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Sombo Newsletter

British Sombo Federation


The BSF have several events planned over the next few months see some of the dates below we also will be offering Sombo Instructors course throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. National Coach Allan Clarkin will continue to offer excellent courses in Combat Sambo at his Gym in Burnley. Our main event of the year is our British Open and we already have a contingent form the USA and Cameroon so we need your support. To encourage more people to try Sombo we will be loaning Jackets and shorts out on the day plus children can wear a Judo Jacket and Shorts. Combat Sambo as sport we all thought would be a big hit in the UK has not managed to grab the attention of the public. So if you know any MMA fighters who want to try their art wearing a jacket get them to have a go.

Is anyone interested in becoming a CombatSombo Instructor the self defence system invented by FIAS Sombo Grand Master Martin Clarke? if so contact him on remember he offers Camcorder grading in Sombo, CombatSombo plus other Martial Arts

Our British Open is also a trial for the Worlds in St Petersburg in November both President Robin Hyslop and International Co-ordinator Russell Dodds will be attending the event and we will be taking a team. The problem is finance as most of you know UKSport will be only supporting the top Olympic sports with regard to funding so Sports like Sombo have to fund themselves, the BSF has only barely enough money to cover affiliation to the World Body FIAS let alone any other expenses our Committee pay for all their own travel and accommodation and with it highly unlikely that FIAS will fund the GB team so the cost could be prohibitive, that is why we rune the event in June so competitors can raise funds from their clubs, Councils, Charities etc. It is hoped that in the future FIAS will fund the UK and this will be the main task of our new President Robin Hyslop to convince them of our need.

Yet not all is lost there are competitions in France, Germany and Austria which are priced at something we can afford for example the French have an event in Paris and in Germany there is one in Dortmund a reasonable driving distance form Calais, events which will be in our level of expertise, there is no trials for these and any BSF member can enter on condition they have a modicum of experience i.e. enter some tournaments. In the past we have thrown competitors in at the deep end by putting them in the Worlds, Europeans etc. at the request of FIAS but unless we get funding from them this no longer possible plus our players need more international experience so taking part in lower grade tournaments is the way to go. Remember Matthew Clempner was first GB World Medallist in 2012 for over 20 years before that John Clarke managed a 7th in 2007. So time for a change. None of this can happen with out your support.

Russell Dodds starts up a new company selling al Sombo/Sambo equipment plus all types of Martial Arts equipment discounted prices for BSF/IBF members Russell.doods@sportsdirect

Many have asked about the Commonwealth Sambo Association it is hoped the BSF will soon be involved with this organisation in the future. BSF Chairman Martin Clarke has been invited to a meet the President Lord Reading to find out more details of membership and the future of this organisation

Red Star Sambo Dumfries
Sunday the 21st April
Sambo seminar
Vadim Kolganov,
11AM cost £20.

light refreshments at Red Star afterwards.
excellent opportunity to learn from a true Russian knowledgeable Sambo coach!

Contact Robin Hyslop BSF Chairman

Sombo/MMA Instructors course & Sombo Referees Course
May 5th 2013
contact John Clarke 07825224940

Kent Open Sombo/SportCombatSombo
Juniors & Seniors-Male & Female

JUNE 9th 2013

JUNE 30th  2013
Russell 07889146662

JULY 2013

Open Air Sombo Competition
Capel-Le-Ferne Folkestone

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