Monday, April 22, 2013

IBF Multi Nation Judo

Below is a report from John Clarke on the IBF Multi Nations the club were accompanied by the Bedford Grappling Academy their report to follow

I think John has been very diplomatic in his report the interpretation of the ridiculous new IJF Judo Rules were far from perfect Bradley should never have been disqualified and allowing men and women to compete against each other was taking equality a step to far but well done to all

Belgium 2013

John Clarke
I.B.F. Multination’s Judo Championships

Seventeen members of The Warriors Grappling Academy/Young Judo Club met
outside their Sittingbourne dojo at 4:30 Sunday morning, for the three and a half hour trip to Kortrijk, Belgium and The I.B.F. Multination’s. The eight competitors in the team, ranged from novices to 2nd.dans, and for some, was their first judo competition.
Youngest member of the team was 13 year old Lewis Clarke, a junior blue belt, and this was to be his first time fighting on foreign soil. Possibly nerves and the occasion got to him a little, as this was not one of his best performances, but still he managed a creditable third place and a bronze medal.
Emily Woods (15) has only been doing judo for a couple of months, and this was her first ever competition. She won two of her four fights, including one victory with a strangle, against a lot heavier and more experienced opponent, and came away with a hard fought silver medal.
For Oliver Bruton, Matt Wood and Keith Brown, this was also their first judo event. Although they finished outside the medal positions, all three gave their very best and were a credit to the club.
2nd. Dan Bradley Belsey moved up a weight group. In his first fight he threw his opponent with Kata Garuma, but was unfortunately disqualified for using his hand on his opponent’s leg. With the new leg grab rules in place, he was not only disqualified from this fight, but also from the rest of the tournament.
The two stars of the show were 2nd. Dan’s Cassey Belsey and Daniel Diamond. Both destroyed all opposition put in front of them with a series of ippon throws. Undefeated, they both claimed a gold medal and he European title.
Coach John Clarke had this to say: “It just goes to show, that all the hard training and dedication has paid off for this team. The club is extremely proud of what they have achieved.”

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