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Information on Sombo

Sombo Misinformation

With in the new FIAS (Federation International Sambo Federation) there is a lot of misinformation being banded about. Everyone is aware that it is a Russian Sport or is it surely it should really be called a Sport of the ex Soviet Union as in In 1938, it was recognized as an official sport by the USSR All-Union Sports Committee. My history of the USSR is not that good and maybe somebody can correct me in saying the Red Army was not purely Russian as In 1918, Vladimir Lenin created Vseobuch or General Military Training to train the Red Army under the leadership of K. Voroshilov. Plus we are told that Sambo consists of many styles of wrestling from across the ex Soviet Union and its satellite states but this is conjecture on my behalf and I expect I will be corrected.

What does concern me how Sambo since the inception of FIAS under the leadership of Fernando Compte has changed? The numbers of member’s countries since its inception has changed dramatically, when FIAS was formed although small it was a much more representative organisation of the whole of the membership. On the FIAS.Council where representatives from Spain Fernando Compte, USA Josh Henson, France Etteniene Labrouse, Italy Georgiou Delasandro, Great Britain Herbert Jacob, there was just one rep from Bulgaria and the Soviet Union. Today only 5 Western Democracies out of the 15 Council members are represented? In 1985 Sambo claim was to be an international Jacket Wrestling style which first saw light under FILA now it is seen a Russian dominated sport. In terms of numbers and quality of World and European Competitions this domination is a good one, especially as since the collapse of the Soviet Union and Communism there is plenty of money available to FIAS, could never understand those who were part of the Soviet Union and organisation that believed in the State (The people) owning everything suddenly collapsing and all these Russian Millionaires appearing on its demise I expect something else I will be corrected on.

What the main purpose of this article is to let people know more about British Sombo. Up until 1986 Sombo/Sambo/Cambo was part of the British Wrestling Association and the reason I have used 3 names was because there was controversy over the name Sambo in the English name Sambo was a derogatory name for Black people. So in the Mid 1970’s it was decided to use the Cyrillic wording of Sambo which was Cambo and the C was pronounced as an English C, in the 1980’s American Josh Henson came up with the name Sombo which was accepted by all the English Speaking nations. In 1985 the BWA decided to have a Sub Committee entitled British Sombo Wrestling with the following: Chairman Martin Clarke, Vice Chairman Trevor Roberts, General Secretary Brenda Jones, Treasurer/Registrar Alan Kontozi, Committee George Proffer, Ken Hooper, Trevor Davies, Brian Wellsman.
With the formation of FIAS in 1985 this group under the auspices of the BWA were affiliated. In 1986 Martin Clarke was given permission to take Sombo from the BWA and form a British Organisation which was called the British Sombo Federation and in 1986 at the inaugural meeting of the BSF the following Committee was elected Chairman Martin Clarke, Vice Chairman Trevor Roberts, General Secretary Brenda Jones, Treasurer/Registrar Alan Kontozi, Committee Trevor Davies, Brian Wellsman, Dave Boulding, Valerie Clarke, Tony Bull. The BSF was automatically accepted into FIAS
Some interesting facts:
1)     BSF has had 4 chairs Martin Clarke, Brenda Jones, Alan Kontozi, and Robin Hyslop
2)     BSF has had 3 Presidents Martin Clarke, Brenda Jones and Robin Hyslop
3)     The position of President was not introduced to the BSF till January 2000
4)     In 2001 to raise funds for the British Team Life membership was offered to members for £50, the following are BSF Life Members Martin Clarke, Valerie Clarke, David Boulding, Ian Durie, George Fitzgerald, Robin Hyslop, Alan Kontozi, Paul Sawyer, Stephen Sweetlove
5)     The BSF have organised 22 British Open’s, 1 European Championships 1989, 1 World Championships 1992
6)     Brenda Jones and Alan Kontozi qualified a FIAS International Referees in 1985 at the World Games, Brenda went on to become Referee Exceptional.
7)     Martin Clarke is Britain’s only FIAS GrandMaster he also served on the FIAS Council as a member, Treasurer and European President
As you can see the BSF has distinguished heritage and a democratic organisation and if you want to see our International Medal results go to our Web site

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SOMBO PLAYERS & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Players are also welcome

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Press Release New BSF President

