Monday, March 25, 2013

More International Turmoil

Further to my last Blog on International Sambo is seems the turmoil continues

A memorandum was sent to all FIAS Countries about a FIAS Council meeting which was about  the suspension of 4 leading Sambo players one of which was the Famous David Rudman the last FIAS President who united the Sambo World and brought it to the attention of the world. I have attached a link to this meeting which you can read at your leisure as the mintes of the meeting were made public I thought I should share the reply I sent to the current President of FIAS: It is interesting to note this group want to change the Statutes?

Monday, 25 March 2013


Dear Mr President

Thank you for your Memorandum with the regard to the suspension of four gentleman mentioned can I ask the following question which hopefully, unlike many of my previous questions, will be answered

1)    There is no mention of what part of the FIAS statutes entitles you to suspend members who are elected by Congress?
2)       You gave a rather vague explanation for their suspension “For the continuous activities affecting the promotion of SAMBO into the international sport and Olympic family, for the ethical damage to the reputation of the FIAS and for the misconduct of their duties and responsibilities” I believe all FIAS members countries should be given accurate details of what they have done
3)    In my dealings and correspondence with these gentlemen it has always been their complaint that you and other members of FIAS have not been compliant with FIAS Statutes. There main complaint one I agree with is that you never reply to their questions . Do you not think if you had replied this problem could have been resolved?
4)    Will future members of the EC or come to that Presidents of individual countries be suspended if they question yours or the FIAS EC performance or creditability?
5)    Article 16 of the FIAS statutes allows for unscheduled Congress of members if 1/3 of the memberships make a written request. Would these gentlemen be allowed to contact the Member Countries?
6)    Would member countries be suspended if they have contact with these gentlemen?

I have no financial interest in FIAS nor have any desire to be part of the management of FIAS my job as President of the British Sombo Federation is quite sufficient and time consuming. On behalf of the BSF can I say we do not really concern ourselves with who runs FIAS as we have had very little support from the organisation but what does concern us is that we want to belong to an organisation that works with in its Constitution (FIAS Statutes)

My main criticism of yourself Mr President and the FIAS EC is that you never answer questions and reply to communications. If this had been done the problems in FIAS, which could lead to its breakup, would not have happened. FIAS competitions have improved beyond the imagination of most us; the recent Sambo TV has been a brilliant addition but FIAS need to be an open democratic organisation if we are ever to become an Olympic sport.

I hope that you and the 4 gentlemen will sort out your differences and come to some agreement in the not to distant future and please answer my emails the latest in is below

Yours truly,

Martin Clarke
FIAS Grandmaster
BSF President

Martin Clarke ( 21/03/2013

Dear Mr President

Thank you for the very informative report on your meeting with Mr Putin having such a high profile personality can only enhance the status of International Sambo congratulation on this achievement. Yet I notice that neither Asia or Pan America were present was their a reason for this? Also David Rudman, so I am told, was not allowed at the meeting is this correct?

Once again there is mention of the Olympics is mentioned, before Sambo can ever aspire to the Olympics it has to put its own house in order, I refer to the present problems with in FIAS. Let me just take my own problem with FIAS.

When ever FIAS wants to put out a message praises their efforts nobody has any communication problems but ask awkward questions and messages are never answered or acknowledged is the way a potential Olympic organisation should be behave NO!

I have been asking important question on a regular basis since April 2012 and had no reply to any of them so I will ask some of them again

At the meeting with Mr Putin you mention the Commonwealth Sambo Association, I have asked is this organisation affiliated to FIAS? If so when was it affiliated and by whom? Is this organisation financed by FIAS or from your own personal income? Who is Lord Reading as he never attended a Sambo event I have yet to have the honour of meeting him? Has he ever participated in Sambo? Out of the 8 countries affiliated to this organisation only 2 have been accepted as members of FIAS, there are many other Commonwealth Countries in FIAS why aren't they part of this organisation? British Sombo Federation, which is the Governing body for all Home Countries in the UK, is not a member and will only join when this organisation is Recognised by FIAS at its Annual Congress.
ANDREW MOSHANOV this individual first appeared in November 2011 by March 2012 he claimed to be FIAS International Head of Development? Who appointed him? What is his remit? Who pays for him to travel the World is it FIAS or is from your own private income? Has FIAS instructed him to interfere and de-stabilise the British Sombo Federation can I quote a section from an email he sent to the BSF Chairman Robin Hyslop “Unfortunately and despite the BSF constitution, he (Martin Clarke) is the face of British Sombo today.  If BSF is ready to change the way it is perceived today by FIAS - I am ready to come and talk to BSF and set the way forward, but not with him (BSF President) in charge of everything.” This email suggests that FIAS wants to interfere with a Democratic organisation is this true? A recent article appeared in a publication and I quote “   Moshanov started his sporting life as a child in judo and reached all the way to sixth Dan black belt before switching to SAMBO. He is a former judo coach of the Soviet Union in judo and later coach of the Russian team in SAMBO” Is this correct? I have attended most World Championships since 1985 and never saw him?

He also sent he following email to the Chairman Hi Robin
Just back from Moscow. We had a meeting with Mr.Putin about sambo. Total support and backup-:)) Discussed a lot with Eliseev and Roberto. Lets speak and meet soon
> Аndrew Moshanov” So are we to assume this man takes precedent over the Presidents of FIAS Countries and FIAS Vice Presidents?
IT was also recently reported that Trinidad & Tobago Sambo were to spend a month in Moscow training all expenses paid by FIAS is this true?

As you can see I have a lot of question why aren’t they answered? I quite understand you will not have time to deal with enquires like this and might not even be aware of their existence but FIAS HQ are aware and if they a have a problem they should inform you. Myself and my BSF EC are not happy with FIAS giving financial aid to countries who are not members of FIAS, we are not happy with FIAS employees  being given a substantial wage to travel the world at the expense of FIAS if that is the case and FIAS has that amount of money why do they not support countries who are not funded? We are not happy with FIAS spreading discourse in the UK and trying to undermine the hard work of the BSF. This interference has already had a very detrimental effect on British Sambo. Can I remind you that the BSF have a very active calendar in organizing competitions, courses and seminars this is all done with out the help of FIAS?
Since 1986 I have travelled to countless FIAS events long before yourself and some of your staff were involved in Sambo all at my own cost, this will now cease what money I have will be spent on protecting the democratic organisation the British Sombo Federation, protect it from outside influences who wish to destroy it. 

I very much doubt if any of my questions are answered I just hope Mr President that you  get the chance to read this email

Yours truly,

Martin Clarke
FIAS Grandmaster
BSF President

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