Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mr Korzh v Mr Belonogoff Sambo Australia

My last Blog I emphasized the need for a Constitution and a circular from Mr Korzh from Australia complaining  about the actions of Mr Belonogoff, the latter is the FIAS Representative for Australia proves my point. The correct way to complain is through the Australian Sambo Association and if need be he can consult there constitution, which I expect if he can gather enough members support can call an Extraordinary General Meeting. If the Association contravenes FIAS Statutes then he can can complain to FIAS Council, if the complainant is still not happy he can bring his complaints forward to the FIAS Congress AGM.

My point is that there is a correct way to do things, that's why it is essential that every Sambo Association should have a constitution and should be made up of members rather then an individual. I hope that FIAS bring in a system that insists that all member countries have to produce a Constitution.

Plus rather then sending out letters why not have a face to face talk with the person you are having problems with.

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