Tuesday, March 19, 2013

6th Dan did not know Goshin Jutsu Kata

Robin Hyslop 5th Dan Judo IBF President Scotland recently put on his Facebook a film on the Goshin Jutsu, what amazed me was that a Russian Judo 6th Dan said he had never seen this Kata. Obviously I had to ask the question what sought of 6th Dan is he? Yet when you look at the reality of a Dan Grading many organisations have a different outlook on Judo. The Russian just see it as Competitive Jacket Wrestling sport on the same lines as Sambo, while some other organisations see it as a pure Martial Art and believe the criteria is pure Kata and no competition, the latter becoming ever increasingly popular. I do not believe either is right I still believe that Kata and Competitive Judo compliment each other and that what makes it different to other forms of Jacket Wrestling Sport. The IBF like most Judo Associations have Kata as part of the Dan Grade Syllabus along with Shiai, our organisation has Goshin Jutsu Kata at 3rd Dan level. With society getting softer and non competitive we have to realise that Judo must cater for them, some even practising Judo without throwing a Judo version of Tia Chi not sure I would like to go down that road but as ex competitor I would say that

Martin Clarke 8th Dan
IBF UK President

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