Monday, April 29, 2013

Paris Sambo Tournament

Information on a Sambo Tournament In France

This are open to all members of the British Sombo Federation there no trials for this event but you will need our permission to enter. Paris is just 3 hours from Calais

COMBAT Section president
Info-line : +33 6 63 98 65 74
(Théodore ASLAMATZIDIS)           



Dear sporting friends,

   We are pleased to invite you to the competition mentioned above on at Paris on :

Saturday 25 of may 2013

You will find all information concerrning accommodation, the schedules and the general program of the competition in the appendices with this invitation.
The Great Prize is opened to CFS (FFL), ESF, FIAS and FISU licensees, according to guidelines below:

1- Sambo tournament Seniors

This international competition of Sambo is open to Young (who are 18 years old), Juniors and Seniors Categories men and women (born in 1995 and before).

The weight categories retained are as follows:
Men :–52 ; –57 ; –62 ; –68 ; –74 ; –82 ; – 90 ; –100 et +100 Kg
Women : –48 ; –52 ; –56 ; –60 ; –64 ; –68 ; –72 ; –80 et +80 Kg

The rules applied are those of C.F.S (French National Committee of Sambo) and F.I.A.S.

2-Combat-Sambo tournament Seniors

This international competition of Combat-Sambo is open to Seniors Categories Men (born in 1992 and before).
At the time of the weighing, the Samboist will choose in one of the following levels:
-                 Level « Beginner »: less than 2 year practice
-                 Level« Advanced »: more than 2 year practice
Please remember to register by writing "Beginner" or "Advanced" on the engagement sheets in the "Categories" box.

The categories of weight retained are as follows:
Men :–52 ; –57 ; –62 ; –68 ; –74 ; –82 ; – 90 ; –100 et +100 Kg

The rules applied are from C.F.S. 2013 decisions.

NB : Samboists must choose the style in which they want fight : Sport Sambo or Combat Sambo

The guidelines of participation are as follows:

1°) - Return of the confirmation of inscription of each club, accompanied by the sheets of engagement before Friday May 17, 2013 by mail (Théodore ASLAMATZIDIS ) , then payment on the spot.
The foreign participants must also have an International personal INSURANCE which covers every kind of medical expenses abroad and which include France and every extra travelling back expenses.
Transfers, displacements, lodging as well as the meals are the responsibility of the participants.
Each foreign club must bring its flag like its national anthem.

2°)- Participation fees :
a)    Clubs affiliated to the F.I.S.U. (with student card): 5€.
b)     Clubs affiliated to E.S.F. or F.I.A.S.: 10 € per athlete for both (Combat Sambo and Sambo.)
c)     Free Entry for the public

Medals, diploms and presents for all medalists.

We will purpose you some drinks, sandwiches and food.

Sambo Equipments:
You could buy during competition Sambo equipments (jackets, short, shoes, gloves…) at interesting prices.

With the pleasure of welcoming you all for the best of Sambo.

Président du CFS de la FFL
Paris Université Club
Président Section Combat

(Juniors + 18 years old, Youth and Senior Category – Men/Women – born in1995 and before)
 (Senior Men – Beginners and Advanced- born in1992 and before)
May 25, 2013 at the Charlety Stadium of PARIS (75)

Indoor Charpy room – 3 maps


Friday 24 of May 2013

·      8:00 - 10:00 PM :              Weighing SPORT SAMBO,  in ascending order of weight categories
                                                Weighing COMBAT SAMBO, in ascending order of weight categories

Saturday 25 of May 2013

·       8:30 AM :                          Opening of the room, warming up
Meeting of the Referees

·       9:00 AM :                          Beginning of the competition, 3 mats

·       1:00 PM :                          Lunch break

·       1:30 PM:                           Resumption competition, 3 mats

·       5:00 PM :                          Finals

·       6 :00 PM :                         Rewards

·       6:30 PM :                          Friendly drink (Organizers, Officials, Athletes)

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