Friday, March 08, 2013

Cost Of Courses

The IBF/BCSA sometimes get moans about the cost of our Courses, which are normally about £50 for a 5 hour course on a lot of occasions they are cheaper. Luckily enough we have experienced Coaches with Sombo/Sambo we have Coaches who's experience goes back the the mid 1970's. The IBF/BCSA Coaching system has been in existence for 40 years

I have just picked up the following from the Internet. Trinidad & Tobago are new to Sambo entering their first Worlds in 2012 so they need coaching.

The Trinidad and Tobago Sambo and Combat Sambo Federation in collaboration with the International Sambo Federation (FIAS) is offering a Seminar and Workshop in Coaching, Officiating, Refereeing and a programme in Fall safety endorsed by UNESCO

Level One Sambo Coaching Course for ALL MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTORS 3 Days ........Cost $750 .........Students $275 ......FREE to the PUBLIC ..............Location Cascadia Hotel March 1st -3rd March.......... Conducted by Head of Development for Sambo ...........Contact 725 4642

Lunch and Refreshments Included

That nearly £500 the IBF/Summer Camp a 7 day course which included Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal plus tuition was £200. Obviously those people in Trinidad must be a lot wealthier then us Brits. So do not let me hear anyone moan about price again

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