Friday, April 05, 2013

International Sambo Meeting

Extract from FIAS Council minutes above

Most of you will know that there are a lot of problems with the administration of International Sambo. The recent FIAS Council meeting saw 4 leading members of the FIAS Council be suspended under the spurious reason of discrediting FIAS, when I asked what does that exactly mean? No reply not unusual when making enquires to FIAS Council, thank fully I am not on any FIAS Council anymore. You can imagine what they would do to me if I were still a member especially as I continually ask awkward questions.

These things may not be of interest to you but what be of interest for those who wanted to participate in the World Combat Games (Combat Olympics) you have no chance unless you qualify in the top 8 in the Europeans and to date with have one entry, Till every country gets funding this type of selection is unfair 

In the past every country that had paid their affiliation to FIAS could participate in the FIAS Congress, which is held at the Worlds, this is no longer the case. They are now bringing in rules that you have to a minimum of 3 fighters present to participate. You may say well that is fair, yes for those who get financial support but what about counties like GB where we get no funding? The next World championships to be held in St Petersburg will cost £800 to £1000 per competitor, how many can many athletes afford that? Can you imagine if you from Australia or New Zealand. So the real power will be the organisations who have money do not call that democratic. Since 1986 I have been attending meetings at my own cost, plus on occasions I help finance teams, on many occasions the BSF could only bring 2 fighters, new President Robin Hyslop has done the same, this type of gerrymandering is wrong 

Extract from FIAS Council Minutes

My advise to FIAS is stop trying to undermine National Federations and start supporting them, it seems you can do that with new comers Trinidad & Tobago so what about those National Federations who have been in at the beginning. I am glad that Robin has taken over the Job as BSF President, I am content in rebuilding British Sombo and I have many things planned, one really radical move will be announced in 3 months time.

So who will be running FIAS in the future? I note that legal action is underway with one side of the argument

Considering the mess FIAS is in will SportAccord accept them as a legitimate Body?

Will there be alternative International Federation?

We will wait and see, the future for the BSF is to build a strong British organisation offer more competition, courses etc. so one day we can send players, which we can financial support, who can win World Championships although an International Organisation is important it can only progress with Strong National Bodies. Who ever wins we will support the SportAccord recognised International Body

Martin Clarke

BSF Chairman

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