Robin has his Scottish Open to come in July, Colin has competition organised for September in Folkestone, Keith has a comp organised in Sittingbourne in Early November and Russell has one for December in Bedford. January 2014 we a preparing a Black tie presentation Dinner more of this to follow.

With out your Support none of this can happen