Monday, July 29, 2013

FIAS meet with BSF

In June the BSF met with FIAS  below is a Protocol of the meeting. The reason why I have printed this Protocol is to emphasise that by talking over your differences you can achieve a satisfactory conclusion all with in the confines of the FIAS Statutes

This Protocol is a record of the meeting and discussions carried out on the 24th. June 2013 in the offices of New Century Media in London between The British Sombo Federation (BSF) and FIAS.
Attending for BSF were;-
Chairman of the BSF, Martin Clarke
Secretary of the BSF, Keith Costa
Attending for FIAS from St. Petersburg were;-
President of FIAS Vasili B. Shestakov
Vice-President of FIAS, Andrey Klyamko
FIAS President’s advisor, Alexander Kuznetsov
Also in attendance were;-
The Hon Tim Lewin, Positive Russia Foundation
Mrs Katya Fowler, assistant to The Hon. Tim Lewin and interpreter to both sides
In attendance for part of the meeting was;-
Lord Simon Reading President of the Commonwealth Sambo Association
The purpose of the round-table discussions was to re-establish amicable working relations
between BSF and FIAS that had arisen due to a lack of direct contact.
The meeting was called at the initiative of FIAS.
The meeting lasted for two hours and embraced a wide range of ideas and proposals for bringing FIAS and BSF closer together; the result of the meeting was that the bonds of friendship were firmly re-established and a complete agreement reached on a range of practical support measures between the parties. Such measures were confirmed with the full expectation that their execution would lead to a growth in the reputation and popularity of Sambo under the governance of FIAS and set a clear example to other National Sambo Associations where dissent and inter-Association friction has engendered a disregard of the FIAS Constitution.
The following decisions were taken and an action-plan for their implementation will now be formulated between the parties, in general all such actions should be embedded into a scheme of arrangement within which they form part of a coherent and co-ordinated strategy to jointly improve the popularity of Sambo under FIAS, contribute to the warmth of Anglo-Russian
The pioneering agreement described in this Protocol is intended to encourage presently disaffected Associations to follow the example of the BSF-FIAS accord and restore a workable degree of harmony to international relations. Both parties agreed to promote the benefits of such harmony on the broadest practical front and to work together to unite all Sambo Associations wherever possible under the FIAS Constitution umbrella.
friendship and ultimately form part of the activities planned for the Year of Anglo-Russian Culture; here follows a brief description of the principal actions agreed between FIAS and the
Ø Hosting of the President’s Cup (Putin up) in London during June 2014; a one day event modelled on the previous President’s Cup tournaments in Russia to be co-hosted by the BSF and the City of London, and invitation to participate as co-host will be extended to the Commonwealth Sambo Association.
Ø FIAS to request a leading Sambo Club in St. Petersburg to host a training seminar for one week for ten Sambo coaches selected by the BSF; FIAS agreed to arrange sponsorship assistance for this; a provisional date in October was agreed and will be confirmed by the BSF with FIAS in the nearest future
Ø FIAS agreed to discuss support for BSF for new purpose-designed and made mats, sport- clothing, shoes, referees and referee training, competition display boards and other specifically Sambo-related sports equipment .
Ø FIAS will arrange for a sponsored invitation for the BSF team to travel to St. Petersburg in November 2013 to participate in the World Championship. BSF will define to FIAS, or FIAS nominated club, all details of this and support described above.
FIAS and BSF agree to use all possible means at their disposal to work closely together in friendship and harmony to develop all that is best in Sambo and related Sambo disciplines, for the benefit of the properly and lawfully constituted supervisory body of FIAS and to exercise the fullest extend of their powers and persuasion to extend this rationale to all recognised Sambo bodies for the greater good of the sport so that Sambo may ultimately qualify as a recognised Olympic discipline.
Ends Signed;
Vasily B Shestakov, President, FIAS
Martin Clarke, Chairman, British Sombo Federation

Friday, July 26, 2013

My view on FIAS

Above is a link to the FIAS Newsletter it suggests there has been some improprieties. Now I can not comment on this as I do not have access to all the information. What I can say this argument is causing real damage to FIAS. I know both parties in this dispute and only a few years ago they all managed to work together  
I have always said that talking is the best way forward and I have proved this, I and the British Sombo Federation had disagreement with FIAS President Mr Shestakov and some of his FIAS Staff. The President arranged a meeting in London a month ago and we sat and talked, we solved our differences which in fact turned out to be very few. Have to say the the behaviour of the President impressed myself and the BSF Committee.