Press Release

The latest Political Upheaval in FIAS has made Martin Clarke’s position as BSF President untenable, he has a massive disagreements with the way FIAS is organised and its seemly disregard for the Democratic process after discussions with the BSF Committee, they have agreed that Martin Clarke remaining President and attending International events would only harm the BSF attempt to gain funding from the new FIAS, he agreed with the committee.  The committee suggest a role change with Chairman Robin Hyslop taking over the position of President with a new position of International Co-coordinator being allocated to Russell Dodds, both have more moderate views on FIAS  The need for a strong Chairman was needed now more then ever for the BSF as outside forces are doing their best to a make a Sambo Dictatorship in GB so the committee have asked Martin Clarke to take over the vacant position of Chairman which agreed to do
Martin made the following comment
“I have been involved in Sombo since 1975 I started the BSF in 1986 and have no intention in letting some Foreign Usurper run GB Sombo. There have been many people involved in the progress of the BSF over the years some like the legendary Brenda Jones who is no longer with us. I would not want their memories sullied, so I welcome the challenge of returning to the position of Chairman"

Monday, March 25, 2013

More International Turmoil

Further to my last Blog on International Sambo is seems the turmoil continues

A memorandum was sent to all FIAS Countries about a FIAS Council meeting which was about  the suspension of 4 leading Sambo players one of which was the Famous David Rudman the last FIAS President who united the Sambo World and brought it to the attention of the world. I have attached a link to this meeting which you can read at your leisure as the mintes of the meeting were made public I thought I should share the reply I sent to the current President of FIAS: It is interesting to note this group want to change the Statutes?

Monday, 25 March 2013


Dear Mr President

Thank you for your Memorandum with the regard to the suspension of four gentleman mentioned can I ask the following question which hopefully, unlike many of my previous questions, will be answered

1)    There is no mention of what part of the FIAS statutes entitles you to suspend members who are elected by Congress?
2)       You gave a rather vague explanation for their suspension “For the continuous activities affecting the promotion of SAMBO into the international sport and Olympic family, for the ethical damage to the reputation of the FIAS and for the misconduct of their duties and responsibilities” I believe all FIAS members countries should be given accurate details of what they have done
3)    In my dealings and correspondence with these gentlemen it has always been their complaint that you and other members of FIAS have not been compliant with FIAS Statutes. There main complaint one I agree with is that you never reply to their questions . Do you not think if you had replied this problem could have been resolved?
4)    Will future members of the EC or come to that Presidents of individual countries be suspended if they question yours or the FIAS EC performance or creditability?
5)    Article 16 of the FIAS statutes allows for unscheduled Congress of members if 1/3 of the memberships make a written request. Would these gentlemen be allowed to contact the Member Countries?
6)    Would member countries be suspended if they have contact with these gentlemen?

I have no financial interest in FIAS nor have any desire to be part of the management of FIAS my job as President of the British Sombo Federation is quite sufficient and time consuming. On behalf of the BSF can I say we do not really concern ourselves with who runs FIAS as we have had very little support from the organisation but what does concern us is that we want to belong to an organisation that works with in its Constitution (FIAS Statutes)

My main criticism of yourself Mr President and the FIAS EC is that you never answer questions and reply to communications. If this had been done the problems in FIAS, which could lead to its breakup, would not have happened. FIAS competitions have improved beyond the imagination of most us; the recent Sambo TV has been a brilliant addition but FIAS need to be an open democratic organisation if we are ever to become an Olympic sport.

I hope that you and the 4 gentlemen will sort out your differences and come to some agreement in the not to distant future and please answer my emails the latest in is below

Yours truly,

Martin Clarke
FIAS Grandmaster
BSF President

Martin Clarke ( 21/03/2013

Dear Mr President

Thank you for the very informative report on your meeting with Mr Putin having such a high profile personality can only enhance the status of International Sambo congratulation on this achievement. Yet I notice that neither Asia or Pan America were present was their a reason for this? Also David Rudman, so I am told, was not allowed at the meeting is this correct?

Once again there is mention of the Olympics is mentioned, before Sambo can ever aspire to the Olympics it has to put its own house in order, I refer to the present problems with in FIAS. Let me just take my own problem with FIAS.

When ever FIAS wants to put out a message praises their efforts nobody has any communication problems but ask awkward questions and messages are never answered or acknowledged is the way a potential Olympic organisation should be behave NO!

