Monday, April 29, 2013

Paris Sambo Tournament

Information on a Sambo Tournament In France

This are open to all members of the British Sombo Federation there no trials for this event but you will need our permission to enter. Paris is just 3 hours from Calais

COMBAT Section president
Info-line : +33 6 63 98 65 74
(Théodore ASLAMATZIDIS)           



Dear sporting friends,

   We are pleased to invite you to the competition mentioned above on at Paris on :

Saturday 25 of may 2013

You will find all information concerrning accommodation, the schedules and the general program of the competition in the appendices with this invitation.
The Great Prize is opened to CFS (FFL), ESF, FIAS and FISU licensees, according to guidelines below:

1- Sambo tournament Seniors

This international competition of Sambo is open to Young (who are 18 years old), Juniors and Seniors Categories men and women (born in 1995 and before).

The weight categories retained are as follows:
Men :–52 ; –57 ; –62 ; –68 ; –74 ; –82 ; – 90 ; –100 et +100 Kg
Women : –48 ; –52 ; –56 ; –60 ; –64 ; –68 ; –72 ; –80 et +80 Kg

The rules applied are those of C.F.S (French National Committee of Sambo) and F.I.A.S.

2-Combat-Sambo tournament Seniors

This international competition of Combat-Sambo is open to Seniors Categories Men (born in 1992 and before).
At the time of the weighing, the Samboist will choose in one of the following levels:
-                 Level « Beginner »: less than 2 year practice
-                 Level« Advanced »: more than 2 year practice
Please remember to register by writing "Beginner" or "Advanced" on the engagement sheets in the "Categories" box.

The categories of weight retained are as follows:
Men :–52 ; –57 ; –62 ; –68 ; –74 ; –82 ; – 90 ; –100 et +100 Kg

The rules applied are from C.F.S. 2013 decisions.

NB : Samboists must choose the style in which they want fight : Sport Sambo or Combat Sambo

The guidelines of participation are as follows:

1°) - Return of the confirmation of inscription of each club, accompanied by the sheets of engagement before Friday May 17, 2013 by mail (Théodore ASLAMATZIDIS ) , then payment on the spot.
The foreign participants must also have an International personal INSURANCE which covers every kind of medical expenses abroad and which include France and every extra travelling back expenses.
Transfers, displacements, lodging as well as the meals are the responsibility of the participants.
Each foreign club must bring its flag like its national anthem.

2°)- Participation fees :
a)    Clubs affiliated to the F.I.S.U. (with student card): 5€.
b)     Clubs affiliated to E.S.F. or F.I.A.S.: 10 € per athlete for both (Combat Sambo and Sambo.)
c)     Free Entry for the public

Medals, diploms and presents for all medalists.

We will purpose you some drinks, sandwiches and food.

Sambo Equipments:
You could buy during competition Sambo equipments (jackets, short, shoes, gloves…) at interesting prices.

With the pleasure of welcoming you all for the best of Sambo.

Président du CFS de la FFL
Paris Université Club
Président Section Combat

(Juniors + 18 years old, Youth and Senior Category – Men/Women – born in1995 and before)
 (Senior Men – Beginners and Advanced- born in1992 and before)
May 25, 2013 at the Charlety Stadium of PARIS (75)

Indoor Charpy room – 3 maps


Friday 24 of May 2013

·      8:00 - 10:00 PM :              Weighing SPORT SAMBO,  in ascending order of weight categories
                                                Weighing COMBAT SAMBO, in ascending order of weight categories

Saturday 25 of May 2013

·       8:30 AM :                          Opening of the room, warming up
Meeting of the Referees

·       9:00 AM :                          Beginning of the competition, 3 mats

·       1:00 PM :                          Lunch break

·       1:30 PM:                           Resumption competition, 3 mats

·       5:00 PM :                          Finals

·       6 :00 PM :                         Rewards

·       6:30 PM :                          Friendly drink (Organizers, Officials, Athletes)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