In the article it is rightly pointed out that the Annual Congress is at the World Championships the meeting in Malaysia was never advertised as Emergency Congress and did not abide by the articles of the FIAS Statutes.

On behalf of the BSF can I make some salent points since our inception and membership of FIAS in 1986 there has been only one occasions prior to the election of Mr Shestakov that we have had financial assistance from anyone in FIAS and that was in 1992 when we organised the World Championships in Herne Bay Kent. There was a debt of several thousands of pounds and the founder of FIAS Fernando Compte paid the debt from his own private income. Fernando was a real gentleman. Since Mr Shestakov has been President the BSF team has on several occasions had their accommodation paid for by FIAS, they are now supplying us with mats, plus other equipment. The BSF have also been promised Coaching seminars in Russian and help with our team to the Worlds. Also there is the very important President Cup to be held in London next year funded by FIAS and the Russian Foundation. 

Although I may sympathise with some of the complaints by those who oppose President Shestakov, they must also realise that they also must abide by the FIAS Statutes and surely the money used to finance the meeting in Malaysia would have been better spent on promoting Sambo outside the Eastern European Block where most of us receive no National Government Aid.

The present FIAS has been very good for British Sambo far better then any previous administration and yes I have complaints but I will use the correct constitutional channels to pursue them

I expect I will make enemies because of my blunt talking but sometimes things have to be said the way they are

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Competition ideas

I have surveyed many people recently on how they rate our Judo/Sombo/MMA competitions. Listed below are some of the replies and how they can be fixed
1)   Weigh in takes to long
 Answer: This can easily be rectified by insisting that organisers abide strictly by the closing dates
The weigh in times are staggered
The weight the competitor is booked in cannot be changed. If they are not sure they enter to 2 weights at an extra charge. All this will allow the organiser to arrange competition sheets well in advance and start the tournament a lot quicker

2)   Medal winners not always present at Medal Ceremony
Answer: This I have always felt is the height of bad manners when competitors collect their medals early. The way to stop this is to say medals will not be collected before ceremony and those who do not turn up for ceremony do not get medals and are disqualified from the tournament. When you enter a tournament you are there for the duration no excuse.
Yet having all the medal presentation at the end of an event can be boring and time consuming. The answers are to have medal presentations throughout the day in a separate part of the hall or in a separate room.

3)   Competitors should have more matches
Answer: There is no simple answer to this as if there is a large competition the quickest way is to have a straight knockout, the next would be the IBF Knockout with repercharge the latter could increase the length of time by at least 20%

The fairest way is a round robin this where everyone fights each other. Example 8 Competitors in categories would have 28 matches at 5 minutes per match that would be approx. 2.5 hours
A system used at the BJA British Open used to be a pool of 3 the best 2 going forward to a Knockout with repercharge
Whatever system you decide on it should be consisted throughout the competition. If there is just 3 in a group the a Round Robin should be appropriate

IBF Knockout with Repercharge is a system which at any time during the competition you suffer your first loss you have a chance of a Bronze Medal. Most Repercharge systems only allow you to fight for Bronze if you lose to the Finalists

4)   There should only be 3 medal places
Answer: There is some merit in this I have always maintained you should not get a medal if you do not win a fight i.e. only 2 competitors in a group 1 Gold medal,3 competitors in a group Gold and Silver, 4 in a Group Gold Silver and Bronze.
There is something to be said about giving to 2 bronzes in say groups with over 8 fighters.
The other way is to amalgamate any group with less then 3 fighters or less

5)   Standard of dress
Answer; In Judo there is no real problem Judogi are available in all sizes but in Sombo there is. With SportDirect soon be selling a complete range of Sombo equipment problem will soon be eleviated. Yet I do not see why all Sombo Competitors do not wear correct shorts i.e. Blue or Red they are not expensive, seeing Sombo Players in those ridiculous MMA Shorts and Bermuda Shorts makes the whole event look ridiculous

If you have any comments to make on this article let me know

Friday, July 12, 2013

Judo is Satanic and Kano a fraud?

