Wednesday, June 26, 2013

FIAS Membership needs to be scrutanised

One of the subjects that arose was membership to FIAS and the suggestion that membership criteria must be scrutinised. This I am in total agreement with if FIAS is to be a true International Body we must have members who have proper constituted bodies and preferably with indigenous population being in charge.

When I first suggested a British Sombo Federation in 1986 I made point of suggesting that we have a constitution that can incorporate everyone who wishes to do Sambo/Sombo. Martial Arts in the UK is festooned with organisations claiming to be National Bodies. So the BSF has the following membership criteria

  1. BSF Membership
Membership of the BSF shall be open to any Association/Society within GB interested in the sport or associated disciplines on application regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs. However, limitation of membership is based on the Association, Society meeting membership criteria.
 Association/Society Membership
An Association wishing to affiliate must be practising Sombo/Sambo or CombatSombo or Full Contact Combat Sambo and they must conform to the following:
1.    They must be have been in existence for a minimum of 12 months and must have a minimum of 50 members who names maybe checked
2.    The Association must have a constitution which must be sent with application
3.    Name of Committee members must be produced
4.    Must have Insurance Cover which must be produced
5.    Must have Child Protection Policy
6.    Must have Equity Policy
7.    Must have Health and Safety Policy
The Association agrees to abide by the rules of the British Sombo Federation
Signature of two committee members
By doing this all organisations can be represented by the Governing Body, but can organise their own Tournaments, club, Courses, Coaching and Grading’s standard. This way they can all retain their own independence

If they require recognition for any of their qualification to be recognised they apply to the BSF for recognition of their standard of qualification, which will be scrutinised by the BSF

The BSF selects all National Teams and Officials for FIAS Events

If any member is interested a copy of the BSF Constitution can be sent

Martin Clarke
BSF Chairman

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