Monday, June 03, 2013

Gay Games

Welcome to the Gay Games, changing the world for over 30 years!

When you read the above you expect to hear and read about a Games for Homosexuals and Lesbians. The modern interpretation of that very small minority of people with abnormal sexual preferences is called Gay. Yet when you read the there Web site they claim anyone can enter. My point is under the trade description act surely this is illegal as it claims to be something it is not? Although I doubt if any Heterosexual or as the Gay Community call us with normal sexual preferences Straight would want to enter.

Another point is could someone come up with the Straight Games? I very much doubt if that would be allowed.  Why is there need for this Gay Games? The only thing I can see is to promote the Gay lifestyle. There are plenty of other Sports Games i.e. Olympics and Commonwealth etc., which are open to every one irrelevant of sexual, orientation, race or religion. Surely sport is about inclusion of everyone as for the Games or various competition it is also seeking who is the best. Why is it when a Homosexual wins a tournament they shout “ A gay man wins” who cares do you hear a Heterosexual shout “Straight man wins” No! I for one am fed up with the Gay Activities using every oppounity to promote their political aims. Sport should always be inclusive.

You will note that Judo, Wrestling and Martial Arts are included in the Gay Games it would be interesting if the National Governing Bodies will be organising teams for this event and whether they will send an all inclusive team or will they send a Gay Team? Sambo is not included in this event

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