Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Points Scoring JUDO

Points Scoring Judo

I was in the company of a couple of Gentleman who practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA Grappling

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wear a Gi similar to Judo but the emphasis is floor work what I can see 95% of the match ground work, MMA Grappling is somewhat the same but no Gi is worn. I do not particular warm to either as I prefer grappling sports which emphasise throwing i.e. Sambo, Judo, Kurash, Belt Wrestling etc. The sports that concentrate on ground work are having a real up swing in interest one of the gents told me he runs events with 500 competitors paying £30 to £40 to enter an event, I expect there are some very rich promoters.

Judo is the main Jacket Wrestling sport that still relies on throwing in this country so why is it hitting an all time low in participation? One reason is people today are softer and do not like the idea of being thrown not much we can do about that the other is the rules of Judo which I believe deters people from competing in tournament especially youngsters fro example The present system you can win by holding someone on the floor for 25 seconds, how many events have you seen a youngsters pulled to the ground held down the whole match may have lasted 35 seconds if he is lucky he may get another fight which may last just as long. You then get the irate parents who then tell you they have given up a day paid entry and spectator fee for what amounted to less then 2 minutes, they go away disgruntled maybe not returning to Judo and then you get the scoring where some add up and some do not, the hand signals do not give any indication of what is happening to some body who never seen Judo before.

I have tried many Jacket Wrestling Sports and have put together some rules for a Junior Judo Championships to be held in February in Sittingbourne, which I believe will give some encouragement to novices and also help more experienced players try new techniques and will allow them to do all Judo Techniques.

Ippon = Throw someone on their back and remain standing

4pts = Thrown some on their back and fall with them, throw someone on their side remain standing, hold some on the ground in Judo Hold-down for 20 seconds

2pts = Throw someone their side and fall with them, hold some on the ground in Judo Hold-down for 10 seconds

1pt = any throw that doesn’t warrant one of the above

Maximum of 4points can only be scored with a ground hold Ippon is not given for hold down.

Win is someone who scores Ippon – scores 12 clear points ahead of his opponent – has a majority of points when time is scored

It will be forbidden to do any submissions, any technique or action which is considered dangerous or disrespectful to either your opponent of an official, refusing to fight by running away or continually being passive. A point will awarded to your opponent if you infringe the rules on receiving 4th penalty point you will be disqualified.

The only Japanese terminology will be Ippon, Oseakomi; all other signals will be in English with appropriate hand signal.

This method competition will give everyone a fairer chance to try different techniques without worry that one mistake will cost them the match. I hope you will support our venture into Points Scoring Judo

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