Friday, July 26, 2013

My view on FIAS

Above is a link to the FIAS Newsletter it suggests there has been some improprieties. Now I can not comment on this as I do not have access to all the information. What I can say this argument is causing real damage to FIAS. I know both parties in this dispute and only a few years ago they all managed to work together  
I have always said that talking is the best way forward and I have proved this, I and the British Sombo Federation had disagreement with FIAS President Mr Shestakov and some of his FIAS Staff. The President arranged a meeting in London a month ago and we sat and talked, we solved our differences which in fact turned out to be very few. Have to say the the behaviour of the President impressed myself and the BSF Committee.

In the article it is rightly pointed out that the Annual Congress is at the World Championships the meeting in Malaysia was never advertised as Emergency Congress and did not abide by the articles of the FIAS Statutes.

On behalf of the BSF can I make some salent points since our inception and membership of FIAS in 1986 there has been only one occasions prior to the election of Mr Shestakov that we have had financial assistance from anyone in FIAS and that was in 1992 when we organised the World Championships in Herne Bay Kent. There was a debt of several thousands of pounds and the founder of FIAS Fernando Compte paid the debt from his own private income. Fernando was a real gentleman. Since Mr Shestakov has been President the BSF team has on several occasions had their accommodation paid for by FIAS, they are now supplying us with mats, plus other equipment. The BSF have also been promised Coaching seminars in Russian and help with our team to the Worlds. Also there is the very important President Cup to be held in London next year funded by FIAS and the Russian Foundation. 

Although I may sympathise with some of the complaints by those who oppose President Shestakov, they must also realise that they also must abide by the FIAS Statutes and surely the money used to finance the meeting in Malaysia would have been better spent on promoting Sambo outside the Eastern European Block where most of us receive no National Government Aid.

The present FIAS has been very good for British Sambo far better then any previous administration and yes I have complaints but I will use the correct constitutional channels to pursue them

I expect I will make enemies because of my blunt talking but sometimes things have to be said the way they are

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