Monday, July 02, 2012

Russell needs Judo Referees

Russell Dodds is running a Judo Competition in July in Bedford he desperately needs Judo Referees from any organisation to help out, not only is it a struggle to get students to compete it is now a struggle for organisers to get officials. Seems we live in very strange times

It is common Knowledge that there has been a decline in people participating in Sport and Martial Arts and Combat Disciplines is no exception. At my club in Sittingbourne we have seen a massive drop in Kids wanting to do Judo but we have seen more adults wanting to do Judo, Sombo, SportCombatSombo and MMA Submission Grappling.
The Government led us to believe there would be a boom in Sports because of the Olympics this far from the truth; I expect they will come with figures saying that is not the case, those of us on the ground know the real truth. In fact I see very little enthusiasm for the Olympics period, but my hope is once the Games start it will give everyone the vigour to take up sport and if we can win some medals in Judo and Wrestling I am sure this will help.
One thing that seems to be happening here in Kent is that Martial Arts/Combat Disciplines have become seasonal we see a considerable increase in September where members return and they stay till beginning of May and June, July, August the numbers have halved, is this just a Kent thing or is a Nationwide problem. If that is the case we must change our strategy for Competition dates and avoid those months

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