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BSF President attended a special function in the City of london yesterday a full report will be on show in the next few days with photographs

Find attached a letter from the World renowned Samboist David Rudman what make the letter so interesting that a rumour is floating around the World that  there is to be a name change with regard Federation International Amateur Sambo talk is of a complete name change or just removing the word Amateur. This obviously looks like a change from a members organisation to a company. Which makes sense of all the political upheaval in  International Sambo Politics over the past few years. DO YOU THINK INTERNATIONAL SAMBO SHOULD BECOME A BUSINESS? let me know

Note the Word Amateur has been dropped is this a mistake? 

Translation from Russian into English
During the last time there are two tendencies that become clear and distinct in the world
development of SAMBO: democratic line and line of dictatorship. Vasylii Shestakov tries
ardently and actively to transform FIAS into private commercial organization, despite Statutes,
history of SAMBO development and principles of norms and morality.
SAMBO isn’t very developed yet in the world and it is based principally on coachesenthusiasts
that are known very well in each country (I don’t take into account countries of
former Soviet Union, Bulgaria and Mongolia where this kind of sport has governmental support
and sambo has been cultivated there for years)
Shestakov trying to keep his power tries quickly to substitute and replace federations that
are not loyal to him by manual federations- actively despite the Statutes of FIAS, creating second
Continental federations (Pan-America, Asia), alternative national federations (Canada, USA,
Czech Republic and others). With that he uses the slogan: “Sambo develops weakly”.
As soon as the president of Swiss federation of sambo Hervi Geldman spoke on the
European congress criticizing Shestakov, then Elyseev started to make hints that “Sambo is
developed badly and weakly in Switzerland”. Like somebody helped Hervi to develop sambo,
organize competitions, seminars, trips to other countries. I don’t know anybody else in
Switzerland who develops so actively sambo in Switzerland and neighbouring France.
And there are a lot of such examples- Victor Sokolovskyi works perfectly in Canada and
he has 200 people, he united around him yet 4 clubs with common quantity of more that 500
people occupying sambo. But as soon as he expressed openly his opinion, Moshanov was sent to
Canada, club of judo was found with the number about 40 sportsmen, and they started work to
create alternative federation of sambo.
There is serious violation of the Statutes of FIAS (p.4.2. Each country could be presented
only by one national federation).Instead of uniting all sambo clubs in one country, the climate of
antagonism is being created. He spends money got from sponsors for the sambo development for
the creation of alternative federations instead of rendering support to already existing
The requirements of IOC that we are trying to reach tell about the necessity of “avoiding
any conflicts of interests”. Shestakov creates intentionally this conflict. Of course we understand
that nothing would become of this, because according to the Statutes of FIAS p.8.2. “Decision
about exclusion the member of FIAS from International federation of SAMBO (FIAS0 could be
taken by Congress at the request of executive committee. The Congress takes decision by not
less than 2/3 of votes of participants with the right to vote, present personally or by agents on the
correspondent session of the Congress”. But the conflict is presented.
There is also one sharp moment: Executive committee of FIAS adopted proposal about
exclusion of the right to vote of the national federation, that didn’t present 3 sportsmen for the
world championship.

D Rudman

Moshanov has tried to do the same in GB but because we a strong constitution and a strong and well organised organisation he can not do this

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