Sunday, July 22, 2012

Word from Allan Clarkin

Burnley CombatSombo. Before joining the BCSA my club was Sport Jujitsu, Traditional Jujitsu, Pankration ,MMA and No jacket grappling based. I wanted some thing for my students that had a History and a BIGGER future. This I have found in the BCSA an Association within the BSF who are the Governing Body in Britain for Sombo. We did a Transitional period with the BCSA attended Coaching Course and comps and what's more made very welcome. With NO I am it High Grade Black Belts. The BSF offer every thing I wanted for my students, A Governing Body, Coaching Courses, Comps throughout the year, National Championships and International Championships at the Highest Level, with a Road to the Combat Games. Self Defence, Jacket and No Jacket comps, Sport CombatSombo (an amateur form of mma in a jacket) also at International Level Combat Sombo (Full International Full Contact Rules) FIAS recognised. Many NEW things in the pipe line. So all Instructor out there who want some thing better and NEW for their students, do what I did. GET ON BOARD. You will NOT regret it. Allan Clarkin 30 years coaching, one student that most will know Michael Bisping now in the UFC. Dylan Cater a Great Kickboxer and many more. Thanks for reading this I hope to see NEW faces soon.

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