One of my IBF Friends Terry William's in Australia sent me this strange email that is doing the rounds out there. He put he following on Youtube

The author, who I have no intention of giving publicity to, obviously has no understanding of Judo. The YouTube Clip is the Ju No Kata (Kata of Suppleness) of course it is not Olympic Judo. What makes Judo so unique is it combines Kata and Shiai into one complete form. Kata is about working in harmony with another human being, self-control and dedication plus the most important the continual strive for perfection. I was a Judo Competitor for 46 years but I was lucky because I was brought up in era that insisted I learn Kata but like most young man I could not understand the reason behind it, but as I got older I realised that Shiai was just a part of the whole concept of Kano’s Judo. I have written many articles questioning whether that this Judo was a “Road to Damascus event” by Kano. I like many others have seen many forms of Jacket Wresting much older then Judo but what was his idea was bringing Kata into Judo and most importantly his philosophy of:

Judo ( in reality is not a mere sport or game. I regard it as a principle of life, art, and science. In fact, it is a means for personal cultural attainment. Jigaro Kano

As a Christian and a Judoka I was going to answer each of this authors statements but to be honest they are so ridiculous they need no commentary

Japanese Judo as corporative satanic (antichristian) cult.
(basic/primary facts as part of my doctorate research.)

1. Any one who ever communicate with Japanese may find – you never know what they are truly think. They always looks “friendly” even if about to kill you.
Such duplicity is best friend of any business, and did help spread faulty judo ideology all around the world.

2. Jigaro Kano was not great master, but good liar and pretender with friends in high places.(it is historical fact)  All his saying about judo are pure rubbish what deceived people for last century.

2.1. Philosophy of unique “give away” Judo principle is not philosophy but lie. With regular drilling athletes develop ability to read opponents movement and intercept it in right timing.
So as every one see – no body give away NOTHING – but intercept of opponent in right time.
”Give away” theory was promoted to fool people and rip them off by mental brain washing.

2.2. Majority of  Japanese Judo syllabuses are biomechanical nonsense, and useless as mechanically(practically) as well as verbally.

2.2.1.  All names are irrational and misleading. It is contradicts with main Pedagogical principals.

2.2.2.      Kodokan(Kanos) Technical Syllabus (including Kata etc) is
- unrealistic,
- unpractical
- misleading

2.3. Modern Judo Grading is copied from corporative structure.  

How to get every thing for no thing? LIE!

Jugaro Kano : ” Get every thing for no thing”: ”seiryoku zenyo” ("Maximum efficiency with minimum effort"). It is main religious Judo Principle. 
Jesus Christ: Kingdom of Heaven could be taken only by violence (maximum effort) , and only violent (wrestlers) gain it

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Presidents Cup 2014

The Year of Anglo-Russian Culture 2014

This event is being spear headed by Russian President Putin many of you may know that FIAS President V Shestakov is a personal friend of President and a member of the Russian Duma. President Putin’s great love of the Russian Sport of Sambo is well known and to this end it is hoped to run the “Presidents Cup” in London next June.

This event will be organised by the Positive Russian Foundation and the British Sombo Federation and already we are looking for venues and the favourite so far is the OldBillingsGate Centre this is a marvellous venue.

So how does this event effect British Sombo and Combat Sambo well it will be the most prestigious Sambo event ever to be staged in GB, it will have the top 10 Sambo Nations coming to GB to compete and the BSF will be selecting 2 per weight for this event. An event, which we hope to President Putin and Prime Minister Cameron will be present plus many other leading Politicians and leading industrialists from GB and Russia, there is also the hope of Royalty attending . The whole event will be by invitation only and the BSF will have a big influence on who to invite and of course that means BSF enthusiasts.

It is hoped to pay for all athletes and officials’ travel and accommodation while in London. So how do you get involved well for athletes that is easy in March next year in Bedford there will be a trials for all those who hold a British Passport and are members of a BSF association, from that the BSF will select a squad and from that squad will select 2 fighters per category to compete in this event of the Century. If you want to be an official contact the Chairman Martin Clarke as for spectators you will need to put your name forward near the time to be considered.

This alongside the help we are getting from FIAS is a major breakthrough in Sombo in Great Britain, so if you are not involved in Sombo or Combat Sambo at the moment get involved, as this will be a show of a lifetime.