British Open

Yesterday in my position as Chairman British Sombo Federation I had a meeting with the President of the Commonwealth Sambo Association Lord Reading. The meeting was arranged to clear up any misunderstanding between the two organisations. I am glad to say the meeting was a complete success I found Lord Reading to be a very pleasant, intelligent and influential person who has the interest of Sombo at heart and I believe the BSF can help him in promote a viable Commonwealth Sambo Association

Martin Clarke

Also lets not forget the British Open in June

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Worlds 1986

World Sambo Championships 1986 Pau France
1st USSR 2nd Great Britain (Martin Clarke) 3rd Mongolia

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Yorkshire Rose

YORKSHIRE ROSE COMBAT SAMBO club in Batley, West Yorkshire, offers both Combat Sambo and Sport Sambo, members of the IBF/BCSA & BSF linked to FIAS.
The club is based at Allegiance Mma in Batley and has two qualified, experienced and registered Coaches.
The classes are for both beginners and experienced grapplers/fighters, we are looking for new members who are welcome to come and try a session for FREE!
We aim to provide training for recreation, fitness & self defence, alongside serious competition training. We have a Competition Team, there are opportunities for competition in the UK and Internationally.
The style would benefit most Combat athletes from various styles as Combat Sambo combines all elements, e.g. Kick/Thai-boxing, Judo, wrestling, jujitsu, ground position, submission and striking.
Classes at the moment are
Wednesdays 7.30 - 9.00pm Combat Sambo
Fridays 7.30 - 8.30pm Combat Sambo 
Gym address and information on the website
Please message for more information or come to the gym for your FREE trial session!

Bedford Grappling Academy

Bedford Grappling Academy take medals in International Judo 

Bedford Grappling Academy has enjoyed yet more success at the Belgium Multination Judo
Championship on Sunday 21st April 

The first member to participate was Matthew Loeffler (15) in the under 46kg and after dominating and winning all his fights, he claimed gold. Next up was Cyeanne Eaton (15) who put up a fantastic performance in the Youth Ladies under 52kg tournament and she also claimed gold. Lastly, Adam Dodds (16) had a difficult first fight but went on to win the next two and came away with a bronze medal.
All three members put on a superb performance and are a credit to the club.

Head coach Russell Dodds quoted "we only entered three players to the multi nations because we have only been back a few weeks from the Dutch open and was down to people not being able to afford to do both, at the Dutch open we had great results and to repeat this again has made me a very proud coach and shows that all the hard work and dedication is now producing rewards". The BGA is a club that has so much enthusiasm from not only the players, coaches but also the parents 

Monday, April 22, 2013

IBF Multi Nation Judo

Below is a report from John Clarke on the IBF Multi Nations the club were accompanied by the Bedford Grappling Academy their report to follow

I think John has been very diplomatic in his report the interpretation of the ridiculous new IJF Judo Rules were far from perfect Bradley should never have been disqualified and allowing men and women to compete against each other was taking equality a step to far but well done to all

Belgium 2013

John Clarke
I.B.F. Multination’s Judo Championships

Seventeen members of The Warriors Grappling Academy/Young Judo Club met
outside their Sittingbourne dojo at 4:30 Sunday morning, for the three and a half hour trip to Kortrijk, Belgium and The I.B.F. Multination’s. The eight competitors in the team, ranged from novices to 2nd.dans, and for some, was their first judo competition.
Youngest member of the team was 13 year old Lewis Clarke, a junior blue belt, and this was to be his first time fighting on foreign soil. Possibly nerves and the occasion got to him a little, as this was not one of his best performances, but still he managed a creditable third place and a bronze medal.
Emily Woods (15) has only been doing judo for a couple of months, and this was her first ever competition. She won two of her four fights, including one victory with a strangle, against a lot heavier and more experienced opponent, and came away with a hard fought silver medal.
For Oliver Bruton, Matt Wood and Keith Brown, this was also their first judo event. Although they finished outside the medal positions, all three gave their very best and were a credit to the club.
2nd. Dan Bradley Belsey moved up a weight group. In his first fight he threw his opponent with Kata Garuma, but was unfortunately disqualified for using his hand on his opponent’s leg. With the new leg grab rules in place, he was not only disqualified from this fight, but also from the rest of the tournament.
The two stars of the show were 2nd. Dan’s Cassey Belsey and Daniel Diamond. Both destroyed all opposition put in front of them with a series of ippon throws. Undefeated, they both claimed a gold medal and he European title.
Coach John Clarke had this to say: “It just goes to show, that all the hard training and dedication has paid off for this team. The club is extremely proud of what they have achieved.”

