Thursday, June 06, 2013

World Sambo. Problems esculate

Below is a Youtube Conversation with  Former FIAS President David Rudman.

The British Sombo Federation although neutral  has to abide by the Statutes of FIAS which are legally binding. It has blatantly obvious that the FIAS Statutes have been violated.

So what is best for the members of the British Sombo Federation? The answer is to get these two factions together and get a good old British compromise.

The President Mr Shestakov is a very wealthy and powerful man, he is a personal friend of the Russian President Mr Putin. These two men could be very useful allies in promoting Sambo in the World yet even the most powerful must abide by the rules.

David Rudman is the leader of the opposition he is a former World Class Sambo Player. the best known Sambo Player in the World he was a former President of FIAS and during his Presidency he done more then anyone to unite Sambo and increase its World Wide membership. He may not be as rich and as powerful as Mr Putin and Mr Shestakov but he has the respect of the Sambo World

Now surely if these two factions could work together and acknowledge that mistakes could have been made on both sides it would make FIAS one of the leading Sports organisations in the World. To continue with this  fractious situation will only lead to FIAS and Sambo being relegated to the side lines of Sporting History. It is well known that President Putin is keen admire of Sambo and his ambition is to make Sambo an international educational programme for every country. This will only happen if there is unity.

The continue discord will eventually lead to a rival group being formed and this will not benefit anyone.

The BSF have been invited to a special meeting to be held in Kuala Lumpar Malaysia in 2 weeks time, we will be sending two observers to this meeting Russell Dodds BSF International Co-ordinator and John Sharpe FIAS Treasurer, we also will be sending a representative to a special dinner in the City of London next Monday organised by President Putin

On a more practical subject no one from either side of the FIAS debate has sent anyone to compete in the British Open at the end of June, what countries like GB need is practical support i.e. fighters to make people realise that Sambo is not just an Eastern European Sports but one we have participated in from the mid 1970's. The BSF formed in 1986 has organised over 25 British Opens

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