Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Press Release New BSF President

Press Release

The latest Political Upheaval in FIAS has made Martin Clarke’s position as BSF President untenable, he has a massive disagreements with the way FIAS is organised and its seemly disregard for the Democratic process after discussions with the BSF Committee, they have agreed that Martin Clarke remaining President and attending International events would only harm the BSF attempt to gain funding from the new FIAS, he agreed with the committee.  The committee suggest a role change with Chairman Robin Hyslop taking over the position of President with a new position of International Co-coordinator being allocated to Russell Dodds, both have more moderate views on FIAS  The need for a strong Chairman was needed now more then ever for the BSF as outside forces are doing their best to a make a Sambo Dictatorship in GB so the committee have asked Martin Clarke to take over the vacant position of Chairman which agreed to do
Martin made the following comment
“I have been involved in Sombo since 1975 I started the BSF in 1986 and have no intention in letting some Foreign Usurper run GB Sombo. There have been many people involved in the progress of the BSF over the years some like the legendary Brenda Jones who is no longer with us. I would not want their memories sullied, so I welcome the challenge of returning to the position of Chairman"

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