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sombo Newsletter

British Sombo Federation


The BSF have several events planned over the next few months see some of the dates below we also will be offering Sombo Instructors course throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. National Coach Allan Clarkin will continue to offer excellent courses in Combat Sambo at his Gym in Burnley. Our main event of the year is our British Open and we already have a contingent form the USA and Cameroon so we need your support. To encourage more people to try Sombo we will be loaning Jackets and shorts out on the day plus children can wear a Judo Jacket and Shorts. Combat Sambo as sport we all thought would be a big hit in the UK has not managed to grab the attention of the public. So if you know any MMA fighters who want to try their art wearing a jacket get them to have a go.

Is anyone interested in becoming a CombatSombo Instructor the self defence system invented by FIAS Sombo Grand Master Martin Clarke? if so contact him on remember he offers Camcorder grading in Sombo, CombatSombo plus other Martial Arts

Our British Open is also a trial for the Worlds in St Petersburg in November both President Robin Hyslop and International Co-ordinator Russell Dodds will be attending the event and we will be taking a team. The problem is finance as most of you know UKSport will be only supporting the top Olympic sports with regard to funding so Sports like Sombo have to fund themselves, the BSF has only barely enough money to cover affiliation to the World Body FIAS let alone any other expenses our Committee pay for all their own travel and accommodation and with it highly unlikely that FIAS will fund the GB team so the cost could be prohibitive, that is why we rune the event in June so competitors can raise funds from their clubs, Councils, Charities etc. It is hoped that in the future FIAS will fund the UK and this will be the main task of our new President Robin Hyslop to convince them of our need.

Yet not all is lost there are competitions in France, Germany and Austria which are priced at something we can afford for example the French have an event in Paris and in Germany there is one in Dortmund a reasonable driving distance form Calais, events which will be in our level of expertise, there is no trials for these and any BSF member can enter on condition they have a modicum of experience i.e. enter some tournaments. In the past we have thrown competitors in at the deep end by putting them in the Worlds, Europeans etc. at the request of FIAS but unless we get funding from them this no longer possible plus our players need more international experience so taking part in lower grade tournaments is the way to go. Remember Matthew Clempner was first GB World Medallist in 2012 for over 20 years before that John Clarke managed a 7th in 2007. So time for a change. None of this can happen with out your support.

Russell Dodds starts up a new company selling al Sombo/Sambo equipment plus all types of Martial Arts equipment discounted prices for BSF/IBF members Russell.doods@sportsdirect

Many have asked about the Commonwealth Sambo Association it is hoped the BSF will soon be involved with this organisation in the future. BSF Chairman Martin Clarke has been invited to a meet the President Lord Reading to find out more details of membership and the future of this organisation

Red Star Sambo Dumfries
Sunday the 21st April
Sambo seminar
Vadim Kolganov,
11AM cost £20.

light refreshments at Red Star afterwards.
excellent opportunity to learn from a true Russian knowledgeable Sambo coach!

Contact Robin Hyslop BSF Chairman

Sombo/MMA Instructors course & Sombo Referees Course
May 5th 2013
contact John Clarke 07825224940

Kent Open Sombo/SportCombatSombo
Juniors & Seniors-Male & Female

JUNE 9th 2013

JUNE 30th  2013
Russell 07889146662

JULY 2013

Open Air Sombo Competition
Capel-Le-Ferne Folkestone