Monday, March 18, 2013

Well Done Bedford

Bedford Grappling Academy attended the Dutch open mixed martial arts tournament in Dalfsen Holland on the 14th 15th and 16th of March entering squads into the Judo and Sombo disciplines. This was the first major event for this relatively new club and the results for the weekend were a pleasant and unexpected surprise for all who attended.

With over a thousand entries from sixteen nations attending, the battle for the medal places was hotly contested with top class fighters giving the spectators a thrilling and memorable weekend.

Gentare Micyte after a two year break from competition entered both the Judo and Sombo taking gold in both disciplines from the ladies under 68kg section.

Kerry Maxwell also took Gold in the ladies Judo open in what is believed to be her final competition at this level and Luke Saunders took the gold in the junior boys under 45kg section.

Silver medals were won by,
Jack Saunders for junior Sombo and Judo under 45kg,
Adam Dodds youth Sombo under 81kg,
Veniamin Dragan senior Judo under 74kg,
Cyeanne Eaton youth ladies Judo under 52 kg.

Bronze medals went to,
Cyeanne Eaton youth girls Sombo under 57kg,
Veniamin Dragan senior Sombo under 74kg,
Matthew Leoffler junior Judo under 48kg,
Adam Dodds youth Judo under 82kg,
Sim Grant-Jones senior judo Under 82kg,
Keeley Maxwell junior ladies Judo under 57kg

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