I have been asking important question on a regular basis since April 2012 and had no reply to any of them so I will ask some of them again

At the meeting with Mr Putin you mention the Commonwealth Sambo Association, I have asked is this organisation affiliated to FIAS? If so when was it affiliated and by whom? Is this organisation financed by FIAS or from your own personal income? Who is Lord Reading as he never attended a Sambo event I have yet to have the honour of meeting him? Has he ever participated in Sambo? Out of the 8 countries affiliated to this organisation only 2 have been accepted as members of FIAS, there are many other Commonwealth Countries in FIAS why aren't they part of this organisation? British Sombo Federation, which is the Governing body for all Home Countries in the UK, is not a member and will only join when this organisation is Recognised by FIAS at its Annual Congress.
ANDREW MOSHANOV this individual first appeared in November 2011 by March 2012 he claimed to be FIAS International Head of Development? Who appointed him? What is his remit? Who pays for him to travel the World is it FIAS or is from your own private income? Has FIAS instructed him to interfere and de-stabilise the British Sombo Federation can I quote a section from an email he sent to the BSF Chairman Robin Hyslop “Unfortunately and despite the BSF constitution, he (Martin Clarke) is the face of British Sombo today.  If BSF is ready to change the way it is perceived today by FIAS - I am ready to come and talk to BSF and set the way forward, but not with him (BSF President) in charge of everything.” This email suggests that FIAS wants to interfere with a Democratic organisation is this true? A recent article appeared in a publication and I quote “   Moshanov started his sporting life as a child in judo and reached all the way to sixth Dan black belt before switching to SAMBO. He is a former judo coach of the Soviet Union in judo and later coach of the Russian team in SAMBO” Is this correct? I have attended most World Championships since 1985 and never saw him?

He also sent he following email to the Chairman Hi Robin
Just back from Moscow. We had a meeting with Mr.Putin about sambo. Total support and backup-:)) Discussed a lot with Eliseev and Roberto. Lets speak and meet soon
> Аndrew Moshanov” So are we to assume this man takes precedent over the Presidents of FIAS Countries and FIAS Vice Presidents?
IT was also recently reported that Trinidad & Tobago Sambo were to spend a month in Moscow training all expenses paid by FIAS is this true?

As you can see I have a lot of question why aren’t they answered? I quite understand you will not have time to deal with enquires like this and might not even be aware of their existence but FIAS HQ are aware and if they a have a problem they should inform you. Myself and my BSF EC are not happy with FIAS giving financial aid to countries who are not members of FIAS, we are not happy with FIAS employees  being given a substantial wage to travel the world at the expense of FIAS if that is the case and FIAS has that amount of money why do they not support countries who are not funded? We are not happy with FIAS spreading discourse in the UK and trying to undermine the hard work of the BSF. This interference has already had a very detrimental effect on British Sambo. Can I remind you that the BSF have a very active calendar in organizing competitions, courses and seminars this is all done with out the help of FIAS?
Since 1986 I have travelled to countless FIAS events long before yourself and some of your staff were involved in Sambo all at my own cost, this will now cease what money I have will be spent on protecting the democratic organisation the British Sombo Federation, protect it from outside influences who wish to destroy it. 

I very much doubt if any of my questions are answered I just hope Mr President that you  get the chance to read this email

Yours truly,

Martin Clarke
FIAS Grandmaster
BSF President

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

International Sambo in Turmoil

International Sambo in Turmoil

It has now been 28 years since the Formation of International Amateur Sambo Federation, which was founded by Fernando Compte a good and kind man. Since its beginning in 1985 I have been involved the first year I was British Wrestling Association Representative from 1986 I founded the British Sombo Federation with consent of the BWA in that year we were accepted by FIAS as the governing body for Sambo or Sombo as the British prefer to call it, some years later the Sports Council (UKSport) recognised as the Governing body for GB and the Home Countries. In that time there have been many changes the best improvements have come with the Standard of World and Continental Championships, which can equal any other Sports International Events, and in the last few years Sambo.TV has made the sport accessible to everyone.

