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International Sambo in Turmoil

International Sambo in Turmoil

It has now been 28 years since the Formation of International Amateur Sambo Federation, which was founded by Fernando Compte a good and kind man. Since its beginning in 1985 I have been involved the first year I was British Wrestling Association Representative from 1986 I founded the British Sombo Federation with consent of the BWA in that year we were accepted by FIAS as the governing body for Sambo or Sombo as the British prefer to call it, some years later the Sports Council (UKSport) recognised as the Governing body for GB and the Home Countries. In that time there have been many changes the best improvements have come with the Standard of World and Continental Championships, which can equal any other Sports International Events, and in the last few years Sambo.TV has made the sport accessible to everyone.

The major problem has been Sambo Politics with in 2 years of FIAS formulating 2 more organisations claimed to be the proper International body appeared these did not last long and once again FIAS became the only body but in 1993 another split appeared with two FIAS sections appearing one was FIAS East which mainly consisted of the Ex Easter Communist Block the other was FIAS West. In the 2000’s the legendary Judo and Sambo player David Rudman took over FIAS and he quickly healed this split and once again FIAS was back together not just together but under David’s Leadership we saw massive in surge of members and most importantly FIAS had become a proper constituted body with its Statutes being obeyed

3 years ago FIAS appointed a new President a Mr Shestokov he came in as a personal friend of Premier Putin and a member of the Russian Duma, most importantly he came with a promise of financing FIAS. For obvious reason organisations like the BSF were over the moon, as we received no grant aid here was a chance to get players and referees to competition and training seminars. Sadly the only help we got were a few referee uniforms and accommodation paid for our team at the Worlds in 2012.

Worse was to follow many Sambo Nations became aggrieved by the actions of the new President and accusations of corruption were banded about,  they may say that but we could not possibly comment, what I will say since April 2012 the BSF have asked FIAS question on who is Andrew Moshanov and what is the status of the Commonwealth Sambo Association as of 20 March 2013 we have not received an answer? The BSF has no representative on the FIAS Council it is not privy to sensitive issues, this may change as it hoped that Robin Hyslop Chairman BSF will be voted on at the next World Congress.

 FIAS Council Member Mr. P. Gorodnov President SFCR of the Czech Republic sent a detailed letter to all the National Sambo Federations a section of what I have reproduced

It is evident that the “new bosses” have removed us from the management of our organization and misappropriated the resources, which legally and duly belong to us.  The activity of this group of raiders, authorized by the FIAS president, is evidently being well financed, providing negative impact, and splitting our Samboist family, and in addition to that this adverse activity remains unpunished.
Where from these people are financed? What are their real targets, where it is possible to study their Plan of activities, where one can learn the financial data of the funds that were remunerated to them and how they utilized these common funds? Where this firm “Helios” came from, what did it have to do due to their contract with the FIAS, how much funds we invested into this company and what are the results of its activity for today?

It seems there have been personnel, which he calls raiders, been sent around the World to destabilize certain Countries organisation and create new ones, in some cases they been successful they managed to formulate an alternative Pan American Association (The original Pan American led by Jack Kogan has contested its legality and his organisation remains legitimate), the same was done in Asia, so our sources tell us the same has happened in Canada. The BSF has also been targeted by one of these so-called raiders but has been unsuccessful in his attempts to destabilize the BSF, why some people in FIAS want to make every Country in FIAS have a Russian President in charge of an organisation with out a Constitution beggars belief, thankfully there are people who want to keep to the Statutes of FIAS"

I am now 63 and been involved in organizing various Combat organizations since the age off 22, I have served on many International Committees including FIAS on every occasion I have been pushed in to these positions by my members who were unhappy with the status Quo. The reason many people become involved in organisation not just for Philanthropic reasons many are in it for the love of power and money, sad but true. Just look at some of the rich organisation round the World and look the way officials are treated compared to competitors, the Olympics was a prime example. On TV there was a programme about a Top Hotel in London and it showed large entourages from countries whose people were starving and receiving western aid staying in the most expensive suet’s, this may be an extreme example but true

Hopefully Sambo will once again come to its senses and return to the Statutes, FIAS is an organisation which should represent it members in a Modern Democratic way. If it doesn’t it will not get the International recognition it deserves

Coming soon who is Andrew Moshanov?

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