The major problem has been Sambo Politics with in 2 years of FIAS formulating 2 more organisations claimed to be the proper International body appeared these did not last long and once again FIAS became the only body but in 1993 another split appeared with two FIAS sections appearing one was FIAS East which mainly consisted of the Ex Easter Communist Block the other was FIAS West. In the 2000’s the legendary Judo and Sambo player David Rudman took over FIAS and he quickly healed this split and once again FIAS was back together not just together but under David’s Leadership we saw massive in surge of members and most importantly FIAS had become a proper constituted body with its Statutes being obeyed

3 years ago FIAS appointed a new President a Mr Shestokov he came in as a personal friend of Premier Putin and a member of the Russian Duma, most importantly he came with a promise of financing FIAS. For obvious reason organisations like the BSF were over the moon, as we received no grant aid here was a chance to get players and referees to competition and training seminars. Sadly the only help we got were a few referee uniforms and accommodation paid for our team at the Worlds in 2012.

Worse was to follow many Sambo Nations became aggrieved by the actions of the new President and accusations of corruption were banded about,  they may say that but we could not possibly comment, what I will say since April 2012 the BSF have asked FIAS question on who is Andrew Moshanov and what is the status of the Commonwealth Sambo Association as of 20 March 2013 we have not received an answer? The BSF has no representative on the FIAS Council it is not privy to sensitive issues, this may change as it hoped that Robin Hyslop Chairman BSF will be voted on at the next World Congress.

 FIAS Council Member Mr. P. Gorodnov President SFCR of the Czech Republic sent a detailed letter to all the National Sambo Federations a section of what I have reproduced

It is evident that the “new bosses” have removed us from the management of our organization and misappropriated the resources, which legally and duly belong to us.  The activity of this group of raiders, authorized by the FIAS president, is evidently being well financed, providing negative impact, and splitting our Samboist family, and in addition to that this adverse activity remains unpunished.
Where from these people are financed? What are their real targets, where it is possible to study their Plan of activities, where one can learn the financial data of the funds that were remunerated to them and how they utilized these common funds? Where this firm “Helios” came from, what did it have to do due to their contract with the FIAS, how much funds we invested into this company and what are the results of its activity for today?

It seems there have been personnel, which he calls raiders, been sent around the World to destabilize certain Countries organisation and create new ones, in some cases they been successful they managed to formulate an alternative Pan American Association (The original Pan American led by Jack Kogan has contested its legality and his organisation remains legitimate), the same was done in Asia, so our sources tell us the same has happened in Canada. The BSF has also been targeted by one of these so-called raiders but has been unsuccessful in his attempts to destabilize the BSF, why some people in FIAS want to make every Country in FIAS have a Russian President in charge of an organisation with out a Constitution beggars belief, thankfully there are people who want to keep to the Statutes of FIAS"

I am now 63 and been involved in organizing various Combat organizations since the age off 22, I have served on many International Committees including FIAS on every occasion I have been pushed in to these positions by my members who were unhappy with the status Quo. The reason many people become involved in organisation not just for Philanthropic reasons many are in it for the love of power and money, sad but true. Just look at some of the rich organisation round the World and look the way officials are treated compared to competitors, the Olympics was a prime example. On TV there was a programme about a Top Hotel in London and it showed large entourages from countries whose people were starving and receiving western aid staying in the most expensive suet’s, this may be an extreme example but true

Hopefully Sambo will once again come to its senses and return to the Statutes, FIAS is an organisation which should represent it members in a Modern Democratic way. If it doesn’t it will not get the International recognition it deserves

Coming soon who is Andrew Moshanov?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

6th Dan did not know Goshin Jutsu Kata

Robin Hyslop 5th Dan Judo IBF President Scotland recently put on his Facebook a film on the Goshin Jutsu, what amazed me was that a Russian Judo 6th Dan said he had never seen this Kata. Obviously I had to ask the question what sought of 6th Dan is he? Yet when you look at the reality of a Dan Grading many organisations have a different outlook on Judo. The Russian just see it as Competitive Jacket Wrestling sport on the same lines as Sambo, while some other organisations see it as a pure Martial Art and believe the criteria is pure Kata and no competition, the latter becoming ever increasingly popular. I do not believe either is right I still believe that Kata and Competitive Judo compliment each other and that what makes it different to other forms of Jacket Wrestling Sport. The IBF like most Judo Associations have Kata as part of the Dan Grade Syllabus along with Shiai, our organisation has Goshin Jutsu Kata at 3rd Dan level. With society getting softer and non competitive we have to realise that Judo must cater for them, some even practising Judo without throwing a Judo version of Tia Chi not sure I would like to go down that road but as ex competitor I would say that

Martin Clarke 8th Dan
IBF UK President